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255823 E. Hwy. 260, Payson, AZ 85541


34.2550243, -111.260318




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Pete’s Place

  1. ryan123

    Needed a beer and a break from the road… Figure nekkid wimmen go well with the former.Interesting that other reviews cite owners/employees as friendly…My interaction was with some surly, limited individuals with whom a rational conversation was not possible.Paid the cover, bought a beer (eventually, after Luther had finished tending to his chores…) and was out the door in 10 minutes… 9 minutes of that having been spent being ignored by Luther and badmouthed by some trailer park queen that rumbled out of the back to defend her special needs bartender pal…Star Valley is a wide spot in the road for good reason and this establishment is a collection of folks that got stuck here and were unable to claw their way out… and they are obviously very unhappy about it. Maybe that was the essence of their incivility and rudeness. They are just angry at anyone that doesn’t have to stay in “town”.So anyway… pretend you are Dennis Weaver and there’s a semi in your rear view mirror and just keep motoring.

  2. larry1

    I can’t not review this place. It’s by far the oddest strip club I have ever been to. We were lured in by the old sign out front from the old butcher’s shop that is a large cow. On top of the cow now hangs a sign that announcing the strip club! How awesome is that!? A strip club sign on a fake cow! So we just had to go in. There was one other car in the parking lot, so were a slight bit nervous. We had 2 couples, so in we go. Wait? Is this a strip club? A restaurant? A bar? It was so confusing. They have a 2 drink minimum. We sat at the bar first and the bartender was really friendly. To our left is a small stage with a pole and about 8 or 10 tables (kind of card table like) around the room. There’s a DJ and everything! And 4 girls working. They rotate every 2 songs. So after like 15 minutes we had seen them all dance twice. We went and sat at a table. The girls were nice. It just got a little awkward with it just being us and only 4 of them. We felt obligated to keep walking up and putting money on the stage. Talent was pretty much what you would expect from a small town. I for one was happy all the girls had real boobs. It was one girl’s first day and she was being “trained”. We got her “first official lap dance” and wow. It was cute, needed tons of work, but is for sure something we will NEVER forget! (Joshua W, please review this nugget yourself, I can’t take the glory from you). You have to try this place out! They even have a “back room” with a couch and curtain and for $20 instead of $10 you can get a more private sub par dance. Sit at the bar (not bad drink prices). And take it all in. You’ll thank me.

  3. Johnnyboy123

    This place is different than your average gentlemens club. Its more like a neighborhood bar with dancing ladies. They have great food and good drink prices. Its not sleazy like some of the places I’ve been to in Phoenix. This would be a great place to bring your girlfriend or wife as the dancers are friendly to couples. Not a bad place to bring your guys as well being there is not much better to do in Star Valley. This place is family owned and if you come frequently you will notice many of the same faces.

  4. adamrod

    Pete, who to dispute Benjamin B.’s earlier post, does actually exist. Not only does he exist, so does his daughter and son-in-law who help him run the place.And not only does his daughter and son-in-law exist, so does their infant toddler, who can also be seen behind the bar in his car seat from time to time. Although he IS underage, so I’m not sure what the family is thinking here.I’m guessing it’s probably good for his early development…seeing all those titties and such.Anywho… once you get past the idea of being in a former butcher shop with strippers and beer, it’s actually pretty cool.Although the ATM machine didn’t work, making my wife’s credit card totally worthless.But that’s why you have friends, right?After borrowing a couple hundo from my boys, I spent most of the evening in the VIP room, which I think at one time may have been a slaughterhouse or something. Not cool.But there were no cameras or spying managers in this area and, Pete and his crew (minus the kid in the car seat) were nowhere in sight, allowing my dancer to put on quite the show. Disclosure;The hotness level of the girls here is what you might expect of a former butcher shop turned strip club…on a highway between Payson and Show Low.Thanks Pete for a memorable road trip experience. My best to your family…daughter, son-in-law, and someday troubled infant son.

  5. harryharry

    Horrible. If you like big hillbilly women, this is the place for you. The lights were bright which is never a good idea with sub par talent. The music was so quiet you could hear the hooker heals hitting the wood floor every time a girl moved. The few girls that did come to our table sounded like they had been chain smoking since they were 5. The security was rude. They asked us how much we had been drinking (1 beer with dinner) and told us that we better not get too rowdy because they were keeping an eye out for trouble. The best thing about going to this strip club was the fact that I have never spent less money in one of these establishments. So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive night and women who shouldn’t even be allowed shower naked……Pete’s Place is the place for you.

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