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16612 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 92647


33.7211554, -117.9892765




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Distractions Lounge

  1. marlonmoney12

    I came by Distractions for my first time last weekend, on a Sunday night I believe. There was this beautiful brunette serving beers in a very timely fashion. The bar wasn’t packed or anything but every bar seat was taken at the time and she made sure every customer felt welcomed

  2. justinlk

    Perfect little bar with the best bartenders!! Beer and wine only. And great selection of music on the juke box.

  3. Catie C.

    I like this place. Its cozy for sure. Only 2 pool tables and 1 dart board, wish there was more darts for sure. I like when bars let patrons pick the music. The girls are super nice, always been friendly with us. Clean & up to date bathroom, which is always nice. Beer only? Thats cool, I dig it.

  4. Sarah V.

    I have friends that checked this place out and heard the hilariously sad story about this place. So I went here as a joke with my boyfriend to see what the heck was so funny. They were right. There were about 5 customers inside and two bartenders (there was only one when my friends went). Everyone looked so sad and lonely. We tried to make the most of it, but I kept getting touched by this really weird customer sitting at the bar next to me. He kept asking if I wanted a drink, but one cheap glass of wine was enough for me so I just pawned him off to the bartenders. We couldn’t wait to get out of there fast enough. I heard the place was a joke, but it was seriously depressing. I felt like I needed a shower just being there. Oh, and I got sick from the cheap wine.

  5. Johnson12

    I always love coming here when I’m in the area. If you’re a dude trying to pick up chicks, this is not the spot because it’s all guys. If you’re a chick expecting something classy & upscale, this is not the spot either. If you’re a person with a good attitude just trying to have a good time, then come here. The owner hired the best bikini bartenders for every day of the week. And I believe each of them are different, so they accommodate to all tastes. Come here on different days and see which one you vibe with the best! Besides their outer beauty, all of them have really good & fun personalities. 2 pool tables, Free pool on Sundays. Overall, I think it’s a good spot to hit up before the next spot you go to. They have some decent beer on draft and in a can. The only missing thing is FOOD. If they had food here, I would stay longer and drink more. Though I did have some good times here ordering pizza and sharing it with the fellow bartenders & bar patrons. Sundays & Wednesdays are my favorite nights. But I’ll try another night soon!

  6. richard95

    Sad say this place doesn’t even deserve a star. Ugly bartenders for sure. They serve individuals pitchers for themselves and don’t care to cut them off. As they ride their motorcycle or drive their vehicles home!Stay away!!

  7. Franklyn

    Small place and not much going on there. Only locals. Bartender was nice.

  8. Mimi A.

    I went to Distractions Lounge on August 4th with my husband and my best guy friend. The particular bar was called The Filling Post back in the day. My best friend used to be an avid visitor to the Filling Post when he lived in OC. It was his idea we go down to Distractions (which I had to keep reminding him, that was the new name). It’s located in a small corner next to a liquor store, on the other side of Norm’s restaurant. Parking lot is tiny, but there’s other parking on the side where the 99 Cent Store is. Jessi was our server/bartender. She was attentive to all her customers (eye contact, greeted people as they walked in or up to the bar), flirty with the male patrons (winking, smiling, bouncing her parts as she rang people up or was filling pitchers), and personable (talking and laughing with customers). It’s a bikini bar in the sense that the female bartenders are in bikinis. I’m not much of a drinker, so I most likely won’t be going back on my own, but I think this is a good little neighborhood bar.

  9. harryharry

    This place is cool and have good service with beautiful girls and I love the prices for beer so cheap…. When you go visit the bar go see sunny on Tuesday’s from 11:00am-7:00pm she is best and she is good pool player too

  10. fisherdex1

    Some of the negative reviews on here don’t make much sense. It’s a small bikini bar in Huntington Beach, not a club on the Vegas strip. If your looking for a low key, well kept, place to enjoy a beer and a few cute, bikini clad girls, then this is a great spot. They’re outgoing and always greet with a smile. The only negative (in my opinion), is that they don’t offer any food options. You can order from a take out place that will deliver, but that is the only option. Other than that, the place is a cool spot to enjoy a few cold ones and some pretty tight butts! Who doesn’t like that combination…

  11. brandonresh

    So I came across distractions lounge while looking up dive bars near me. As never been to a dive bar I didn’t have much expectations and Beer should be cheap. I went on Friday night and just had a blast. The bartenders were friendly and great wth service. The drinks were cheap and everyone was friendly. Not a single bad vibe and I have to say it was a hell of a night and my wallet was pleased I didn’t need to spend any huge amount to have a blast.

  12. Raff

    This place is pretty terrible. Showed up on a Thursday night and I was surrounded by what appeared to be reject extras from the show Sons of Anarchy. That was after I bypassed about three homeless guys in the parking lot. The beer selection is pretty weak. Budweiser products and a few well known “craft” beers. The somewhat attractive waitress basically just hung out and played pool while occasionally going outside to smoke weed with the bouncer. Worst service ever. I gave an extra star because she had a nice ass, but otherwise it would be a one star.

  13. felixnada

    Love this bar! Stevie is the only reason to go. I hope she is working Sunday’s during football season, we need a place to go to watch the game

  14. Jordon B.

    That’s what I’m talking about. Beers cold. Women Hott!! Anyone up for some pool ??—–333——————–949

  15. valenzia t.

    Like this place… Sunny the bartender was great! She is so nice and pretty… This place so great to chill out… People really nice and friendly not forget to mention the free pool table

  16. joseph1k

    Very simply a nice local beer bar. Good TVs, ask to get your event on the TV infront of you. Sunny is attentive even with a full bar. Food is available from a nearby restaurant that will deliver your order. Mondays are good for newcastles. Almost every day has a special and there is never a cover charge.Update: Draft beer selection expanded. IPA, craft brews, but still cans of PBR. Still a neighborhood dive bar, but hipsters are welcome…. the bar is just chill for everyone…. a-holes are rare.

  17. maxxy1

    Ok…so I was on my way back from the beach and popped in for the Angels game. It was packed!!! The two bartenders were good and very on the ball with the customers. I left early cause it was busy at the bar and couldn’t really watch the game. Good prices on beer too!!!Cons: parking is limited.

  18. Harrison69

    Been here a few times, pretty divey (and not in a good way). All they have is beer and no liquor which doesn’t bother me much. Why bothers me is one of the bartenders, Airica, was just a shitty person. Thought very highly of herself and her “modeling” career. And then, when I was having a private conversation with a friend, she overheard me say I was a vegan, she then took it upon herself to let me know “that means you’re a faggot”. I don’t take kindly to people not minding there own business, making rude remarks about my lifestyle choice, or using homophobic slurs. Will never go here again and definitely will steer people away as long as she works there….

  19. Johnnyboy123

    its just a small little hole in the wall. I’m here on a Wednesday at 2:30. 1 bartender working…hot Asian girl and the Dodgers on TV…its certainly no Green Girl.

  20. adamrod

    This place is great to relax and shoot some pool. The people are chill. Nicole is a great bartender she is entertaining always on top of getting drinks and is a all around fun person.

  21. rickywho2

    This bar is horrible! I went here about a month ago with some friends and I will never go back! As soon as we walked in we were mad dogged by the “locals” and automatically felt like maybe we should leave. But whatever, we came all this way so we had to at least have a beer. As soon as we sat down at the bar, the counter top was very sticky and dirty. We asked the lady behind the counter if she could wipe it down for us and she gave us a HUGE attitude. Once she wiped it down she told us to move because there were people sitting there. (There were only 6 people in the bar and there were no drinks on the counter top). So we decided to take our money else where. Id rather drink a 40 with the local bums than come back to this place.

  22. tonycluber

    Walked in saw one girl behind the bar and that was it. Small place that looked it has seen better days…a long long time ago. But the sign outside looks great.

  23. Duncan F.

    Distractions is so good

  24. james1412

    One of our stops while bar hopping on beach Blvd. Usually go to Centerfield have wings stop here enjoy few coronas then hear over to Beach Girls for the grand finale..lol if we’re feeling frisky we end up at Venus that’s always fun.. this spot has awesome girls and cold beer..

  25. Adrian D.

    This is a cool little bar if you don’t have much to do and want to distract yourself with a few friends for a little bit. Fun games and beers are really cheap

  26. DexterRexter

    I went to distractions and had the pleasure of meeting Kimmi, she definitely made me a customer for life. She’s sweet, friendly, and makes you forget she’s not your girlfriend. And she looks amazing two, a one of a kind natural beauty with a sexy killer smile. She had me at hello. As for improvements, maybe offering some eye catching signature drinks, and maybe let the girls sell selfies!

  27. winston12

    Unpretentious, full of regulars and a bartender that made this first timer feel welcome. Put some songs on the jukebox, have a beer, talk shit about whomever the local team is playing, shoot some pool, have another beer, tip your bartender and feel at “home”. I’ll be back!

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