Deja Vu on Main



1800 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA


34.0320362, -118.2638573




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Clearly one of the most desirable destinations on California’s west coast is the City of Angel’s, or better known as Los Angeles. This historic landmark with all of it’s contributions to the other 49 states is in midst of a downtown facelift and overall refurbishment. There is currently so much going on, that it is hard to find a place to begin. In the Entertainment District is the awe inspiring Nokia Theater/L.A. Live, a 7,100 seat indoor venue with 120 events per year.L.A. Live is a four million sq. ft./2.5 billion dollar sports, residential and entertainment center adjacent to The Staples Center. Which, is home to several sports franchises such as the L.A. Lakers, L.A. Clippers and the NHL’s L.A. King’s. It has also hosted eleven Grammy Awards Show’s and countless concerts and performance’s.


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30 reviews for “Deja Vu on Main

  1. Duhhh

    After meeting a lot of women at this club, I had come to a conclusion that intelligent women are like aliens. You never get to meet them and you only hear rumors about them that they really exist.

  2. Melissa

    I used to work here and wow has it changed, granted it has been 20+ yrs ago when Phil was owner and Kathy, Dinah, Mark, Tommy, Steve, Mike and his wife plus so many more it was great back then, now it just looks like to much going on. Should of kept it simple. Nice line up of hot Spanish girls doing extras inside and OTC

  3. Ivan

    Went here for my first time visiting a strip club and i wasn’t dissatisfied, had my first private dance with a lady named jasmine( can’t remember names as much right now im drunk writing this down) and boy was she a treat!!! Had a good special going on for dances too! Will go again!

  4. Anonymous

    Clearly one of the most desirable destinations on California’s west coast is the City of Angel’s, or better known as Los Angeles. This historic landmark with all of it’s contributions to the other 49 states is in midst of a downtown facelift and overall refurbishment.

  5. Hector O.

    This place sucks balls, the girls give attitude and I paid for a dance for my friend. When my friend came back the girl charged him as well. They steal your money and we got kicked out for asking for my money back. Rude dancers, stealing money and rude management. FUCK YOU GUYS FOR TAKING MY MONEY. I WILL SPREAD THE WORD!!!

  6. eddyL

    Don’t waste your money or time going to this strip club. The DJ, who’s most important, sucks. Causing the girls to lack the ability to earn their money. Although money could be made if they wanted, they’re too busy walking around with their nose in the air. Stuck up. The fact that they don’t even sell alcohol makes it worse. So! DJ sucks, girls are boojie, and there’s no liquor.

  7. Brandon K.

    Great looking girls and not bad cover. Would recommend to friends. Lots of diversity in girl types as well.

  8. StripClub431

    Went on a Friday night around 2 with friends for a friend’s birthday the charge was 25 which the entrance girl charged me 30 didn’t notice tell I checked my bank account the next day first time ever going to a strip club some of the girls are pretty and nice not stuck up some of the others just loom busted and with funky attitudes no liquor sold only wine and champagne downfall

  9. harryharry

    When your body looks like a pile of trash on top of like six other piles of trash, you’re not gonna meet Zooey Deschanel in a Starbucks and hit it off.I’ve gone through my life with minimum affection. My gym teacher Eskimo kissed me in high school, but that was most likely an accident and no one writes into Playboy with that story.Candi, Starr, Hulk and the rest of the girls don’t care that I chew with my mouth open as I assault their buffet. I’m like the favorite at the club because I always have a long knock knock joke or two and I can’t physically get erect. Sure, it’s not a Norman Rockwell picture I’m living. But I can say there is much love in this pile of trashes life.

  10. fisherdex1

    Very nice club, love the leather seating inside. Pretty girls, nice attitudes.. open late till 6am. Been here a few times and keep coming back, my husband and I love this place!

  11. larry1

    Awesome place!! Lots of hot girls! Good place to be if you want to go have fun and see some hot nude girls!!

  12. XXXbeast

    @Wenlin Y. Thank you so much for the kind words! Next time you wanna come hang out ask for Ricky at the door and I’ll comp your admission and hook up the rest of your group. @D’Amico I’m so sorry about poor experience but I will make it up too you. Come back give us another shot and I’ll comp you and your group and make sure you have a good time!

  13. marlonmoney12

    Needs better management I never see girls continuously on the stage it makes the environment boring and makes people leave …. It gets boring

  14. billtheguy12

    $20 cover charge & when you get in the waitress comes with some bullshit that there’s a 2 drink minimum. BITCH GTFOH!

  15. dopeboy19

    The nicest Deja vu in Los Angeles county. There are two stages, an extended bar & all white leather interior in comparison to commercial st & the dancers are actually so kind here! I love it here. It’s always open until 6 am on Fridays & Saturday’s. The perfect after hours spot 🙂

  16. winston12

    This place starts you off dropping $$$$$. Parking is $5, $25 to get in, $25 for “wine” (no alcohol) and $300 for a Vip dance. Seriously??? too expensive. The “wine” was sugar water, and when I asked for tap water, the waitress wanted to charge me $5 bucks. The ATM fee was $10 plus $2 from my bank. I also got a lap dance for $20 from a nice gal. but…So, I spent near $100 and left under 1 hours… Don’t get me wrong cause the place is awesome looking and really high end and good for large groups, but I’m here to see the girls and there was only 4 of them at 9PM! One of them looked like she just gave birth and the another looked bruised up.

  17. joseph1k

    Horrible. Went in for a total of 30 min. It was that bad. Girls are nasty and rude. Avoid this place at all costs

  18. james1412

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!! I was waiting for my party to come ( we drove in 3 separate cars) and while I was waiting for my friends, I asked to use their bathroom. And they said NO. SO RUDE, we were going to spend $$$. I guess that’s what you get when you go to a ghetto club. Who refuses the right to use a bathroom? So weird.

  19. larry1

    Ok I guess…. To take your date to. Don’t get bottle service, fake wine and champagneAlcohol free.

  20. Johnson12

    Very beautiful top notch women from across the planet. Deja offers women of every flavor. Shout out to Bubba for referring me to this amazing place!

  21. Janessa S.

    had so much fun! great customer service and the dancers showed us a great time!! I went in on a Saturday and it was super packed and got bottle service. all the waitresses are super hot kinda hotter than the dancers. the venue is huge and the interior designing is amazing. really high class. I recommend getting a table with bottle service because the dancers come dance for you. my friend got a VIP and said it was really intense lol. it was about 30 minutes.

  22. LAGUY

    Main Street Deja Vu is without a doubt the best strip club in the whole LA area and I should know, that’s why they call me LAGUY. When you enter this palace of sexiness, you are greeted by the hottest dancers on the west coast. How do I know, I used to be a Jerry Springer Show producer so I know strippers throughout the whole country. This place most definitely rocks, and is the only place to go in LA for a great lap dance and a great cocktail as well. The cover charge is a steal when you compare the quality of the girls here to the other clubs in LA. These babes are all hotties with the bodies, for your next night out on the town, or a good friends bachelor party, go where the hottest babes are, Main Street Deja Vu.

  23. tonycluber

    I went on a Tuesday night. The bartender told us they only had champagne and wine at the time. We asked her what’s stronger and she told us champagne which we did order. We felt completely sober after finishing two bottles of them and a server told us their champagne was nonalcoholic.

  24. rickywho2

    $20 at the door for a mostly empty club is ridiculous, especially without drink coupons; $10 tops for this place. Half of the roster is hot, but the rest are just basic. Not to mention the dancers basically run the place, most don’t show up when called to the stage. They just hangout in the back and don’t care if you notice. Few actually approach you and ask if you want a dance, for the girls that did; I give a star each. I might make a return at some point in the future, but I also have plenty of other clubs to go to instead. This place wont be my first choice.

  25. curtis17

    This is my place to go when im in LA (; when I usually get out, its already other words, Best strip club in LA. Period.!!!!!!!

  26. Miguel C.

    Came here as it was the only place open at 3 am that offered a cold, non alcoholic drink. I thought it was odd that they charged a “cover” just to enjoy a delicious cold, non-alcoholic beer in the pleasure of my comrades’ company, but I was not prepared for what I saw. There were plenty of women scantily clad wearing decorations in places that had no functional purpose. All in all, the drinks were okay but certainly overpriced. The employees were very friendly but didn’t want to engage in casual conversation for too long without wanting to dance. I explained many times that I was a good dancer and almost agreed until the dancer informed me that I would need to “pay” for this. I was in shock. I was about to break a barrier of self-confidence and she wanted me to pay for it? No way. Not coming back here again until service improves.

  27. nickstrip

    Been to all deja vu in la this the best one big nice comfortable girls are nice to but I did get kicked out for being too drunk lol

  28. Harrison69

    Honestly ..Rip Off…. soda 10 $ … entrance 25 $.. If you get a lap dance ..songs are way too short… passes they give ARE NOT free entrance they still charge….and for.people get vips…they dont give u 30 min..they shorten everything…dont waste ur time u guys.. shit id rather be at DAMES N GAMES…And by the way all these reviews are by the employees themselves..fake reviews..Worst of all no alcohol…. and they rip u off bottle service. Fake champagne fake wine..

  29. adamrod

    This use to be the spot when it came down to some last minute shit, but last time i went it changed the way i look at this place. The girls are good lookin but they really got fucked up attitudes, whats the point of even being there with girls like that? I hate how depending on your race you would get looked up to or not. Im hispanic, not bad lookin btw. All i gotta say is, if you go in there lookin like you got money and you look they type, you’ll have a good one. If you go in there ballin lookin like whatevers (not like shit either), you’ll end up leaving ballin. (Sucks how black girls only do black guys 9/10 times in here, & hell no i aint going back ill find another spot. Fuck this place!)

  30. Weedman420

    The Burger King of strip clubs.Went here as a customer a while back, nothing special. Then again, I feel like every time I have tried a Deja Vu within Los Angeles county, I’m very disappointed. It’s like walking out and going ‘did I really enjoy myself? Or did my brain shut off for the last hour?’ If you can make it past the horrible, industrial area it’s in, you’ve made it farther than most. One look around that area you’ll see a lot of homeless, a whole lot of nothing, and then magically a strip club. The interior is nice, I’ll give them that. But once you pay the admission price and walk in, it’s pretty much just another deja vu.No alcohol ( and you sit down and are asked if you want to buy champagne and blah blah blah. No. Then, the monotone DJ announces some girls, and then there are their blue light specials. No attractive women, the only thing cool is the interior.Literally nothing special. I will give them one star for the smoking area, which has TV’s and looks pretty swank. Other than that, go to a REAL strip club.

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