Bare ‘N Legal



2851 Pomona Blvd., Pomona, CA 91768


34.0535879, -117.8016527




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bare ‘N Legal

  1. mathewater12

    love the ass n titties, great dances better dancers, and i hope that they keep up the a list

  2. igor34

    This was the first strip club that I ever went to with my girlfriend, and I’ll say that I was pleasantly surprised. The location is a little strange, as in it’s in a somewhat industrial area. But I guess that’s normal for some strip clubs. The outside is nothing special, and there’s not really too much parking. The inside is nothing amazing. There’s a lot of chairs and a few couches, along with the soda bar. The floor by the stage was sticky, which was a little… Off-putting. But I digress. They had porn playing on one of their TVs, which is a plus in my book!! The security and servers were friendly enough, and made me feel welcomed. Now on to the biggest part of the club – – the girls!! Most of the girls are cute. If you’re into girls that aren’t rail thin, this is the place to go! The first girl to come up and talk to us was a smoking hot girl named Veronica. She treated us great, and really made us feel special. I got my first ever lap dance from her, and it was completely worth every dollar spent. Plus, she really knows what she’s doing. I’ve been back a few times to see just her. All in all, it was a decent experience. Can’t complain. Sure, it’s in Pomona, but it’s clean, and the girls are pretty.

  3. maxxy1

    Over priced admission. Rude, arrogant doorman. Super small inside & dirty smelling. Super small stage and no pretty girls & unfriendly. Walked out within 20 minutes. Very disappointing experience. Waste if money and time!

  4. tonycluber

    Avoid at all cost, SUPER GHETTO. I swear one of the dancers looked like she was gonna shank me in the parking lot and steal my car…luckily I slipped out when she was in the bathroom. Has $10 cover…pretty cheap price…but even if was free I wouldn’t go again. F’ugly girls, crappy location (underneath the freeway!), and did I mention just plain ghetto?!?

  5. harryharry

    Place is a joke! 30 min until closing and its full price smh. Pay for the door or let someone blow money on dances? Umm don’t charge full price. I guess it’s more there loss because I showed up with a few friends m. Good shit dued

  6. joseph1k

    They advertise “Fully Nude” but certainly never tell the girls that when they hire them or it appears that way. I went to this club for the first time because I just happened to be in the area and to see if they live up to their “Fully Nude” advertising. A few girls who got on stage kept there bikini bottoms on the whole time. I have noticed this wide spread “scam” of so-called “nude” clubs. That is, not all the girls get totally naked as they want you to believe at the entrance. Fully nude to these girls is: “We keep our bikini on until we know or like how much you are tipping us… Excuse me?! Unless you don’t mind being tricked or misled by false business advertisements and marketing then I would suggest going to other clubs that are better or do keep their business advertising true, accurate and real. Another negative factor is a high admission of $20 and a little too much pressure by the girls for private and VIP dances which are also over-priced and rip-offs. If you decline the dance offer, most of the girls will stop speaking to you afterwards and make you feel punished.

  7. dopeboy19

    BRING CASH!!! THE ATM CHARGES $13 INSIDE. RIDICULOUS!Girls are THICK here!! But in a good way. Go head now!! REAL women here! There were someBeautiful Women here too. $10 on a Friday night gets you unlimited fountain drinks and water. It’s nude obviously. It’s a small spot, but not bad at all. There were about 30 peso people in there. Decent amount for the space they have. They do have nice girls though. Different race and body shapes. A little for everyone’s taste. I noticed that the men don’t really tip here. Cheap bastards lol. You come to a nude spot, be willing to pay for your entertainment. That low key bothered me a little. Brooklyn is a super cool chick. She was brave enough to approach us tonight and she was super cool talk to. Most strippers just ignore us since I’m sure they don’t want to offend anyone. We came together to party together. Not a big deal. Private dances are pretty much only behind a 3 ft wall. Surprised there isn’t more discreetness. Overall we enjoyed ourselves. Glad we decided to stop by. Will most likely come Back.

  8. eddyL

    This place sucked so bad the entry fee was over $20 and the VIP was extremely expensive the girl I got did not know how to give a good lap dance she wouldn’t let me touch her and there where cum stains over the chairs and the place was like completely dead most of the girls who spend their time texting on the phone it took more than an hour for one girls come up to me to see if I want a dance from her. Don’t waste your money on this please stay away from it there’s better clubs out there than this one.

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