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1331 Colton Ave, Redlands, CA 92374


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Library Gentleman’s Club

  1. Weedman420

    Can’t say too much bout the dancers, a couple are hot and a couple are cute because of their personalities. But the bartenders are VERY cool. Good prompt service. Also the managers were nice. I’ll come back

  2. fritter17

    I hardly go to these type of places my first time going to this location on a Friday night I was a great atmosphere. One particular beauty caught my eye Vivian She was down to earth big boobs big butt and small waist and def not fat at all I def will come back just to see Vivian n I recommend getting a dance from

  3. XXXbeast

    The men staff are so disrespectful to the ladies, its a buzz kill. They yell at the dancers in front of the customers. I was a bartender at a different gentleman’s club and it was a total different atmosphere. At the library, I was in the ladies restroom when one of the male workers just walked in. very unprofessional! he could’ve waited until everybody walked outside of the restroom and pulled one of the girls aside and told her what his issue was. This will not be my choice of going out to have a good night next time!! And an FYI there were many people that had witnessed the male workers yelling at the dancers. Not cool. -1star

  4. winston12

    Nice place – clean and comfortable. The cover is fair, and the drinks are reasonably priced w/a decent pour. There are some hot women, pretty good variety. My only complaint is the music! Hip-hop/rap, that’s it! This music is rarely good to strip too – I used to be a dancer, and this music simply sucks, unless it’s classic rap and in waves – so much out there that is GOOD stripper music, and rap/hip-hop is just not it, especially for Eastern European White women, just doesn’t match their look/style. Choose music that goes with your individual style and stop letting the DJ play what he wants – he has no clue! 2/$20 lap dance specials! You can’t beat that! The woman I chose was awesome (and she picked her own music on stage, not rap) beautiful and nice too – I’ll be back, but if the constant rap continues, it won’t be for long – that’s what chased me out, the on and on, forever rap music.

  5. igor34

    The place is nice, $10 cover. In fact, one of the nicest strip clubs in the area. Besides that, the place is way too expensive. This place used to be DejaVu/Hustlers, but it is now called The Library. Their mission, it seems like, is to attract more of the ‘higher end’ clientele. I mean really? On top of everything, it looks good and it feels like it could be successful, but only time will tell. There are a ton of changes that went into effect since The Library took over, and if you’ve ever been there before it changed, here are the new changes. To me, these are what I believe will be the downfall of The Library.1. They did away with beer served in pitchers! Beer are either served in a glass ($6 each depending if it’s domestic or import; the price stated was for a glass of Newcastle Brown Ale) – Reason why? They said because they didn’t want the Strip Club to feel like a bar! WTF? I mean seriously… my friends and I were pretty pissed that they did away with what I think was the number one selling item on their menu.2. If you’ve ever been to this strip club in the days of Deja Vu and or Hustlers, the area to the left when you walk in where the DJ booth is, is no longer allowed to regular customers, unless you’re buying bottle service! Pretty stupid if you ask me. Losing those seats means lost of potential revenue. 3. Lap dances: You can no longer touch the dancer. Before, it really was up to the dancer if she allowed you to touch her, now, they have an eagle’s eye over you. If you lay a hand on the dancer, the bouncer will tell you not to touch the dancer. Again, pretty stupid move on The Library’s part. I mean, this is the only strip club that I’ve been to where you can’t touch the girls and I’ve been to a lot! 4. Prices: $6 for a glass of beer? $400 (including gratuity from what I was told by one of their VIP Host) for a bottle for bottle service? This place is a joke if they’re charging that much! That’s Vegas territory, and this isn’t even Vegas. The last time I went to Vegas (summer of ‘2012), my buddies and I bought a bottle for $325 at Saphire’s. These guys must be smoking something real good.Besides that, most of the girls were in the 7-8 range the night that we went. No complaints on that part. I give these guys 3 years. 4 max.

  6. richard95

    I have been to far better clubs in my lifetime. The dancers all look the same there are a couple white girls, but it is mostly mexicans! I didn’t even see any dark girls… and the two hottest girls in there all night didn’t even work there. The lap dances are super expensive and the girls that work there take forever to even come up to you, even though there wasn’t like a damn person in there. Full of stuck up women and terrible employees. Whoever runs this place isn’t doing a very good job. THERE ARE BETTER CLUBS!P.S. The music is terrible and you can’t hear anything the DJ says.

  7. harryharry

    This place is awesome! The reason I love this place so much is because it’s not just for men. I’ve come with just my fiance, with my girls, and with other couples. It’s super nice inside and EVERY girl is hot! I love the bartenders because they will even take a shot with you. This has become the new spot to hang at. The strippers are really friendly and some of them come and say hi to me because they remembered me from the last visit. I’m definitely a regular now. Overall experience is always great… From what I can remember. Lol. Those waitresses for sure keep the drinks flowing!

  8. brandonresh

    Not much talent on a sat eve. One midget who had great song selection if u like old school shit. 🙂 (which i do) lots of customers sitting alone while girls sat at the bar or stood in the corner. Waitress was cool though. Drinks were fairly strong.

  9. Robert W.

    The most upscale Gentlemen’s Club in the Inland Empire. The bartenders are amazing, the management and staff are very hospitable and friendly. The food is also very good.

  10. joseph1k

    Dancers robbed $140 in singles off my table and threw it at her friend.. Said she thought I told her to do it… Was here for 50 min and had two drinks… DO NOT COME !!! Watch out for maryjane and the Charisma girl….. Management said they will give me alcohol for the issues at 130 at night…. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

  11. curtis17

    Best club I’ve been to in the ie. Gotta check it out on a Tuesday. $2 drinks and hot girls. I’ll be there tonight 🙂 come check me out

  12. williamr

    Worst strip club I’ve been to. All the girls are LAZY and BEAT, the waitress look better than the dancers for crying out loud and give better service.

  13. tonycluber

    I’ve been to all the strip clubs in the area and this one is the best by far. It’s classy and there are a lot of hot girls. The waitresses and bartenders are slso very good looking, which is important, because nobody likes a troll serving them drinks. A true gentlemen’s club.

  14. XhXeXy

    Formerly “Hustler’s and Deja vu”. here are a few changes they made:PROS- The new interior design looks a lot better and not as ghetto as beforeCONS- they raised the price on cover(from $7 to $10)- you can’t order beer by the pitcher anymore- bouncers got a lot more strict

  15. rogerrab2

    This is the place to be on a Tuesday night! $2 well drinks until 1:00am & $2steaks until 10pm! Had a great experience the waitresses are all friendly and attractive!

  16. Ryanne H.

    It’s a ok place. The vibe was alright. Like the the livrary in the OC way better

  17. billtheguy12

    First time there. It was awesome. The girls are great, and the Cadillac margaritas are strong, therefore an overall good experience!

  18. Jeffrey S.

    Awesome place! Bartenders make some great drinks! Rosalind is incredible to talk to and get your drink from! And oh yeah… Let Barbie, Pearl, or Ruby help you get rid of some money. They are all worth it! Enjoy!!!

  19. adamrod

    Had a good time until it was time to go. I askef for my card ball and they wanted to charge me double what I drank. The waitress Alison gave us attitude when we told her we were being over charged. She checked the cameras and apologized. She brought the bill and we were still being charged for double the drinks!! We got attitude again. We went to the manager and he tried to help us out and the waitress comes and tries to play the victim. Will not go back it took 90min to get out. Ruined our valentines night

  20. ryan123

    this place is a bit overpriced for the inland empire

  21. Johnnyboy123

    This is a very nice establishment and they have the best service in town and who doesn’t like to see some nude females dance around…. I give you guys two thumbs up and 6 stars you can’t see the sixth because It has Stealth lol

  22. AssnTits5

    I spent new years eve here with my husband. we had a great time. some of the girls are very talented on the pole… and the modelos were tasty.

  23. Christian T.

    I deleted my last review on this location because I based my review on information I was not privy to so I wrote my review from a consumers point of view, which sometimes may be misunderstood and misguided. I now understand why things are ran the way they are. Even though my review had some factual stuff in it that could have been taken as constructive criticism because as a regular all I want is this business to succeed, I still gave the staff and management staff their kudos for a job well done. So in all fairness, I will give it a four star cause in business there is always room for improvement. And this is not from just some guy who goes in and drinks here. This is coming from someone who has years of experience as a Manager in the nightclub industry and served a stent working at this particular location before it was The Library. Keep setting record numbers and I wish y’all success. And for those who don’t know, cause I sure didn’t, they have happy hour so make sure to check them out during day shift.

  24. danielson

    Cleanest most well run club I’ve been too, beautiful girls with nice bodies, great service, doesn’t get any better!

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