Zebra Club



2763 Sierra Highway, Rosamond, CA 93560


34.8613288, -118.1628245




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Zebra Club

  1. XhXeXy

    My girlfriend and I are new to the area, went to Zebras looking for some decent pool tables with a fun atmosphere. The drinks were good, the service was nice, and we were enjoying ourselves, until my gf went to the bar to place an order, and a drunken regular started touching her. She asked him to stop and luckily for him he did before I had finished making my way over there. I was a little tense after that, but we decided to let it go as just a drunken mistake. Later his women came over and started touching my gf again, petting her hair and what not while we were trying to pay our tab and leave, and was demanding why we were not drunk, and what we were doing there if we weren’t trying to get drunk.I’ve been in bars and pubs across multiple states and several countries and never have I had such an altercation, nor has my girlfriend ever felt so threatened and uncomfortable. To be fair, I do not know if this is a product of the kinds of people who frequent the bar, or the kinds of people that live in the area, or just bad luck with these two individuals. But that experience combined with nothing else being above and beyond is probably enough to keep us from coming back any time soon. Shame too, because they were advertising a pool tourney on Sunday nights that I would have been interested in too.

  2. Chelsea M.

    I don’t like a lot of things about this place, but still keep going back. It’s worth checking out. As mentioned by other reviewers, the drinks are overpriced for what they are.

  3. winston12

    Used to come here for the cook, But he’s long gone and so is his huge portions of chili cheese fries and kabobs…. Oh where have you gone my friend lol. Widow and Natasha as well as Molly are gone too. Amber? This place has gone downhill…. Good job.

  4. james1412

    A good place to go if you’re not ready to go home after Coach’s closes. If you like lap dances, many of the girls are quite attractive and excellent dancers. Good pool tables. Drinks are not over priced so this could be your regular hang out.

  5. rogerrab2

    I’ve been here twice.Last Wednesday. They opened at 6:00pm, and when my female friend and I showed up at 5:30, they let us hang out.We had a couple drinks (soft drinks are expensive) and chilled out for a while.They only had one girl there. She was cute, somewhat friendly, and a pretty good dancer. We both dropped money on the stage.In true high desert fashion, she pretty much ignored us. I almost expected her to come over, flirt a bit, and offer a lap dance. Almost. Of course, she walked away, chatted with the bartender a bit, and smoked on the patio while playing with her cell phone.Another case of going to an adult entertainment venue with $100, and leaving with $90.The other time we went was on New Year’s Eve. Snooky’s was closed for some reason, probably because, as I mentioned on their review, going to work to make money doesn’t seem to be a concept that made it to the high desert.Anyway, it wasn’t too bad…for the high desert. The dancers were few and far between, and again, completely uninterested in making money, chatting it up with bartenders, each other, and locals.My friend did get herself a lap dance, and by her account it was, eh, enthusiastic. LOLI like the patio, which is somewhat covered and protected from the wind. There are tables and chairs where one can kick back and smoke.I’ve heard Snooky’s is better, and it is much closer, but so far this place has beat them by having actual women in an actual bikini who actually danced.Three stars ain’t much, and I’m usually pretty generous with my reviews, however when I spend the same amount of money on adult entertainment as I do for a Big Mac Meal, three stars is pretty impressive.I may be back, but the Italian joint down the road is more of a draw.

  6. richard95

    A bikini bar in Rosamond! (cultural anthropology note – if you are from Lancaster, you pronounce the a as an e in the word Rosamond!) If you’ve never ventured toward Avenue A in Rosamond, let me just say that Rosamond is the Moldavia to Lancaster’s Romania! The lap dances are five dollars more than the dances at Snooky’s. The women are also fifteen pounds heavier than Snooky’s. A great place to go on a first date! The mosiac of the zebras copulating on the wall will loosen the mood.

  7. StripClub431

    This place was awesome got a dollar pulled off my face from a girls a$$. Shortly after that the place got raided by SWATT after that my night was a big blur and I woke up with pink eye but it was worth it.We went back again , wet TShirt night … Shit was a joke !

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