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0 reviews for “Pacers

  1. Chris B.

    Let me tell you about Pacers….I’m actually getting a little weepy….this place is The Bomb.I just came from there. You see, me and my boys went there last night and I left, forgetting to close my tab. When I called, several times, I was always treated with dignity and respect and was encouraged to come down and solve the problem. Of course, my biggest worry was that there might be crazy charges on the card and I’d come out owing $300+. When I got there, again, I was treated with dignity and respect and the bill come out to a whopping $4. They wouldn’t even let me add a tip. I was shocked and humbled and filled with gratitude.The night before, I’d had a ‘disagreement’ with a dancer and the management took my side and calmed me down and were unbelievably nice about it.Me and my friends and associates will spend many more dollars at Pacers. This place is classy, accommodating and fair.I love Pacers! I would give them 6 stars if I could.

  2. Sasha B.

    awsome cus u get to drink! the gurls are hot as fuck too!!! and pretty talented dancers!! im deffinitly going back soon!

  3. Tina M.

    Had a great time with Jeff squared, lauren the bartender was amazing! She was very attentive! She really knows her drinks and how to keep customers happy! Keep going lauren! Food is amazing!!!! Free lunch in the mornings πŸ™‚ what what!!!!!

  4. igor34

    Awesome place, great drinks and great customer service. Lolly Pop is an excellent dancer with the best personality that I ever have come across. 5 stars!!!!!!

  5. larry1

    First off, let me start by saying that I am not a big fan of “topless only” strip clubs, only full nude for me, however this place almost had me at five stars. It wasn’t bad at all.The place was packed when I went in this last Saturday night, I had already been here before but not on Saturday night which seems to be their busiest night at the time. The inside is clean, nice looking bar lounge to the far left, two marble stages with another small bar that separates them in between and some nice looking waitresses along with the dancers which mostly consist of nice looking Latina/ White girls. Though on Saturday night I did manage to see a little bit more variety, some Black and Asian, they were even showing ads for a future porn star night featuring some Asian porn star. The bouncers seemed cool and the staff seemed ready as it was quite packed. I was looking for a place to set myself into when I was approached by a good looking Latina stripper who took me into the booths for a few dances. There was touching here and there as security had to keep telling other customers to stop but the the strippers didn’t seem to care. After the grinding was done in the booths I headed over to the bar and told the girl that had given me the dances that I would get her a drink. She ordered a shot of Vodka and she wouldn’t stop dancing all crazy around me trying to rave and rub on me. She seemed to be the most active one by the bar singing and making noise, quite funny. She also told me that some of the girls here also work at other local strip clubs like Cheetahs and Goldfingers. I then headed back toward the stages and saw some more shows and then decided to leave as the place was getting way too packed and I was struggling to move around and chat with some of the other strippers who were nice to me. The rest of the people inside were also struggling, it was getting more uncomfortable even to stand around there so I then left. All in all I had a nice time.The only cons I’m gonna have to give to this place, and I hate to say but the size of the club just seems too small. The parking lot is ridiculous, they have complimentary valet parking with next to no space for more then 10 to 15 cars tops while there are tons of people going. You will see cars stuck there every now and then with the valet guy giving instructions to the drivers on how to get out. As for the inside of the club, as you may have seen in my review already, there is just very little space to even get around on the best nights and sometimes even on the slower nights. I still had a good time but you may wanna get there earlier if you want to chill out more comfortably. Pacers isn’t bad. Overall it’s a good strip club. It reminded me of some of the full nude strip clubs for a bit. They even have a VIP room where they are allowed to show and do more. This is most likely one of the only topless strip clubs I would recommend.

  6. Exiled in Paradise

    Main Room Set-up: central bar with two stages that seat fifteen… bottle service at six booths that seat six along one wall and three areas that seat eight in the corners… twelve small tables that seat three along the other wall… Smoke Room Set-up: corner bar with four elevated tables that seat four and large couch… Private Dance Areas: one room with twelve booths and one VIP room… Club Vibe: friendly, almost too much so… always a number of “civilian” women in the house and often at the stages… A buzz kill for me but some dudes think bringing their GF, wife, or BFF to a strip club is cool… Dancers: forty on a typical weekend… every ethnicity is represented… some enhanced but most are not… some tats but mostly modest… Best Latina: Anna… Best PAWG: Rene… Best Sista: Brazil… Best Polynesian: Mia… Best Novelty: identical twins… Best in Show: Parker… Lap Dances: dancers can touch you but you can’t touch them… So, only the most skilled dancer can make that experience worth it… Suffice it to say, most are not up to it but a keen observer can see the talent through the BS…

  7. tonycluber

    One of the best strip clubs I have been to in California. Had an amazing time there. Girls are amazing, and the atmosphere is superb. You wont be disappointed provided that you don’t have very high expectations (if you know what I mean). Lookout for the twin sisters dance and you will not want to leave the club! Very professional staff.

  8. Colby F.

    Extremely high end feel in this place, also security seemed to be of the up most importance, and of course the talent was A1. They also provide private drivers and free cover from the gas lamp district. Awesome place for a bro weekend.

  9. Fritz G.

    By far my favorite hang out in San Diego. Been going with my guy friends and even the girls love going with us. More like a high end exclusive club with perks. Staff is awesome. Dj kills it. Girls are hotter than any club DT. Highly recommended

  10. Aimee L.

    Formerly Hustler, Now Pacer’s Showgirls International, this club is the best in San Diego. Under new ownership the moral of the workers has gone up and they are slowly going through some changes. Free Valet parking and a remodel is underway. They have cheap cover, weekly deals: Military Mondays, Two dollar Tuesdays with two dollar drinks at six and two dollar steaks all day, $1 tacos on Tuesdays, Thursday’s and Fridays. 7-9 dollar pitchers of beer, 3 dollar pints, 4-5 bucks for bottles and 9 dollar shots.The prices vary throughout the week and I’m not sure what they have changed. It used to be 4 dollar coronas with a 2 dollar patron shot on Thursdays.. not sure anymore. Every month they are going to have special events. There is an Art Show tonight and next month is Fetish Night! The management is always so kind. If you are a regular they will come and hang out with you, buy you drinks and sometimes give you bottle service πŸ™‚ There are two stages and the bar in the center. The second stage doesn’t open until there are enough girls and customers. There is a smoking patio outside with some TV’s, a grill, some heaters and another bar outside for when it get’s really busy. You order your food inside and the cook will make it and bring it to you. There are booths and tables with chairs for you to sit in while you eat your meal and stare at titties. Once your done chowing down, there is a lap dance section off to the side with some comfy booths. $20 bucks a song or you can just go to the champagne room for 15, 30, 60 minutes… $150, $300, $600..ect… Depending on the girl you could have the lamest time, or the best time. It’s easy to judge the girls on how good she will give a lap dance. Watch her stage performance, she dances exactly the same in private. Al lot of the dancers are pretty lazy, but if they are motivated enough, some can put on really good shows. The type of girls that are there really depends on the time of day and really the time of year. This club is really good to the girls so they tend to stick around for a while, but they always rotate and come back and rotate out again.I’m going to say a lot of the girls that work here have real breasts. I love that fact! Every once in a while there are a few girls with freakishly large boobs come in, but they don’t last long. This bar has been here since the 70’s, so men have been going there for decades… they like companionship/friendship more than big boobs, although they are a plus.Did I leave anything out? That’s pretty much it.

  11. XhXeXy

    This is an awesome club…probably the best in San Diego. Cheetahs is awesome too, if you prefer all nude. But if you’re cool with topless and want to drink on site, then this is the place to be. Recently remodeled, good food at reasonable prices and a very fair amount of hot girls. The stages are HUGE and you can sit right up on the edge and get a fantastic view of the girls. Valet parking is free, just tip the guy a few bucks later. They have these Twins that have ridiculous pole skills & tricks….they totally rock. There’s a hot little Asian there also….think her name was Mika. Only real downside is just the strict California laws about touching, etc… Wish the girls could get closer & do more like Vegas! Haha.

  12. Chun P.

    8-14-2009…GIRLS NIGHT OUT, PART 2: Once again, it was my friend Laura’s birthday…its good to be a straight guy with a bunch of lesbian friends…cause they invite you to cool shit like this. COVER: Still free passes in the back of City Beat. Theres also free passes in Vu News, and those don’t have an expiration date; though you do have to get in before 900PM, and they’re not good on Tuesdays or Special Events(WTF is that about?). You can find Vu News in newstands around Downtown, PB, and other shady parts of San Diego(They don’t seem to be in La Jolla). BEER: Still only $9 for a pitcher of Miller Lite…my cheap beer of choiceGIRLS: Friendly and chill. They don’t “assault” you for lap dances like the Vegas girls do. One of girls in my group in was on a first name basis with all the strippers…interesting…With the free pass, you could spend an hour here and not spend more than $10, or nothing at all if you’re a non-tipping douchebag. Its more of a “friendly-party” atmosphere here than a “dirty-creepy” one like at other local San Diego stripclubs. That said, compared to the local competition, this is by far the best one, and therefore a 5 STAR.

  13. Paula C.

    First timers for my Fiance’ and myself, had a great time! Fun atmosphere, good food, drinks OK, prices OK. Dancers were all very friendly. I bought two lap dances for my Fiance’ and he had no complaints! Only one stall in the ladies room so as the drinks start to hit you prepare to wait to use the restroom. We liked being able to drink, smoke and eat without having to go outside. Our food was brought right to our table. Great staff!

  14. yanard12

    Forgot to review this place. Been going here for years circa ’96 till now. I used to know the main bouncer BIG MIKE aka Black Spider. He used to let me and the homie in for free. but that was THEN.. now adays it is a shell of its former glory. This is probably the best low pressured strip club in san diego. TJ offers way more perks, but thats another story.The beer priced are decent and not overpriced. Food was pretty good also, thanx to a revamped kitchen.

  15. Malia P.

    I must be getting poor since every review mentions price and money. In light of that, let’s talk about meat.At Hustler you get to look and eat it too. That came out wrong, but if you’re familiar with $2 steak you know what I’m talking about.

  16. Rob And Lisa R.

    Great spot. Upscale feels like Vegas. Amazing Gorgeous ladies. DJ is awesome. Music is really good. Go before 11 to get good spot. Girls walk around after they dance on stage to collect $1, That was new to me but They are worth it. Don’t be a party pooper & pay it;) My hubby & I had a great time…

  17. joseph1k

    These five stars are only for RenΓ©e. Request SHAKE THAT MONKEY for the song and you won’t be disappointed. She deserves all your $1s!

  18. Derrick B.

    I don’t know if it’s becasue I live 5 blocks from here, but this is a pretty cool strip club. They have a wide variety of girls from Asians, Blacks, Europeans, even Somalians! that will make you go from 6 to midnight in no time. The girls here are pretty cool too, they don’t bug the fuck out of you but they still show you attention. If you pay 25 bucks you can get a 6 month membership which includes free cover for those months excluding special events. The bouncers here are chill too, get to know them and you will reap the benefits. I rarely come here but when I do it’s usually on a Tuesday.not too crowded but still a good amount of women to give you that funny feeling in your trousers

  19. marlonmoney12

    VICTORIA!!!!! Thanks for making me feel comfortable outside of my bubble in La Jolla πŸ˜‰ I like this place. There is a good variety of girls. the champagne room is cool. and they have a girl from Poland. The only reason it got 4 stars is because the bar back has a horrible attitude, ignored me twice when he knew i was talking to him. Will return though.

  20. adamrod

    So I took my girlfriend here for UFC night and was surprised at how nice this place is! They have a fireplace in the back with some nice big 80 inch plasma tvs and it’s a really sensual atmosphere. All the girls were nice and not overly pushy, also my gf had a good time with the “make it rain machine”, she showered some girl with 1’s from the ceiling lol. It was a fun atmosphere and hot girls…I only give it a 4 because the last 2 girls before we left weren’t amazing.

  21. XhXeXy

    i got the best lap dance from the hottest girls there…….but the one i liked the most is MIA…she’s my favorite!!!!!!! REQUEST HER…..

  22. Adam P.

    Pathetic… 95% of the “talent” are +30… Horrible attitudes, have seen pregnant women dance before, dingy accommodations, etc. you will find a handful of moderate to low budget porn stars working but really a depressing place to thing they have is their bar tender and she does not dance… It’s really an awful place with a lot of old hags? The men that work there and dj are the worst….no I didn’t see your dance, I was busy holding in tears* if you read the 5 star reviews, almost all sound like it was written by the same person who either owns or manages the club. Don’t be fooled it’s one of the worst in the country.

  23. ryan123

    First rule of Hustler Club- don’t talk about Hustler Club. We came here on a Tuesday night for Edgar’s going away party for $2 steaks. I was a little hesitant to try $2 steaks…like what kind of meat are they using?? I guess I’m better off not knowing…Anyways, I’ve never officially been to a strip club..I mean I’ve been to Lips and Chippendales but it’s not the same. I really would have loved to wear a “No Ma’am” shirt if I owned one..It was kind of shady to enter the building, they have guards at the front checking purses and you have to go through a metal detector. We then walked through the main showroom with the bar and stripper *ahem dancer working the pole and went to the back area…I was thinking that they serve the food inside, so you get a dinner and show type thing..but I guess not. The back room was packed! It’s best to get there before 6:00 so you don’t have to pay the $20 cover. The food was actually pretty good! I was bad and requested a “girlie” drink (I’m not supposed to have alcohol because of IC) and the waitress brought me the most delicious fruity drink ever!! Although, it occurred to me after I drank it that I had taken a painkiller just before, and they definitely did not mix well. Don’t mix painkillers and alcohol kids. I was kind of disappointed in the girls. They were all A cups! I wanna see ginormous, freakishly large, cups overflowith boobs! But I guess Edgar was right when he said that it’s a strip club, not a freak show.

  24. eddyL

    The best strip club in SD and possibly all of Southern California! The most beautiful women inside and out! They all have dazzling down to earth sweet personalities! It’s the best place around for clean and classy adult entertainment πŸ˜‰

  25. Reese M.

    The girls that work here are awesome! Parker, especially! What I’m giving a one star about is the fact that they hold $100 from your cc when you get drinks! I thought I was over charged, so I called the club in the morning. The guy that answered was super snide and rude. He told me it was standard for bars to do that…. I was in the bar industry for 7 years and have literally NEVER had that happen… Even in Vegas. I was baffled. Instead of that being explained to me when I picked cc instead of cash, I had to hear it from an asshole over the phone; whom, when I went to further inquire, he literally hung up on me. Not that I expect the men at a strip club to have great bedside manor (wink, wink) but maybe they shouldn’t be so rude?

  26. rogerrab2

    My husband, myself & 2 girlfriends decided to come here before the Garth Brooks concert to take advantage of their amazing HH (50% off all top shelf alcohol)! I’ve thought to order food at a strip club. It just didn’t seem satisfying…lol But we did! And I’m glad we DID! Their burger & tacos were delicious! All of us enjoyed our meal. With that said, if you are looking for a great HH, a good burger or tacos (get the chicken) & some entertainment, go to Pacers! Especially before a concert…Don’t fight the craziness at another bar or restaurant!

  27. AssnTits5

    I had not been to Pacers in over 30 years. This club was recommended to me by one of the bartenders at the Bali Hai Restaurant (who is apparently a regular at the club). When I arrived, I was greeted like a regular by a beautiful girl at the door. I sat back from the bar, and my server was totally hot, and very sweet to me. I ordered a draft beer, and the price was the same that I would have paid at my local bar in LA. I arrived pretty early in the afternoon, and the first couple of performers were really thin. As the night wore on, the girls got much hotter. By the end of the night I saw some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life (and most of them were “real”). The girls were friendly, and took the time to talk with me for a couple minutes. I had the first “dance” (of my life) early in the evening. The girl was really sweet, but I will wait until later in the evening next time to pick my girl to have a “dance” with. A couple of blondes in their late 20’s that were dancing later in the evening could have been Playboy models. I am already planning another trip to San Diego to visit the girls again.

  28. Janelle F.

    hot ass hoes and more titties than a bitch can handle

  29. Mandi R.

    This is my second time here, since I’m from out of town. Most of the girls were beautiful, and sweet. One chick who had an amazing body but face that looked like a truck had run over it, came over after her stage time to collect her tips. My husband asked her if she would mind giving me a lap dance, she replied, “it’ll have to be later, I have a lot of other guys waiting on me.” WTF?! Mind you, I never once saw her walk off with another guy. She was probably hoping for a VIP guy to call her over. Her loss. I ended up with a lapdance from a girl who was not only beautiful, but had a smoking body to match. So truck-face lost out. Ah well πŸ™‚

  30. Alysaun K.

    Been here once when it was first converted. The dancers were ok, some were a little “worn out”, but it sounds like they have gotten new ones since then, or maybe it was a bad night. Our server was hot though. The DJ was obnoxious, but then again, I am probably the only one in San Diego who would pay attention to the dj when there are half naked women in front of them…

  31. Gabriel T.

    Gorgeous women!!! Top to bottom. Sara is definitely hands down the best server BY FAR!!!! She’s super dope and super sexy! And Brook and Rene are definitely the two best dancers and best looking!!!!! I can’t wait to go back!

  32. curtis17

    I will say, the absolute best strip club in SD. Some girls come here with a bad attitude, however, the majority are terrific dancers and are down to earth. I want to add that you should just ask for Stephanie if you’re coming for a drink. She will look you in the eye and melt your heart.

  33. maxxy1

    The best strip club in San Diego. Not every night is a good night, but this place, has the Larry Hustler’s in San Fransico beat. The lap dances are pretty dam good, they are not great, but they are pretty dam close. Especially if you get right girl. Send me email, and I can tell you which ones give the best. This club would of got 5 stars, if only the strippers didn’t ask for a dollar tip, after every time they get off stage. A few times is cool, but not every time. That can get annoying sometimes. You can also drink in this club. Oh, and also military gets in free, before 7pm, everynight.

  34. Brian J.

    Pacers is a wonderful club in San Diego! I generally like going to strip clubs because I enjoy the pageantry of it all and this place delivers!Location/Parking:It’s alright. Midway isn’t the nicest place but you can’t find places like these at nice locations so no problem there. I am not a fan of Valet Only parking because I really think you should be able to park where you want but they valet gave me a free entry ticket since it was my first time.Atmosphere:Pretty cool set up. A U Bar in the middle separating two stages. Both stages are fairly simple, circular/oval shaped but there isn’t a gap between the stage and the customer which makes it for a more intimate affair. Staff: The waitresses are very attentive to customers but when the club packs up obviously that slacks a bit. Wholly understood so again, not a big deal. Bartenders could be a bit nicer. Even when not busy, I stood and waited there for like a minute just to get singles. Entertainers:They’re all very solid. Whether on the main stage or the mini-second stage, they really dance their ass off. Main attraction when I was there were the twins from South America. They have a routine where they each take a stage and synchronize their performance. I was in awe the entire time. All the dancers I met were very sweet and never pushy which really makes the experience worth it.If you’re in town on a trip or a local, I highly recommend it.

  35. Bob F.

    I’ve gone to Pacers infrequently since 1991. This is what I’ve noticed. There used to be a ton of free parking at the weird building lot next door. Now there is a tiny free valet only lot. I park on the street. It used to have two stages going all the time. I only ever see one stage in use now.the girls used to be hotter, average a 8, with some real stunners and a few fatties. Now they average a 5. There is no quality control in dancers. There are lots of size 8-14s. Girls over size 6 shouldn’t strip.Servers and bartenders are cute-they don’t strip.In 23 years I’ve only bought one lapdance. It was mediocre with minimal contact and no grinding. Ive heard this is a San Diego city law thing. I don’t recommend them.At old Pacers every seat was first come first serve and free. Now most are dance club style reserved bottle service only even when the place is empty. They have a dress code in the afternoon and evenings-no tank tops. Pacer’s is not a high end club.The “outside patio” is full of smoke and violates the city smoking ordinance. Its not a patio, its a big room.There’s a bathroom attendant guilting for tips if you dare wash youre hands. Thats super annoying wherever it is.The redeeming feature is all day tuesdays $2 well drinks, beers and steaks. Also girls are not super pushy about lapdances, drinks and tips. At least not during the day.Until Pacers lets the fat girls go give it a miss. Not worth a cover charge.

  36. Grey D.

    Blah blah blah blah blah BOOBIES blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah COLD BEER blah blah! LAP DANCE blah blah. Five stars!

  37. dannyboy7

    Overall the aesthetics of this club are really nice. Its about as close to a Vegas club in appearance as you can get locally. However, like Vegas, they try to charge you every chance they can. Entrance fee, the $50 fee for using the the VIP room ($150 total), buying a drink for the dancer (typically the dancer may talk you into this), the valet guy if you get your car parked from the club (park on the street to save a few bucks IMO), as well as buying yourself a drink. There are parts of this club that feel pretty cramped particulary the dance rooms. The regular dance fees are $20 and the door guys tend to be fairly nosey in letting you and the dancer know your time is up. I get its their job to keep an eye on customers but they can be more subtle about it. For the VIP room, there are only four little spots behind a glittered beaded entrance in the corner. This VIP room compared to other local clubs seems to be small with not much room to really get comfortable. I’ve observed typically mid dance a server will come in and ask if drinks are needed. Again the door guy pokes their head in and usually on the dot inform customers when their time is up. Depending on the dancer again, they may ask you to tip the door guy as well (see a theme here?). So your money is going all over the place from the dancer, door guy, drinks, servers serving you drinks (if you tip), reserving a table or lounge area for parties, and even the ATM fee if you deicde to pull funds from here. IMO your funds can go longer to a non liquor club locally where your money is usually going straight to the dancer. If you’re into observing, conversating, and drinks this is a good club to hang out at. If you’re looking to actually spend on the talent, just remember you’re basically tipping out to everyone else who’s employed here. You do have quite a few stunners as far as talent goes (especially Fridays and Saturday nights) and typically they are friendly, however, I’ve experienced a few older and jaded dancers here who try to pressure you for dances even after politely saying no thanks. That can get awkward especially when they get upset at you for saying no (some of them cannot take a hint). This isn’t a bad club IMO but you will be dropping more here in the end of the night compared to other local clubs.

  38. williamr

    Best Club in town. If you are looking for a diverse crowd/entertainers with authentic music, Pacers is a great place to visit. Awesome talented girls, Delicious food and drinks. Want to watch the game? Good scenery and views.

  39. Rob M.

    Good times! Great memories.If you are interested in either one, then roll on up.The girls vary, as they always do, but if you can’t find a gem to focus one eye on, you’re too picky.Drinks are alright. Outdoor seating is cool, go chill with a few of the girls back there. BBQ serves great burgers. Ok, not great, but hey great when you have a little hottie feeding them to you.Yes, the machine will rain $20 in ones on the lucky girl on stage. Fun stuff. The booths in back are ok, but bring a girlfriend and watch the fireworks, now that’s a good time.Jonathan will pick you up in the limo bus for free, from damn near anywhere really I think. W Hotel, check. Dave and Buster’s, check. My apartment at Broadway and Kettner, check. LOL. Funny, I never remember the ride home in it though…Oh, and the girls clank their shoes together to get your attention, as you nod off staring at the waitress. No more shots for you – watch them dance and pay them more than 1 dolla for 2 songs!Where else can you mingle with an assortment of hotties, morals already checked, and ask them out? Get the number, don’t give them yours. It works… and remember, treat them like the ladies they are, and they will treat you like the man you’re trying to be. πŸ˜‰

  40. Kelley D.

    I guess my cousin Guy hangs out here a lot, we had a little family reunion about a year ago and this place was one of our stops. Bet you didn’t know Pacer’s was a good place for a family to gather!! Really though, we had a blast, everyone who worked there was really nice and we even got to take pictures in a really pretty car, I think it was the owner’s.

  41. Johnson12

    I’ve had some time to calm down after last night but I feel some issues need to be addressed. I along with several friends visited after the Garth Brooks concert. While waiting in line a girl I assume was a prostitute and her ugly red headed man friend started talking shit to my friend and about our cowboy hats. We laughed it off as we both have worked security for several years and not usually fearful of meth addicts. The guy then threatened our group and said it would be bad for us if we didn’t leave before his friends got there. Whatever ginger meth addict I ain’t scared. We went in anyway. I introduced myself to Steve the “manager” and told him that I had been threatened and he shrugged it off with his best “I’m too dumb to know what to do” look on his face. Visitors beware. Safety is not an issue at this place and blatant prostitution is ignored. Maybe if you guys change the name again for a fifth time you will be successful.

  42. Mistercap12

    Classy, sassy ladies. The spirit of the women here is one of smart-assery, femme dignity, and a true love for what they do: dancing and entertaining others. While you’ll find stereotypically beautiful women, you’ll also find eclectic women of different ethnicities, styles of dress, and body shape. I have gone there with a group of women, bi and heterosexual. We have a blast every time. Drinks were cheap. Management is super cool and they know what they’re doing!

  43. Andreena S.

    *SHIVER* I threw a birthday party for my a friend here a while back. The only good thing about the experience was that they sent the complimentary “Slut Mobile” to pick all 15+ of us up and bring us back to my house. In case you don’t know, “The Slut Mobile” is a bus that has scantily clad chicks all over the outside. This was my first time at a strip club and I was not impressed. It was so grimy. Its gross to think that people come here for lunch. The first chick was so fat, you couldn’t even tell if she had panties on or not. The chicks gradually got better looking as the night progressed (and it wasn’t beer goggles, they save the better ones for later). I was trying to buy a lap dance for the birthday boy but the only good looking chick there didn’t do lap dances so I just bought him one with the fat chick. LOL I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw a girl spray the pole down and wipe it off when she was done dancing. I guess its for the best?! The birthday boy dropped so much cash there that they even included a stripper on the bus ride home….Sorry, the pics are NSFY.

  44. nickstrip

    I don’t usually like strip clubs but this place keeps it classy. There’s a “patio” on the side that allows you to smoke. The talent is top notch and I didn’t walk away feeling seedy. Why is it that the cocktail waitresses are hotter than half the dancers though? Not complaining about that really, just more flabbergasted than anything else. Not full nude and no topless lapdances, at least not in where the common folk were getting them.

  45. mathewater12

    Very fun place with awesome staff and nice girls to talk too! The club has been completely remodeled and looks great inside. Very clean with nice big bathrooms that are clean and fresh as well. Along with a huge patio to smoke and watch tv on or just to take a break from the loud music.The minute you walk up to the door you’re greeted by a doorman who is very professional and easy to talk too! Then once you’re inside the waitresses are fun and easy to talk too. I’ve never done bottle service myself but I might try it on a special occasion. It looks like a lot fun!The one thing I wish they could do, is turn down the music some. People want to be able to relax and have a normal conversation with someone without screaming over the music to do so.Enjoy!

  46. Jenn A.

    Pacers is so much fun!!! I come here anytime I have friends in town and want to do something different or special. Music is awesome, the weekend DJ brings down the house, better than any downtown club I’ve been too… But the reason we keep coming back time and time again is to see THE TWINS! Euphoria and Astoria are INCREDIBLE! They are friendly, fun and energetic but beyond that, the best pole dancers I have ever seen! Their show is like sexy cirque du soleil, amazing bodies with the moves to match… Can’t say enough good things about these girls!!! Definitely hit this place up on the weekends, that’s when the hottest girls work (plus, the twins only work on Friday and Saturday night!) Drinks are reasonably priced and the food is surprisingly delicious! By far the best strip club in San Diego, check it out you won’t be disappointed!!

  47. Soleil Moonshine S.

    One of the handful of locales where “don’t ask, don’t tell” is completely PC.

  48. Jack S.

    Came to town with some friends and the plan was to check out every Strip Club in the SD area. When we came to this place I could not help but notice all the sexy girls this place has. I had few lap dances, and some drinks it was a great place. The one dancer who was the best here was Precious. Get a dance with her you will not regret it.

  49. Elizabeth S.

    Beautiful women. Employees are very polite. I had great conversation with a few of the dancers. I would definitely go back. If I lived near by I would be there weekly.

  50. grip m.

    could i possibly get into this place without being sweated for bottle service at the door DAMN!!!! This place really sucks now. I have gone to this place for alot of years and now it is just dead. I could always count on it being fun with hot girls, but now it has the most bad attitude ugly girls in san diego. And the waitresses really suck. Just not fun anymore.

  51. Shaun M.

    I came here randomly with some friends in town and I was not disappointed! I got a dance from a stunning girl named Bailey and that turned into 4 dances immediately. Bailey was simply mesmerizing and I would like all you guys to not see my girl haha no I’m kidding I recommend visiting her she is great and is the reason I’ll visit more often. The few negative things about this place is that; you’re suppose to not touch, but some girls allowed some waist and butt grabbing, Super busy and distracting lap dance stalls/booths. I need to visit the VIP dance area if there is one, I didn’t check.

  52. Melissa K.

    This place is my favorite. The remodel is amazing! The bouncer sky made me and my girls have an amazing night and I can’t imagine my experience without him. The girls are hot and the staff is amazing! I can’t wait to go back to drink and hang out! Im from the east coast and this is one of my favorite bars!!

  53. Barry I.

    Not much to like here . The girls are way below average in looks and body . Our waitress was not very attentive and the club itself is not very nice. San Diego strip clubs overall are terrible . Where are the hot women in this town ? Not at Pacers .

  54. felixnada

    I have to give props to this club for treating military right. If you’re military, just show your military ID and you get in free. On Wednesdays, not only do you get in free, but the first drink is on them so that’s a huge plus for all the military out there.The lows:-The club itself is a little cramped with seating very few and far between. Two small stages with a pole for the girls to get their dance on. Same thing with the girls. On a Saturday night I was expecting a lot more girls than what I actually saw. Probably around 20-25 girls the entire time I was there.-Parking sucks. Unless you do valet, there isn’t any parking. You have to park on the street at least a block or two over but you have to make sure you’re in a legal spot so you don’t get towed.-Quality of the girls are ok. There was this extremely hot Brazilian girl with her friend in red lingerie that stood out from everyone else and so guys were asking for dances from them left and right. Other than that, the girls were just ok. The highs:-These girls can dance! People were making it rain on the dance floor because of their moves. This one black girl killed it on stage with her pole dancing and even the dj was like “Woah!” when she climbed to the top of the pole and right when the bass dropped, she slid down super fast and stopped herself right before she hit the ground with her back. Insane.-The military benefits. See first paragraph since I had to highlight that.-$20/dance, $7/beer. That’s actually really fair prices for a club on a Saturday night. Kudos to that.The in-betweens:-The type of people you see here are so diverse to say the least. They range from the hot bachelorettes to the 50 year old drunk guy who just finished laying tile. From the professional Asian in a suit to the mouth breathers at Comic Con. It’s a lot of fun just watching who walks through the door when there’s no one dancing on stage.

  55. Jordan K.

    Ahhh.. The Bachelor Party VIP special thanks to our homie over at Point Entertainment for getting us the whole couch area! We got booty, i mean bottle service and chatted up with some of the ladies. Bunch of cuties and I know my boy was happy cause we bought him a bunch of lap dances and he still spent a wad of cash on them girls!We got the shuttle bus from Gas Lamp and back with our VIP service.

  56. justinlk

    Was in town for the weekend and thought it would be fun to check out!!!!! No disappointment!!! Beautiful girls, great atmosphere although the drinks were extremely pricey. Next time in town might have to drop by!!!

  57. Sarah S.

    I’m suppossed to stay mum about the shenanigans that happened last night. So I’m just going to do key points on how this place deserves five stars and name no names in the process.1. $2 drinks, even Patron shots. Amazing.2. $5 dollar steaks outside on the patio. I heard they were excellent.3. Cute girls shaking their things and doing half the work for me in regards to my boyfriend. Nice.4. A dollar bill machine that rains down dollas for the respective ladies onstage. Sweetness.5. 2 stages with a rotation of women, so you get to see them all. Entertaining.I will be back. My dad wants me to take him next Tuesday and I have to do what my parents say. My family obviously loves strip clubs.

  58. winston12

    Went there in july for a bachelor party had jonathan the driver help us set it up they treated us right thanks too all the staff there and jonathan for a great time

  59. DexterRexter

    Pacers is like two clubs. If you come earlieryou can just have a good time. While the sexy ladies would very much like you to do some lap dances,they will rarely pressure you. Yeah! you can relax at the bar whileenjoying being in the presence of these lovely ladies. Then later at night, when a crowd gathers, it is a different club… The excitement isintense. Sort of like beingin Vegas or Reno. This in itselfmakes it a 5 star club.

  60. XXXbeast

    I wish I could give this place 5 stars like I always thought it was worthy of. But after last night I will NEVER go back to Pacers. I went for a friends bday and we had bottle service, it was a blast. We got kicked out around 2-215am since the place was closing (last ppl in the club). Woke up this morning and realized I had left my wristlet. Waited until noon since that’s when they open and called and spoke to the manager, Chris, who said he had my wristlet. So I asked if my money was still in there (pulled $200 out the day before so I could finish Xmas shopping) & he said there was only $20. I started crying and told him I had more than $200 in there and demanded he check his security cameras since it was obviously his UNLOYAL SHADEY STAFF, since remember we were the last customers in there!After I got off work I went straight there to pickup my wristlet and get answers. Chris came out with my wristlet and said he reviewed the tape and spoke to his cleaning crew who admitted they found it and there was $40 inside. So, where did that other $20 go??Conclusion: Pacers staff members are dishonest and thieves. Manager did not care about his staff stealing my money and didn’t even offer to replace it. Thanks for ruining my Xmas

  61. Scott C.

    Pacer’s is a cool strip club. The main thing I like about it is the beer is reasonably priced. I mean, not reasonable like $2 PBRs from the Phone Booth, but pretty damn reasonable for a place where you can watch titties all day for free (many ways to finagle admission). If a strip club in the sports arena zone-of-doom can be un-cheesy, this is it. And the umlaut over the “a” is a real touch of class, you have to admit.

  62. Daniel N.

    this place has gone DOWNHILL

  63. Lieutenant Commander V.

    BOOOOOO!!!!That was the first thing I said in my mind when we entered the establishment. I think I might’ve let it slip what I was thinkin cuz the waitress was right beside me when I said it and my friend said she heard me lol.Anyways, there was prolly ONE, UNO, 1, SINGULAR, girl who was hot. Everyone else looked either cracked out or too old to be on the stage. Oh well, looks like this was the place where Pure Platinum girls go to retire.I’ll give this place one more try on maybe a friday or saturday and hopefully lift the score to a satisfactory 3 stars, but we’ll see. Whatcha say WINGMAN?

  64. timmykilla

    Very nice and classy event! The staff was great. Everyone from the guy at the door to Brittany our bottle server who treated us all like VIP. Poured all of our drinks for each individual and constantly checked back with us to make sure everything was good. I’ll definitely be back for another occasion.

  65. Anna L.

    Holy topless bar, Batman… what a buncha boobs.I’m a little fuzzy on the details, but I know that Mace’s hat and glasses were mine for the night, Jae bought me a Russian girl, and Stephy let me share in her crispy dollars to stick into G-strings and bra straps. I also now have a mighty stack of free passes for return visits. Who wants ’em?

  66. Esteban C.

    I want to start off by saying that the majority of the staff, and the club itself are extremely pleasant. The dancers are all good looking, respectable girls, and the dj’s always play good music. With that out of the way, i want to explain why i subtracted 3 stars from a genuinely enjoyable establishment. For whatever reason, they have decided to hire a security personal who is probably not only a liability to the club, but humanity in general. How would i describe this being? Its like nacho libre had sex with a hobbit that traded his addiction to the ring, for a bag of steroids. A short, muscular, angry, little thing with a bad attitude walking around the club looking for problems. I would spend alot of money in this clib, so its a shame they traded an asset for a liability. I will definitely not visit this club again while this demented hobbit is working. Maybe in the night, but never in the daytime. To the rest of the staff, you are wonderful.

  67. Harrison69

    This is the BEST club in SD, hands down. It is my favorite and for several reasons.Reason number one is NADIA. She is, in my humble opinion, the most luscious and the most seductive entertainer in the establishment. I’ve gone to quite a number of clubs and seen a whole mess of girls, gotten more than a fair amount of dances, and Nadia is no question, my favorite entertainer that I’ve had the extreme pleasure of encountering thus far. She is friendly, easy to approach and makes you feel very comfortable. Her body is completely flawless and shapely. She has an absolutely smoldering stage show which is only the pre-cursor to an even more provocative private dance. Do yourself a favor and get a dance from her, VIP if you can afford it, right off the bat because you will not regret it. Have gotten several dances with her on different occasions and have yet to be disappointed in any way shape or form. Her dances are ones you will replay in your memory again and again and again. Oh and she gives a great couples dance that will leave you both well satisfied.The Second Reason are the TWINS Euphoria and Astoria. And I don’t mean they just look similar, I mean really, actual identical twins. They provide the most entertaining pole show I’ve yet to witness. Both girls are completely fit, talented and know what they are doing when it comes to tricks and wow factor. They also do a show together typically at the end of the night which is worth sticking around for!! This is the first I’ve ever seen actual twin sisters working and all I have to say is bravo girls, you have the guts capitalize on an angle that every guy fantasizes about. And you two do it well!! Very courteous and genuine girls, they are always sure to thank you for watching their show.Now don’t get me wrong, their are plenty of other gorgeous girls to choose from as well. This place has great variety and a fun, captivating environment. The stage, I find, is perfectly placed and of an ample size. The girls have the option to get up close and personal or just dance more towards the center or on the pole. If you decide to get a dance they are given in seats with little divider walls in-between so it is semi-private, much preferred over table dances out on the floor or dances on a big long couch next to other club patrons. VIP is yet more private. Not sure if they have a Champagne room here but I fully intend on inquiring about such on my next visit. Drinks are very reasonably priced in comparison to other clubs I’ve gone to. Can’t remember the specifics on prices but I do remember that they have a good price on pitchers. Oh and they have complimentary valet parking which is awesome, just pull up and hop out.Cover is normally between 10 and 20 bucks, depending on day and time. Oh and if you’re pretty much in your birthday month they will waive your cover. Accommodating staff, bartenders are awesome and the DJ plays songs that actually make the shows better, not songs that make you go wtf, which I have experienced on more than one occasion.Only complaint is the women’s bathroom is teeny tiny and last time I went there was a party of 5 girls there for another girls birthday. There is only one stall and I had to wait for all 5 girls to use the restroom and I really had to go. Three more girls walked in after me and we were all cramped as helllllll in there, but seriously I’m not going ere for the bathroom. Haha it is such a small criticism that I don’t even think it deserves losing a star over it.

  68. joseph1k

    YES! I thought that the dancers were gorgeous. I thought that they were talented and charismatic both onstage and up close in my face. They were really friendly.I was rather impressed by their dance maneuvers. They know how to work them poles and make it rain in the club.I visited on a Friday night, and the cover was $10. Worth it! Loved checking this place out; it was so entertaining and such a novel experience for me.One of the dancers told me that the front stage has way better performances than the back room. She said that dancers on the back room’s stage are a little more tired and less enthusiastic. I didn’t check out the front room this time. I had found a super comfortable spot in the back room, and had parked it there for the night. I thought the dancers were great.This was my second time at a strip club. The other strip club I’ve been to is Pure Platinum, but I would definitely recommend Pacers above Pure Platinum for the ultimate fun and bedazzling night. Why? The bevvy of stunning and beautiful dancers at Pacers outnumbers the less energetic and overall less attractive Pure Platinum dancers by a long shot.

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