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0 reviews for “Plan B

  1. yanard12

    Fun atmosphere! Good stage setup! Great bar! Friendly and fun staff! Went here at 7 pm had some great pasta plates and wine! Enjoyed the shows and met some fun women! A lot more inviting vibrations resonating thru here than a typical strip club….private rooms and alcohol….def was a fun night! Would suggest over any other local club hands down!

  2. Weedman420

    This place is as good as you’re going to get for late night food at a strip club!!! Everything ordered was great! Quesadillas, calamari, and wings. Appetizers but delicious. The drinks were good. Service is definitely lacking as far as the waitresses go, but the manager nat is phenomenal. He went over and beyond to accommodate us. Yes the girls aren’t nude but it’s la not the east coast where the girls can be fully nude and liquor be served. So it is what it is. All in all a cool place to come for late night food and drinks even if u don’t come for the dancers. I will say there is one talented gorgeous Asian lady here, she killed the pole!!! Her movements were so acrobatic, pole dancing is a true talent!

  3. fritter17

    Bikini bar with WAY overpriced drinks and horrible bartender. I recommend Dames n Games in Downtown LA for a better time. I saw 5 girls working from 7-11pm, terrible. I won’t go back, waste of time and money!!

  4. XhXeXy

    Took my boyfriend here for his surprise 21st birthday & everyone had a great time! The strippers were hot, the waiter was dope, the bartenders were nice. I have no idea what the food was like–most of us only came for drinks. My boyfriend & I got a couples lapdance too &the stripper was HOT. Everyone made sure we had a good ass time. The manager even approached me to set up a thing to get my boyfriend on stage to get a special lapdance from all of the strippers. Everyone had a great time! The only thing bad I have to say about this is that it was VERY pricey–especially the drinks. Other than that, this place was awesome.

  5. Evan J.

    Plan B is a different kind of gentlemen’s club. First off, you won’t find buffalo wings here. The food is excellent and they serve late. Their filet mignon is well above average. But, let’s face it, it’s not about the food here so much as the entertainment. Strictly burlesque, the atmosphere is much classier than topless or nude clubs where the attention you get from the dancers is based solely on how rapidly they can drain your wallet.

  6. curtis17

    Why do you sell seafood at a strip club? Who wants to see strippers spread their legs and then catch a whiff of steamed fish? All I can think is someone got an infection up in here. I put the dollar bills right back in my pocket. But then I felt conflicted thinking “what if she needs money for penicillin?”Besides that a lot of these girls are really skinny and need to eat something. They don’t go upside down on the pole. They show little motivation. I like upside down tricks and athletics. If that is what you are looking for don’t go on Thursday. But if you are looking for seafood I guess go on Thursdays.

  7. LuckieMaounds P.

    Parking is easy, happy hour is awesome, the food is excellent, mixed drinks are a heavy pour, and the ladies are gorgeous. What more could you ask for?I like watching strippers dance. I dont necessarily always need to see beaver. But then, I’m a girl. But a lot of my dude friends have said the same thing… better to get drinks when you’re out doing this sort of thing. The lapdances are cheaper and the girls tend to be a higher caliber than the 18+ places.

  8. tonycluber

    I’ve been to Plan B countless times and, ashamedly, have spent more $ there than I care to admit or want to count, because Ill gouge my eyes out thinking about it. First off,any negative reviews that are critical or disappointed for the ladies not being nude, well, that is just silly. I don’t expect to be served pizza at a taco stand. However, if you want a pretty casual place that is a bit up scale and where you can just lounge around for a few drinks, the place is pretty cool. There are and have been some pretty attractive girls there over the years, and ,of course,some that have no business tending the bathrooms there. I honestly don’t know how they pay rent. Overall, the quality is pretty good and some wear some sexy outfits. Dining- the best part about this place is they serve pretty damn good food, until late. This has manifold benefits. One, you can grab food late after going to a bar. And,most importantly, it is by far the best deterrent to telling the vacant robotic girls that you don’t want or can’t get a dance! .. Yes, having food there will instantly send them walking. Or, you can just say its coming out and you’re starved. Some will try and get a dinner or drinks off of you, and their partners. But its still cheaper than being stuck in the back for 6 songs. Not to mention, getting dances where you can see the old guy across from you desperately run his hand on a girls all while getting a dance.Not to be too frugal or sly , but it is a great technique to keep the constant vultures away. I swear,some of them are like the Terminator, they just wont die or take a freakin hint! But that is the case anywhere I guess..That said, there have been plenty of ladies that have lured me in and eroded my resolve to get me in the back for a damn dance..or two, or seven… And, a few that made me spend more $ in that damn champagne room than I’ve spent collectively on Xmas gifts before. Just stay away from the champagne room, it isn’t as private as you’d think ,or hope, and you have to pay xtra for the 6 ounce bottle of champagne. I suppose its a better value than getting a bunch of dances and having to keep telling her “another song”.. Ultimately, it isn’t a bad place to go to just chill out and talk to some pretty hot girls and have a few drinks and a bite. But keep in mind, there are a lot of creepy old rich divorcees that spoil these girls (just look at the cars in front) ,so many ladies have an inflated ego and expectation working there.

  9. StripClub431

    Should be a zero stars. I came here on a Sunday eve and it was empty. Dancers looked like they did not want to be there and were super awkward when asking for dances. There were two stage dances in 40 minutes of being there, both of which were awful. Not worth the time.

  10. Mistercap12

    To start off, negative zero. They charge you $10 each (minimum) for a fully-clothed “strip club” when you could just go to any club and get a “dance show”. Don’t waste your money here, doorman is a jerk and it’s not even worth a drink. Good luck. Basically, you pay for a strip club but they don’t even strip.

  11. igor34

    Bar was nice , clean & comfortable. Drinks were expensive but my main issue is the dancer. My honey went up, sat in the front, took out money to tip her and she completely blew him off. Apparently she either does not need the $, or does not care for handsome, respectable, generous black men! We left shortly after…will never ever return. Not to mention it was a friday night and there were less then 10 ppl there. Epic fail on their part!

  12. Cliff D.

    I went there for my 21st birthday, my buddies took me there. I WENT AGAINST MY WILL! just in case my ex fiancee reads this. The caddies were not as strong since I had a few like 4 or 5. This is a bikini bar, not a strip club. I tried some steak for chow but don’t remember what it was since my buddy ordered it and it was really good because I ended up eating it all. I gave a different name to the chicks there but they announced my birthday and my name so I was like D’oh! A chick there couldn’t stop laughing when that happened, it was priceless. I had a great time there, very classy! I ended up suffering the consequences for two entire weeks, so good luck!

  13. Franklyn

    PLAN B , it is definitely a Plan B to whatever the real plan was supposed to be that night.I do believe that it is a BIKINI BAR and would do better if it didnt try and call its self a Strip Club. All girls look the same (Skinny, Brunette and small Tits).I give it 2 Stars… 1st star – for the Drinks; 2 for 1 drink special is a great deal and the food is decent.2nd star- Looks like it would be fun for a Game also , plenty of TV’s and a projection screen showing the game.Do not go to this club expecting to see any kind of body parts on woman, they are all in bikinis or lingerie showing Absolutely nothingWould i go here again? NOHow can they fix it? Put a pool table or bar games, and make it a Bikini bar with Less girls (Too Many girls sitting or standing around covered up)

  14. joseph1k

    I actually took a date to Plan B the other night (oh my God, we are THAT couple, and I am THAT girl) and was treated like a rockstar. Indeed, a customer was giving ME $20 bills to stuff into his favorite dancer’s bikini on stage all night. I naturally obliged and was quite popular with the ladies for the remainder of the evening.I see now why people fall in love with strippers – they’re soft, smell nice and never run out of compliments for you. The girls at Plan B are always HOT – but not trashy fake-boobies hot. This may seem like a given, but I’ve been to strip clubs where the girls look a little rough.I like to think of Plan B as the Four Seasons of bikini bars – complete with valet service, a red carpet entrance, flattering and dim lighting and amazing service.Parking situation: aside from valet, metered street parking available on Pico.

  15. Johnnyboy123

    I came here on my birthday because my friends are extremely patient with me. It was a really great place to get a table and have a few drinks with the posse, but that whole stripping thing going on in the back was just awful.If you’re curious what fake breasts look like but not curious enough to want to see them bare, this place is definitely for you my friend. If you prefer a girl to wiggle around the stripper pole like she’s too drunk to dance without a bit of support, sure, this is your show. But if you want to see some actual pole action, or a pair of nipples, I suggest skipping this entirely. Not only are they not fully nude, they aren’t even fully topless. This is a bonified bikini bar. This place is apparently owned by the same people who run 4-Play, who my main beef against is that they hire the same looking girl over and over. Well whereas 4-Play has the waifish long legged brunette with the perky B cups, Plan B specializes in the short bubbly blonde with the fake tan and silicone Cs. I’m sorry, but there is no shape or size girl body that I want to see repeated all fucking night at the strip club, titty bar, or even my television. Frankly I can see more variety of slutty chicks on my facebook.I did mean what I said about a cool place go get a couple of drinks, though.

  16. larry1

    This was indeed a Plan B… one of those “Hey you know what would be fun right now? Let’s check out a strip club!” Well, as others said, it’s not a strip club because they wear bikinis, and most of them didn’t wear anything else to take off. Because it’s not nude, they’re allowed to serve alcohol. We just drank beer so I can’t comment on the drinks.It was a Friday night, but the place was almost empty and the girls barely put any effort into dancing. I wish the stage had been more central… we sat in a booth and were very far away. I also agree with Chris G who said it would be better as a bar with dancers than a pseudo-strip club. It might have been more fun with pool tables and more stages or something.

  17. eddyL

    I think I was here the other night… I’m pretty sure I had a good time…..I was mesmerized by lots of very fit looking booties, but I couldn’t help but think, where were the ta-tas? I really have no idea how to rate this place, being that Ive only been to 2 strip clubs in my life, and the fact that I’m a girl (I have no idea what guys look for when coming to these places, and I didn’t shell out a nickle, so I have no idea what anything costs here.) Was it classy? I guess? I was honestly just totally caught up by the pole dancing and the upside down, and the twirling, and the level of fitness it takes to do some of those moves…I mean, I’m sure their pops don’t approve, but man, strippers got skills…

  18. Harrison69

    Girls: prettyPlace: smallBathroom.. it’s ok.Drink: HOLY.. an arm and a legLapDance: could be better.. .. that girl is like dead fish.. no moves.. no smileenough said there’re better adult entertainment… Wonder why it’s called Plan B??? cuz plan A is always better.. don’t need Plan B

  19. fuckery12

    This place actually was our plan b after the birthday girl didn’t care for any of the dancers at the first place we went. I’m going to say my 2 star rating might be a bit harsh we did get there at about 1:30am and things were starting to wind down, but there were a few issues that prompted it. Probably my biggest complaint would be the lack of girls. My friend literally had to search out a girl just to come to our table to give the birthday girl a lap dance. Then there finally was another girl dancing who my friend (not literally) had to grab after her dance to get her to come sit with us. She then sat next to me and didn’t really say anything, which made me feel awkward, and come on, I’m not going to pay you to make me feel stupid for being there. Then she ditched us as I half-heartedly decided to get a lap dance since some other guys summoned her, probably with much more enthusiasm. She also kind of had a messed up face, which didn’t help anything.Also, if you do decide to go here, be sure to hit up the atm first since the one here will only let you take out $100 at a time to charge you the $5 transaction fee each time. I would say the name Plan E or Plan F would be a more apt description.

  20. harryharry

    Anyone that would crack on this place is clueless about the LA Strip club scene. To be honest, most of them are awful seedy little dive bars with a pole. This place exudes class and the girls are as good as any in LA. Food is amazing, and you could almost go there for that alone. Yes, champagene room/vip prices are a bit pricey, but hey, it is West LA right? Great attitudes from the girls, no constant pushiness for a tip or a dance. Would have given it FIVE Stars but table chairs and bar stools are just so extremely uncomfortable I can’t forgive. Oh, and it is bikini bar only, not a topless adult club. But, overall, for a good night out, you can’t beat Plan B.

  21. maxxy1

    They shouldn’t sell seafood for dinner here. I was so concerned that someone had an infection. 🙁 turns out the couple behind us ordered seafood. Please don’t sell seafood again. Or better yet don’t ORDER seafood here. It’s misleading and costs the dancers their money. Please be considerate.

  22. james1412

    Wow… I’ve never been treated so fucking rudely my whole life… whover that is answering the phone on 1AM shift in this restaurant needs a serious attitude adjustment…

  23. adamrod

    Yes, I know it’s a bikini bar, and yes, I did come here to eat and try the steak out, which ended up being pretty good. For a burger, a steak, and a few drinks, the total bill came out to be $90, which wasn’t too bad at all. I was expecting it to be worse. The burger was huge, and delicious and juicy. Not bad at all. The girls were pretty, on the petite side, and they knew how to dance. We went on a Friday night, and it wasn’t packed at all.

  24. ryan123

    omg, this place is ridic. its small, the dancers look sedated and lazy and the drinks are overpriced, esp considering you have to pay to get in.

  25. Luca C.

    The girls here were pretty attractive. For LA it was a good representation. They also have food running pretty late. The prices for both drinks and food were reasonable. Most of the girls were cool. A few were a little too thirsty for your money and rude if you didn’t give it up. One girl strong armed me into buying her a drink then proceeded to leave immediately after she got it.Overall positive experience though. Managers were very helpful and professional.

  26. Pierre G.

    I thought I was living on the edge ordering FISH in a Gentleman’s club. I decided to get flat out dangerous and get the SEARED TUNA. I know what you’re thinking “Yikes!!” Not only was it absolutely delicious, but the adorable bartender Rachel handed me 2 beers for the price of one. I didn’t know it but I was there early on a Friday night and it was happy hour. If that wasn’t enough, she let me try out a piece of what she was eating, one of the chef’s experimental creations which was to die for. Of course being surrounded by scantily dressed girls didn’t hurt either.

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