12 Willow Street, Bloomfield, NJ 7003


40.7835872, -74.1989956




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Every Monday is Police, Fire and EMT Night. 1/2 Price Drinks until 2:00 A.M. Happy Hour in the Upstairs Lounge is also until 10:00 P.M. on both Monday and Tuesday.


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0 reviews for “Titillations

  1. cappy lappy

    this place sucks don’t waste your money!!!

  2. kid

    I love watching booty and smoking cigars.

  3. Mick
  4. Lenny Hipp

    This club only hires the best looking girls. No old girls, no fatties. Sure, sometimes there’s just too damn many girls, but there’s a good mixture of russians, americans, brazilians, african americans, asians. Drink specials are great! There’s 3-4 girls at this place that are the hottest I’ve ever seen anywhere, and the fact they post the schedule online is great too!

  5. Tommy

    Back in its day, this club used to have some hot girls. Not anymore now it’s mostly a revolving door of below average russian chicks.

  6. Tim

    Ilove this club

  7. Jake

    Club does not live up to the hype. This club good looking dancers but so do a lot of clubs. The club atmosphere very boring. Really NOT one of the better clubs in North Jersey by a long shot.

  8. Kevin

    not what it used to be. A lot of the better girls have moved on or been fired. Have lot more fun other places nearby.

  9. Denise

    This is the best club in all the world

  10. Patron4Life

    Great atmosphere,music,service and of course


    Super friendly staff……

  11. Claus Tonn

    over all Time well spent

  12. KCfinest

    As mentioned in previous reviews, the worst part about this club is the continuous circulation of the ten dancers on stage coming around and collecting a single every minute. It gets annoying and money evaporates quickly. If you want to spend some money, its a great place to go. A lot of eastern European girls who allow a little touching…

  13. nj guy

    great time

  14. gerard

    waste of time except for a few of the brazilian chicks

  15. BlkBulldog

    This place has some very hot girls.

  16. Jimmy


  17. GoGORama

    this is the best go go bar ever in all the world!!!

  18. Fred
  19. rated

    Overall sterile atmosphere thnx to the Russian cast.

    Even the Asian looking girls are Russian .

  20. Jarad

    I went to a few clubs to cool off with hot girls and this is one of the few that is worth going to in the summer.

  21. SammyD

    Outrageous! Best place I been to.Warm welcome georgeous girls. Bartenders can serve me anytime!

  22. Yo

    Most of the complaints are from a disgruntled ex employee. She and her friends are slandering the club.

  23. DirkDiggler

    Any dirty girls here?

  24. Steve

    Between the gang bangers and the Russian dancers don’t plan on striking up a conversation with anyone.

  25. joseph1k

    intrigued by the name of titillations & decided to check it out.was impressed by some of the girls working in there.better looking than predicted & actually many were way better than alot of the local clubs in the area.there were at least a dozen girls on stage at once; many of them couldn’t dance if their life depended on it but lots of variety regardless- russian, asian, latin, etcwon’t hesitate to say definitely saw a couple stunners.good strip club music, fair priced drinks, & some good looking girls.will come again if in the area.

  26. hey Harry

    This place was sinking way before the economy.

  27. the k.
  28. billy

    a friend of mine took me here a few months ago. I didn’t realize there was a local bar i could still smoke in. the girls don’t hurt either, lol

  29. good ol days

    i remember when jack used to rip my clothes off and put them on his head. He would leave me naked on stage for a goof. It was all good fun. So was the sex after. I never knew I could climb over an eight ft wall in stilletos! Who would have thought we would be still havin fun! Great place, great times, great memories!

  30. Jus-A-Playr

    Good Club-Some of the DJ’s suck-Food variety could be better. Girls friendly-All about the Money

  31. Chris

    I love the fact that I can bring the ms. upstairs and make my other visits explained away, “I’m smoking a cigar with the guys”.

  32. to kara

    sometimes its busy, sometimes slow kara, generally good

  33. LMAO

    More excitement had between pimps and enforcement

  34. bvp

    someone should fumigate this bar

  35. Re: Satisfied Customer

    So we’re supposed to read your mind and guess the name of the girl you’re talking about????

  36. Dirk
  37. Michael

    Place used to be OK, now it’s a Russian fest.

  38. ur_moms_box


  39. nad

    good overall atmosphere, but owners too tough on the girls

  40. Lester

    This place sucks.

  41. gus


  42. Mikey Dee

    Overall – great club. Only complaint is too many girls in the evening can make it very expensive. I prefer the daytime – very friendly girls, not too loud, great staff, good bar food, happy hour till 6PM. More Brazilian and Latin girls daytime, very Russian in the evening.

  43. Clarice

    She’d never pass the Titillations skinny-minny test

  44. igor34

    Beautiful women and bartenders!! Too bad none really used the poles. Or approached me/wanted my dollas :/ Actually drove an hour to get here so it was a bit disappointingUpstairs was pretty cool. Drinks, hookah, cigars, cigarettes. Great concept!! Wish more beautiful women would sit with us upstairs, but maybe it’s too selfish to want more. Veronica was such a sweetheart!!

  45. It's just Like

    going to the library

  46. Johnny

    Good times. Girls are friendly. Bartenders are quick & nice.

  47. leo

    a basher is back at it…a good low pressure place

  48. Extras--Duh

    Kevin n Tony R Banc’s friends –of course

  49. Ted

    Lame. Too many other clubs in the area where there’s more fun to be had.

  50. jon d


  51. Ray

    Real ghetto scene here. Don’t wast your time or money.

  52. aj

    the shit is ass the dansers act like they cant move even the bartenders had to show some ass to get money

  53. JohnJames

    Friendly atmosphere, lotsa girls, good food , great times.

  54. Joe

    Too many gang bangers for me

  55. extras

    are the extras better downstairs or upstairs?

  56. gogogawker

    Had a great time, lots of VERY hot girls, especially the hot Jersey Girl. What an ass!! One barmaid has a seriously horible attitude, though. And the dollar train is a bit out of controll. But still one of the best gogo bars in north JERSEY!

  57. sean

    Tits has the hottest girls!!!

  58. Ken

    Lots of hot young dances.

  59. John

    This place was very customer orientated at one time… but not anymore

  60. kk
  61. Irish

    All the girls that i saw on a Monday after 6pm were all attractive ,thin to medium bodies .Most seemed friendly, i liked one girl especially,the schedule of dancers changes week to week ,so you have to check the web site to see who is dancing.The place is clean,modern, and quite a large area.

  62. frankie

    best place to hang out

  63. Todd

    I love Tits!

  64. swollen members

    Hey yo! I see nothing but ballers up in here..

  65. WHICH


  66. Dude wit da BIG "G"

    tattooed on his arm is available for GAY encounters

    he really needs da money , so,

    little boy blue

  67. Markie

    place is loaded with Russians who hate you ,

    the couple of spanish n asian girls save it.

  68. Customer

    Friendly! Management! Service!!! No other club beats them!!!

  69. Re: Harry

    Agreed, this place was going downhill long before the economy hit the skids.

  70. g
  71. tony

    place sucks! don’t waste your time

  72. WilBRegular

    These girls know how to keep you comin’ back

  73. reg

    very long wait for private dances

  74. cool

    this club rocks still, best hands down.

  75. George

    It would be nice if they had more girls with curves here. Whats with the skinny-inny obsession???

  76. Filpote

    Starting with the lice-ridden skanks on stage on down, this club is ghetto.

  77. delroy

    aight. bring em back some. they to lows on bizkit anyhows, ups on all them types. peace out.

  78. duane

    not much action here, save ur money

  79. kevi

    This is the last of the great Jersey Strip clubs.

  80. bill dickey

    this place sucks

  81. Glen

    Thi place is way too ghetto for me.

  82. DriverJim

    Great club, enjoyed it allot, will return.

  83. New2place

    The best place in New Jersey, you’re not kidding. Girls are friendly, service is great.

  84. curtis17

    Not bad.These females be normal. And 1 or 2 can be actually looked at in the face (who looks at their faces?).Finally, a place in Essex County for dudes to spend their cabbage on the 1st and 15th of the month.I don’t do cigars, but if you are bawss hog, do it.I loves me some titty-lations.

  85. Phil

    they should rename this place ghettolations

  86. Re Yo

    Agreed. Funny how the bashing started in June when some girls got let go. Coincidence?

  87. Justin

    This place really need to get its act together.

  88. joey
  89. jim
  90. dan

    The owners and managers are full of themselves and treat customers with contempt.

  91. Jazee

    No extras at all here

  92. Louie

    Boring and Expensive

  93. Luke

    Great place if you like to spend a lot of money for no action at all.

  94. Fred

    Best place I have been in a long time. The bartender was fabulous, the girls gorgeous and VERY friendly, the manager introduced himself followed by the owner. I was given a tour of the cigar bar and it is beautiful. The owner even gave me a cigar. Damn I know this sounds like it was written by the owner but it is dead honest, I can not wait to go back!,!

  95. club reg

    Banc is fukn this place up with his sex for work game ; cut the shit and run it for the customers

  96. David

    Don’t waste your time. There are too many better places in the area.

  97. rich

    only a few hot girls here anymore

  98. StoneColdAustin

    One of the few gems located in North Jersey

  99. minge

    Great bartenders. girls good but could use some variety

  100. Bobby

    AMAZING, I mean AMAZING looking girls…

    All with bad attitudes and all out for money. NO Sexuality at all. But fun to look at!

  101. maxxy1

    This place is great! Beautiful girls, huge bar, and a swing! Every girl was stunning, and many were very tall (5’9″). I can not get over how HOT the girls were; put one on a swing and I am delighted! Bartenders were very attentive, and attractive. The dancers were polite, engaging, and smiled the whole time. I smiled from the time I walked in till the morning after. I have a lot of this kind of experience, and this is one of the best places I have ever been. Do not look for anything extra in the grind shop- these girls are classy (if that is possible at these places). A DEFINITE!

  102. Jac

    i jus want outta this place

  103. SAM.S


  104. Lenny

    by far my fave club in NJ. Almost all the girls are on the skinny side, but i like them thin. Good mixture of ethnicity, nice bartenders. They only hire the best looking girls here, plenty of guarded parking, clean, good cheap food, cheap drinks during plentiful happy hours, and they post their dancer schedule. Awesome.

  105. Bad guy

    Whatever it costs, find and bring back Clarice!!!

  106. Good Guy

    Patron4Life (09/08)

    Great atmosphere,music,service and of course BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. Super friendly staff……

  107. brian

    not what it used to be here

  108. bill

    new l/d rooms more exposed than ever

  109. sonya

    I’ve visited the club a few times and def. want to work here. look for me. xoxo

  110. harry

    this bar is great

  111. Rick

    for a club that doesnt have much going for it they sure have an attitude here

  112. Eddie

    Place needs to get its act together.

  113. John

    If you’re not a regular don’t bother. You’ll automatically take a backseat to whatever regular walks in the door. If all you want to do is sit at the bar and ogle then its no big deal, but if you actually want to get some dances you’ll have a long wait since the regulars automatically go to the “front of the line” and you’ll be waiting forever for the dancer(s) to bother getting to you. Of course, if they have no other offers they’ll go right to you but that’s usually only true for the girls you don’t want a dance from anyways lol.

  114. good

    very nice

  115. lap dog

    boring wit a capital B

  116. CT Guy

    Lots of beautiful girls…no cover…great bartenders (who are also hot)…parking can be a problem…there is an endless flow of dancers circling the bar grabbing the dollar bills they give you for change which is annoying and costly…however…lots of beautiful girls…I love this place

  117. Jerry

    There are so many better clubs in the area where you don’t have to deal with the arrogant bull$hit you get here.

  118. jo
  119. Re: bictor p

    Su madre vende su conya

  120. nice

    very nice

  121. Mike V

    Place had its day in the sun but that was a while ago

  122. High School

    Sweetheart. Irina informed me. Knew dragged it out too long. Planned on stopping in. Got picture from name change. Felt better thinking was out.

  123. Robert

    this place would be good if they had different races of females and not all stick figures, I’ll waste money else where

  124. re:Joe

    “nagging wife”, give me another reason to get married, I’d rather pay for my companionship, they don’t nag, whine or complain, and the best part is, they leave when you are done!!!

  125. Mike
  126. WHO


  127. paul n

    take maria y for a test drive, she’ll do more than dance

  128. Lou

    club sucks

  129. bictor p

    wassup w big daddy mang

  130. Setustraight

    Best barmaids anywhere, best time, I’ll be back. Mgt. Rocks!

  131. aightminds

    I jet dere on Sundays. The ho iz always friendly an’ hot. Both DJs smoke ass always pimp-tight rap. And da bartenders smoke ass too. Danny, Marlene, Erinn, an’ Natalia iz always on point wiff da drinks an’ friendly. Thanks pimpz fo’ uh great place ta jet an’ relax. The only problem iz I never wants ta jet early. what ‘chew trippin foo’

  132. randomguy
  133. NYGuy

    Was there for the first time and had to return ASAP. I was very impressed with all the girls from the waste down. Almost perfect. If you like big racks, then you might find the picking slim. I loved that they had 6 or more girls on stage at a time. It really is an assault on your senses. I fell immediately for Casey but then met Cheri and then Sofia and then Anastasia and then Brianna.

  134. Lyle

    Unbelievable good time.

  135. Mark

    Horrible lineup.

  136. satisfied customer

    I saw that the sexiest girl in the Club was on the schedule to dance last night, but she took her sweet time getting up on stage. I’d been waiting for her for 3 hrs already when she came in and sat at the bar with her friends, fully clothed. There were a lot of hot girls, but to my taste she took the booby prize, so to speak. Finally she got in costume and got up on stage around 8. hot! hot! hot! I kept getting waylaid with almost-as-hot girls shanghai’ing me for LDs just when she was getting close enough for me to proposition her. Frustrating! So I didn’t get to connect with her LDs until 10. I left well after 11. All I can say it was more than worth the wait!!!!

  137. vlad


  138. regular

    gorgeous girls .. good drinks … good atmosphere

    lap dances are great .. and the upstairs is very relaxing.

    been to a lot of bars this is one of the best

  139. adultswim
  140. Sal

    it’s as boring as watching your hair grow here

  141. JM

    Best gogo in NJ! Hands down!

  142. Visiting


  143. Ron

    this place has been steadily going downhill

  144. dave

    And when you can get a “private” dance, someone’s always poking their head in.

  145. Obama

    Best Place in the world to spend your tax refund

  146. Hammer69

    Well 1st off the bartenders are outstanding,friendly and make you feel at home. 2nd cant beat the happy our specials,and finally the dancers rock!! Quality girls, This place is great and would not go anywhere else.

  147. BendOva Bob

    I love it here. Always a good time!

  148. Anthony E.

    Great cigar lounge above the Go Go bar! You can bring your own cigar NO CUTTING FEE and enjoy a drink and a meal in a relaxing atmosphere. Don’t let the Go Go part fool you because if you want a relaxing smoke and affordable drinks and food this is the place for you! The cigar selection is GREAT just check the menu and the bartenders buy back so get your ass here and enjoy the leaf!!!!

  149. Nick

    too many skinny chicks

  150. eli

    This club is not that bad. Just needs some new talent and a facelift.

  151. Sammy

    I have been a go go bar man for many years and this is the only place I bother going to anymore. The girls are hot, bartenders are sexy and nice. Most importantly it doesn’t have that sleezey feeling like most now a days.

  152. jack

    I always love hanging upstairs. why are the best bartenders up there?

  153. WillComeBack

    The best place in NJ

  154. Kara

    I stopped by and it was busy, on Mothers day too. How is it the rest of the time?

  155. fafa

    by far the best club ive been to. Plenty of hot girls and the drinks are cheap. They have 4 pool tables.

  156. Tom
  157. lanna

    I usually do very well and the customers are easy to deal with

  158. tka

    The guys in here are cool,and speak English. It’s a shame that some losers don’t have anything better to do than make the customers sound ignorant. Why? because even at a strip club, you still can’t get any!

  159. Derek

    Poor lineup and too many gang-bangers.

  160. Hey Hey

    I spend time here, and I realize it is better here than most other bars in the area.

  161. Eddy

    It’s like going to Applebees.

  162. jimbo

    what can i say.

    Best club ever!

  163. Fernando R.

    The drinks are 100% watered down…We told the bartender and she couldn’t stop smiling…She tried to prove the drinks weren’t watered down by showing us 2 bottles of liquor that were closed but of course it wasn’t anything that we were ordering. When we asked her to get a bottle of what we were drinking she refused and said I dont have to prove anything to you. She then tried to prove it by giving me a shot of jack and it went down like some iced tea. She put plenty of “jack” in my Jack and coke and it tasted like she put half a shot in it. She then told us we can leave and of course we left shortly after why would we keep paying for a product to just receive a 50% version of it. This has never happened to me bt definitely happened here, everyone in my group confirmed it.

  164. SUE SUX

    dick upstairs—-


  165. boring

    you are boring, the place is ok

  166. I fell

    asleep here and my wallet got stole !!!


  167. Sayitagain

    Great place, girls are friendly, barmaids make it a great night!

  168. Moose

    I love this place, it all starts with the GREAT bartenders, Michele, Linda, Erin, etc.

  169. johnb

    good times

  170. StripClub431

    Clean bar and good bartenders. Pool table. Very cute girls all eye candy they dont really dancee tho. Drinks are priced fairly and they dont hold back on the liquor as long as you tip!!!!!!!!!! Nice private booths. Good food. Upstairs cigar lounge gives off a completely different feel soooooo relaxed. You can buy cigars and hookah and they have a bar up there. Also you can smoke your own cigarettes. Really had a great time. I’ll see you there next time lol

  171. Dennis

    There are so many other clubs in the area where there’s more action.

  172. joe c

    Great place despite ups and downs like every other bar

  173. bashers

    a good place, but the bashing starts up here again

  174. saaa
  175. Danny

    Much better time to be had at other clubs in the area.

  176. Jamal

    too many bitches on the dollar parade nice to look at but your broke in a half hour

  177. re joe:

    your wife is a nag

  178. MRM

    With the exception of a few, the bartenders are bad.It is very frustrating trying to get a drink. The DJ needs to turn it down a notch and play a wider variety of music(i.e. classic rock,soul, etc). The dollar parade has gotten out of hand and really is being abused by some dancers.

  179. cruz
  180. mingey

    Still great place with drink specials

  181. Hey Yo

    The management here is very good to the customers.

  182. Frank

    Will the last person to leave please turn the lights out.

  183. erodlr

    used to be good


    i seen him workin the stall

  185. george bush

    ha ha my name is bush. but i almost misunderestimated

    how good this place is.

  186. winston

    cheesy good for bowl of porridge maybe

  187. TJ

    Their top dancers are excellent but too many mediocre girls looking for tips.

  188. phil mypochets

    Too many nasty snotty stuck-up “dollar machine” girls dance here. Jersey is one of them.

  189. Ben Dover

    Cause that’s what you’ll get here.

  190. Iminds

    I was there Sunday night and had a blast. The Bartenders and DJs were great. The girls were beutiful and friendly. I felt at home. This has to be the best GoGo Bar in NJ.

  191. Yo Yo

    Spend some time here. You’ll feel the bad karma and realize why the place is such a dump.

  192. not wendy

    this club is the best around and is only getting better. I don’t know why so many hater/ losers are complaining. get a life, not obsess on someone else and their life. I personally think most employees of this club absolutely love working here becauses it’s not filled with scum bag owner/ managers. If all the girls followed the rules they wouldn’t be out on their ass.

  193. Would be Great without the

    Russian Bitches

    man are they cold pushy cunts !!!

  194. re maria

    i heard somebody turned her odometer back

  195. a girl named susan

    love the upstairs.

  196. juice

    bunch hood rats here shit’s played out

  197. re:bvp

    and the bashing starts up again

  198. ilsayitagain

    Tits Rocks!!!!


    Plenty of parking. Well diversed croud. Great food and beer deals

  200. Matt
  201. Doug

    Place is overpriced and not enough action. Too many other places in the area where you can have a lot more fun.

  202. rob jones


  203. Mik

    Simply the best! Anyone that goes there knows.

  204. Rocks what???

    this place became a dump over the past year or so!

  205. Bangboom

    Awesome place. Relaxed atmosphere, girls are great if you get

    there after 730. Been there a few times during the day and more

    often than not its the B squad.

  206. Krock

    It’s the best spot! an it has everything there that makes it a great gentlemens club. Love all the people that work there an the customers I have met thru out the years. “yeah baby”

  207. sue

    even during the recession, this club isn’t empty like the rest. It sucks everywhere right now,everywhere but tits!

  208. Jack Meoff

    Too many Russians. I feel like I’m in Moscow!!

  209. gogo lover

    girls are hot here, model skinny true but why is that a problem.

  210. Seemore

    what dates is the sci-fi convention booked ?

    the up-stairs is gonna rock 4 this

  211. Dirk Diggler

    What the hell’s going on here?

  212. John Madden

    This is the Brett Favre of Go Go bars.

    I take my bus over there whenever I do the Giant games

  213. tony g

    tip parade doesnt stop,jesus gimme a break

  214. Andrew
  215. Yogi

    This place needs new talent, make that talent, period.

  216. Carlos

    If this place had better girls, some decent food, and a facelift, it wouldn’t be half bad.

  217. Not a fan

    Customer satisfaction not even on the radar here. Don’t waste your time and money.

  218. fuckery12

    SIMPLY THE BEST BAR IN TOWN!!!!.. I have been to most quite of few of the bars/ go go spots in town and Titillations has them beat. 7 years I’ve been coming here. Fantastic staff, great djs and kitchen staff… as well as a well rounded variety of girls( although I wouldn’t mind 1 or 2 ‘ thick ones’…;)..). Food menu is tasty and well varied too. THE BEST DRINK SPECIALS IN TOWN!!!!!! ANY NIGHT……During the week Theresa is there to give great massages, make sure you try one….. Always a town police officer outside keeps troublemakers away and provides safe and secure parking.. a fact that I appreciate. If your in town and want a fun safe night on the town, and don’t mind pretty ladies dancing on stage then this is your place to go.SHAWN S.

  219. sam

    when is the next private party?

  220. DJ z

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