Rick’s DFW



15000 Airport Freeway (183), Fort Worth, TX 76155


32.8349996, -97.0417503




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Ricks Dallas Fort Worth TX


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0 reviews for “Rick’s DFW

  1. dopeboy19

    Poor customer service, rude staff. No girls on the floor. No one acknowledges you. Don’t recommend it at all.

  2. AssnTits5

    Me and my pals went here for my bachelor party. I did not care for the carnival-like barkers that greeted us at the door. They tried to hard sell us a bottle of grey goose for like $250 or something. We had 2 for 1 tickets but apparently they were for another Rick’s. I found it odd they wouldn’t just honor ’em anyway, they’re all owned by the same company, right? Anyway, it was still cheap enough to get in, like $10 I think. The place was nice but for a Friday evening at 1 AM it was pretty dead. The waitress was prompt and friendly, as were the strippers. These girls knew what they were doing. I had three highly exceptional lap dances. But the fourth was from a woman who gave me the worst lap dance of my life. She was just tired and didn’t want to be there. Nothing personal against her, it was just poorly executed and a waste of my $20. The other ones tho, more than made up for that. These were friendly, sexy professionals! I dunno how expensive the tequila shots we had were, as I didn’t pay for any of the booze. At one point I did ask for a water and the waitress brought me what looked like a shampoo bottle filled with $6 worth of chilled tap water. C’mon. Even with the excellent lap dances, the best part of the whole evening was the breakfast buffet at 3:30 in the morning — billed as “legs and eggs,” one of the girls also referred to it as “tits and grits,” which is pretty funny, I think. I had eggs, bacon, and sausage. It was delicious and a fine end to a fine evening.

  3. dannyboy7

    I actually work here, as a bartender, and I love it! The girls are all nice and very attractive, unlike other clubs in DFW. The $6 lunch menu items are all DELICIOUS, and it’s always $4.25 crown and down, except for Wednesdays, when drinks and domestics are only $2!!

  4. DexterRexter

    Awesome club!!! $4.25 Happy Hour everyday all day and $2 U call it every Wednesday!!! Great food, friendly staff and beautiful girls!!

  5. tonycluber

    Been back last week. Girls are all sitting together in clicks, and the wait staff is atrocious. I’m done with this place. No More. I’ll keep my business at Bucks.

  6. Weedman420

    I agree with other comments that Rick’s is underrated. This is a low pressure, fun atmosphere to have a good time. The girls are great! If you want to enjoy yourself, without getting hassled by high pressure sales, go to Rick’s. When on business travel, I purposely stay near Ricks so I can go there (via Taxi). I have been to many and can’t say enough good things about the management and staff at this club. The whole experience is great every time.

  7. joseph1k

    This place is a rip-off and probably losing money fast and trying make it up by way of cover charges. We 4 persons went there for lunch last Friday 07/11/2014 around 12:00pm and were informed that there is a $3.00 cover charge. A cover-charge at lunchtime is not only stupid and repulsive, but with no dancers working at that time and the food being a discounted promotional type, what in the world is the cover charge for??…except for driving customers away. We eventaully walked out and probably would not go back there again. We noticed another group of 4 persons walking out at same time, unhappy and protesting all the way into the parking lot. At this rate this establishment is setting itself for a shut down in the near future where other places have much better features to offer. The one in Arlington has more to offer!!

  8. Sophie M.

    I took my boyfriend here for his birthday…until then I had no idea what a C-section scar looked like.

  9. StripClub431

    Came on a Saturday night, 10 pm. $10 cover charge. Waitress promptly greeted me and was nice and friendly. A variety of girls- mostly run-of-the-mill hefty average stripper types. A few however were thin and attractive. Personalities of the girls was bad. Most cloistered together in one corner with a drug- pusher type kid and the requisite balding fat old man. Not a single girl approached me even though the place was full. Only one girl was chatty and seemed to have a personality. Shots cost $8-10 each, water was $4. Not worth returning to.

  10. maxxy1

    Amazing time. Everyone’s more than friendly and the food was just as good as the entertainment. The only down side was the bartenders were hotter than the rest of the staff there. But that’s more a bonus than criticism.

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