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15826 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97236


45.5042294, -122.5019181




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Clubs is the world leader in premier entertainment. Each location offers guests select and personalized experiences with the very best in local food and drink choices, unmatched entertainment, live shows and special events; including adult film star performances. Open 7 days a week, virtually every day of the year there is no competition for Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Clubs.


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0 reviews for “Spearmint Rhino

  1. AssnTits5

    This would be 4 stars but I’ve got to tell you the new general manager is horrible! He walked in on my PRIVATE VIP dance that I paid for not once but 4 separate times!!!!! I mean wtf is that! Nothing was going on, just your standard lap dance. I have to say that motherfucker really ruined it for me! Those dances aren’t cheap, they’re $100 for 15 minutes. I can understand checking on us one time, ONCE, but 4 times. That’s just rude!!!I hope the folks at the Spearmint Rhino Corporation read this, for that motherf#ck4r he’s horrible as a general manager!!!!!

  2. Alicia N.

    Wow, some major changes have been made since I was last in, and not for the good might I add. Last few times (before this time) that I had stopped in we had a blast! The cute little Asian bartender was amazing! Every drink I asked for she knew how to make with no hesitation and they tasted amazing. My question is where is she? Where is the amazing staff that we had come to know? The tall bald security guys…what happened to them? The new replacements are horrendous at their jobs! Why has the music changed? All we heard was rap and hip hop, no rock, we like rock but none was played. The new manager is a jerk! He yelled at our favorite bartender for reasons unknown he was a dick. It was very unprofessional and uncalled for especially in front of customers. We will not be back unfortunately. It was fine before now it’s just another bar.

  3. Drew P.

    Although I was dragged kicking and screaming to this strip club (at least that’s the story I’m sticking to when I retell this tale around my girlfriend), I have to tip my hat to all the dancers and the rest of the staff. Most of the strip clubs I have visited seemed devoid of life, love, and, perhaps most noticeably, happiness. The Spearmint Rhino in Portland proved nearly every negative strip club stereotype wrong. The girls who were dancing looked genuinely happy to be doing so, and kept the party going with one pole trick after another. The floor managers, bartenders, and even the giant Shrek-of-a-bouncer (no, his name wasn’t really Shrek), made an effort to ensure me and my companions were having a blast. Drinks and dances were reasonably priced, and I felt safe the entire night. It’s a shame I was only in town for one week night on business, because I can’t imagine how much fun this joint must be over a weekend. Bravo, Spearmint Rhino of Portland. Bravo.

  4. ryan123

    Went to this club on St. Patrick’s day this year cuz I was up in PDX visiting friends and strip club seemed like the natural thing to do. I don’t usually write reviews for this kind of thing but this place was awesome! Definitely exceeded expectations and not your typical seedy strip club. The staff was great and the girls were friendly and looked like they were having a great time, and had fun with us too. It hardy seemed like they were at work it was like one big party. We are going to start coming for all the party holidays! Plus drink specials all night doesn’t hurt!!

  5. Jeff R.

    The site won’t let me edit my previous review (I accidentally hit “post” before I was finished). As I was saying, this review is mainly for the dancer who goes by Pilot, or Pilot Jones. Never, at any club in OR (or anywhere else, for that matter) have I met a dancer who is so stunning, articulate, kind, sensual, down-to-earth, charming, talented (the list goes on..) as I have found in her. She takes the time to remember small details about your life that no other dancer would ever remember, she’s hilarious and sexy all at once, and gives BY FAR the most personal and sensual lapdances I’ve ever received (and I’ve received many). It goes from being like chatting with a best friend who just happens to be the most beautiful woman in any room she steps in, to the dance area where she turns into a whole new animal and takes you to another world. I don’t know how she does it, but sex doesn’t have to be involved to get an experience like the one she gives you (word to the wise-the more polite/financially generous you are with herr, the better she treats you- within reason, of course). Her lapdance are better and you feel more connected than most sexual experiences I’ve encountered. What a luxury. I wish I had more money. I can’t stress enough how amazing this woman is- go see her! You will not regret it. Last I knew she works Thursday/Friday 4-9 (she said she has a day job) but she also has a Facebook under “PJ Rhino” where she posts when she’s working. Poor thing has a degree in literature so she’s well-spoken, but it breaks my heart to think of her working two jobs to survive when she’s THAT talented and THAT gorgeous, genuine and kind. I’ll stop yapping or I’d go on all night- go see Pilot!

  6. richard95

    The manager was spectacular with organizing everything for us and making sure the girls put on a hell of a show. The bartenders and management were great, giving us all hookups and taking care of us like VIP’s. Oh and the dancers, God damn love giving attention they were all dimes and they knew how to get us begging for more highly recommend for bachelor parties, birthday parties and any night of the week to remember or try not to talk about.

  7. tonycluber

    Great Vegas style club , look past the fact that it is in s.e. and make the trip .the lighting is great ,the Philly sandwiches are amazing and the rest rooms are clean. Great daily specials and friendly fun bar staff . Rhino for the Win!

  8. Jeff

    My review is based specifically on the dancer who goes by Pilot, or

  9. timmykilla

    Drinks are well-priced (especially at happy hour), girls are fun and sexy and talented, atmosphere is clean and well-maintained, great times all around. Will frequent this joint.

  10. stripforme123

    Man, I was blown away by this spot! I and… of course the crew were in the area after some business up north so we had stopped by for a bit last weekend. We’re all from Los Angeles… So we all kind of had a gold standard idea of how clubs should be. To say the least, this place really gave us a great evening. Place was super busy, music bumpin and the staff were on point! The girls… Hot!!! Clean and elegant, straight up, impressive… Of all spots, SR Portland came through big time for us. We’ll be back in April, don’t miss us too much. Seriously though, had a great time, you guys really put it down this last weekend.

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