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403 Southwest Stark Street, Portland, OR 97204


45.520674, -122.675566




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Rouge – Portland

  1. Avala K.

    Overpriced. They got bought out by a corporation. No one likes corporations. If you like spending twice what things really cost, this is the place for you. Pretty girls though.

  2. timmykilla

    Probably one of the worst clubs in Portland. Want to be told your a waste and you should get the f out just because you don’t want a lap dance right through the door? This is the place. Buy hey I wanted 2 guys get blow jobs next to me from dancers.

  3. williamr

    I’ve been to this place a few times, and my conclusion is that it’s full of really practised scammers.Here’s what I’ve observed:1. Girl with wavy strawberry blonde hair.-One time I was sitting by myself and a drunk guy was arguing with this girl, wanting back his money. She came and sat with me, and I told him to leave her alone. She asked if I wanted a dance, and after we paid the attendant, she gave me a dance. She was nice, but at the end tells me ‘That’ll be $50.’ Without thinking I paid her, but the next day realized that she had already been paid before the dance started. -I then understood why she had been arguing with the other man.

  4. Johnnyboy123

    First of all, the selection of gorgeous, talented girls is robust, kudos to that! However, the cover and drinks are highly priced considering the selection of strip clubs in the vicinity. Secondly, they like to steal phones. Thirdly, I ordered a drink, went to private room, they took it and still charged me, hence the 2 stars.

  5. maxxy1

    The club is aight. The girls are hot & the music is great but the prices are OUTRAGEOUS & the food is pretty less-than-average. I would really recommend that you drink & eat before going.

  6. AssnTits5

    As a fan of strip clubs in general. I have to say Club R is one of my favorites. Great location and good beer. Plus the bar staff are as hot as the dancers!Rouge has some of the best private dances in the area. The girls are usually always good looking and nice. I think anyone looking to hit a strip club should give Club R a try.

  7. rogerrab2

    I’ll give it four stars since the establishment is nice, clean and safe. Setting is well set up and the staff is good. Has plenty of private dance space maybe more than any other club. And the dance is very private and could evolve into one of the best with the right dancer. However the quality of the dancers the past 4 times I’ve gone is less than to be desired. In fact they may be the worst of the the bunch when comparing them to the top 10 in town, Rouge doesn’t make the cut. The quality of dancers here are not great in the looks or fitness department and in general makes this a below average establishment as a result. If you are in to girl next door types this place is your place. But the hot dolled up sexy stripper is rare here. With that said these girls need to work harder for the buck so that private Lapdance may be the best ever.. Just couldn’t find it in me try.Still giving the place 4 stars. Nice establishment just this niche of dancers (ordinary and unfit) is not for me.

  8. Celia P.

    We have a lot of fun… yes fun!!! nothing sexy in this place… we laugh so much looking at those women trying to be sexy :)))

  9. Aja W.

    Nice ambience but that’s IT. The girls are rude, stuck up strippers who think their shit don’t stink. (When some actually do smell, literally) they OVER CHARGE ON DRINKS, The bar and staff are unorganized. And the PRIVATE “DANCES”. The girls here will do anything for a buck. Basically a low key brothel. Head to toe scandalous. I won’t be coming back here everrrrrr again.

  10. Elena N.

    Our second stop on my mini strip club tour of Portland. When deciding where to go, my friend from Portland mentioned he had two go to clubs downtown. We had already hit up the first one, so of course, we had to checked out the second one. The roommate and I stopped by with my friend on Monday, October 10th around 12:15am.Club Rouge was a larger venue than the first club I went to. Much more like a particular strip club I go to back home. We started at the bar. The roommate found out they serve Macallan 18 for twenty something dollars, so we ended up drinking that. Since it was Sunday, the club was pretty empty. We took our drinks to a table by the stage. The stage here is larger, so the girls could do more pole tricks which I love watching. The venue, like the name, is very red. Comfy, roomy, red club chairs and booths.Out of the three clubs I went to in Portland, this one was my favorite.

  11. harryharry

    Douchey. Lame Red decor, mediocre girls.

  12. Andrew Y.

    Went here twice. I think the cover is $5. You can’t wear a beenie. There’s 2 adjoining stages. There is a curtained off area for the private lap dances. The hallway to the washroom is also opposite the stripper change rooms so you’ll be able to see them as they go, a lot of them will say hi and what not. I also noticed that there is an upstairs area also for private blah blah blah. The music is pretty typical and dj run. One awesome guy that we saw both times we were was the wheelchair guy. He was awesome, he is a true hip hop goru. This guy knew every hip hop song played.

  13. larry1

    I tried hard not to like this place. I was pissed off they took forever to open (it was delayed almost a year). They kept changing their hours of operation (11-2, 2 -2, 3-4, 6-4, 6-2). They served lunch one week then stopped the next. Never served breakfast and now have breakfast all day. They were all over the place. They’ve finally settled down and seem to have found their groove. One thing I CAN say is every time I go there, I have a great time. Friday night was no exception. Celesta was behind the bar slinging the booze. I’ve got to commend her. I can be a bit goofy and annoying when I get tipsy but she’s always patient and stays nice. I do tip well. That probably helps. The stars must have been in alignment for me because both of my all-time favorite dancers were working …AT THE SAME TIME: Sasha and Daiszy. I have a thing for blonds. Sasha has a short shoulder length bob while Daiszy a full length golden mane down to her cute butt. Both of these girls are freaking awesome so if you get the chance to see them, do it. You won’t regret it.I’d like to say a couple of things about the club itself. It was remodeled after the smoking ban so it doesn’t have the stale smoky smell some places have. It’s spotless clean. I could do without the red/black color scheme but it fits the theme. They have a good selection of booze and a full menu. I didn’t have food this time but I have eaten there in the past. It’s a step above pub grub. Not quite steakhouse but good quality restaurant level. Service is good to great depending on who is working. The bouncers stay in the back ground and don’t get up in your face like some other places. The DJ seems to change every week and some of them are more annoying than others. From the last few I’ve seen they’ve moved toward quieter, less barky ones. The bottom line:Service: ****Food: ***Ambiance: ***Entertainment: *****3.75 round up to 4 stars

  14. Johnson12

    The girls are rude as fuck and ugly as shit. Super gloss. The wait staff takes forever to give you your drinks and your ones. Worst strip club I have been to in a long time.

  15. ryan123

    Low life trash goes here. Ugly dancers and worse looking, acting bartenders. They act like they are doing you a favor by serving you and it’s some privilege to be there. One of the “ladies” offered to go to the vip lounge $275 for 30 minutes. Really, dogface miserable personality, I’m dying to spend $275 for 30 minutes on you. Stayed for 1 dance and left. I had seen enough! Don’t waste money or time.

  16. Corey G.

    I’m not a strip connoisseur (well, after my bro’s bachelor party, maybe I am—y’know I had to do some research!), but just didn’t really fell this place. Have to agree with others with the sloppy layout. I only watched a few dancers, and they were average/boring. My interest seemed to only last a few minutes before I had to split (had to end the night right, so I walked over to Mary’s).

  17. eddyL

    I was here over 3 years ago..been several times and If you want some great woman and drinks and also a great atmosphere then THIS Is one of the places you want to go!!

  18. fuckery12

    With so many options in Portland, don’t waste your time here. The prices are ridiculously expensive and they charge a 20% processing fee on credit cards. Bad business.I don’t think this place will last long.

  19. adamrod

    I hate to give any establishment one star. But the way I was treated by these people last night deserved negative one star frankly. There was a guy at the door who somehow concluded I was drunk ( I had not had one drink all day) but only AFTER checking my ID. I am nearly 56 . Do establishments these days use phony excuses to keep older guys out? I’m starting to wonder about that. Anyway , it was their loss. I took my $300 cash and went to another club

  20. Harrison69

    Good music

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