Temptation Go Go Bar



426 Van Houten Avenue, Passaic, NJ 7055


40.8537978, -74.1405769




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Temptation Go Go Bar

  1. Hard One
  2. nick

    i like this club

  3. Stan the "Man"

    big skank factor here boyz. Fugly dancers you are proly sittin in someones jiz

  4. Jonesy

    had fun there last few weeks — good time — packed

  5. ken

    There’s not much to say about this club anymore, it’s just a matter of time before it’s history. bye bye….

  6. bob
  7. Art

    Are you shitting me, this place is a whore house, plain and simple…Does anyone know where Suzy went, she use to work the afternoons.

  8. ayman

    hot girls with a nice frindly personalaty

  9. hugh eric

    Very friendly blonde bartender, some ghetto type girls but lately have seen more attractive brazilians. The lap dance area needs to raise an auction to get more quality chairs.

  10. BilWil

    You like Go-Go???…It doesn’t get better than Temptations…friendliest girls I’ve EVER met!

  11. scumbag

    i went the other day with some friends, i REALLY recommend a colombian girl was really good in the back.. i don’t recommend a brazilian girl had a unique smell from her mouth. i’ll be back

  12. Tony

    If you like Dominicans and black girls, then this is the place for you…Still able to get a good bj for 40.00. Bouncers are real cool and more importantly they look the other way….

  13. glen

    I miss the back back room

  14. StripClubVet

    This place has really gone down hill. They have the same 6 girls everyday and there’s not much to look at.

  15. Mike

    best little place around, great atmoshpere and the day-time bartender Linda is gone. (there is a god) My favorite dancer Suzie is the best.

  16. G-Bob

    low class trash. dont waste your time here.

  17. Richie T

    the bartenders are great, friendly and good service. lap dance area is f*ckin filthy, the “ladies” are 3’s or 4’s. So if you’re coming to drink it’s a decent place anything else you better have all your shots.

  18. Weedman420

    Not a bad place at all. The bartenders and performers are very friendly and approachable.

  19. Exit 15W

    $4 bottles / $6 shots, not bad – but could be better.

    Lots of security at the door.

    I don’t think food is available, and the music may have been a tape or juke box – no obvious DJ.

    Kinda small – tiny inside, but on Friday night there was a room full of ladies. Mostly Russian, Brasilian, Latina.. many shapes & sizes to choose from. If this place fits 50 including staff, you are all very close.

    Lap dances in back – looks like old men’s room stalls without doors. $20 and up.

    Neighborhood street parking and some local business lots where I think some may have parked.

    Most girls were very friendly. I’d probably go back and bring my friends.

  20. Blue

    Does anyone know what happened to the Cuban Dominican dancer with a

    huge rack?…I never got her name. She had really curly hair when it wasn’t

    straightened. I haven’t seen her the last two times I’ve been at


  21. AJ

    I was there last night (Wed). Overall the place is good. Maybe 10 – 12 girls. Mostly spanish, mostly from Brazil. Rate of girls – 3 4’s, 3 5’s, 3 6’s, and 3 7’s. Good to know some portugues or spanish if you want to talk to the girls for more than 30 seconds. The beers were cheap, parkinbg was convenient. Lap dances were great. I left with a smile on my face. I’d go back.

  22. smitty

    drink prices and bartenders are good, this place could use a good sound system and clean up that f*ckin lap dance room…….ewwww. while you’re at it clean the mens room. skeevy

  23. Mike R.

    I been visiting Tempations on and off for 3 years, I was their last Tuesday and saw this old lady sitting at the corner of the bar drunk and yelling. I asked the bartender why he doesn’t throw her out and he then told me that she is the owner, I almost fell off my chair. I use to talk to and do shots with the owner Rich until he passed away. I don’t know where she came from, but I sure miss Rich.

  24. BDB

    The best lap dances in the area. Definitely a great spot to hang out and relax. The girls aren’t the most beautiful, but they are extremely friendly. The bar tenders make you feel at home and the drinks are good. The sound “system” and overall atmosphere is lacking; both are keeping this club from getting a higher rating. Perhaps, it is time to renovate.

  25. mgp
  26. Frank

    Great extras in the back

  27. Cesar

    maybe it was just a bad night

  28. Tony G

    looks like a freak show

  29. pfister

    Can someone give me the directions to Twins?

  30. cash
  31. Hanks

    I met a girl from russia, she has big boobs and a juicy ass i recomend her.

  32. jonsey

    right girl dances fun — more wrong than right

  33. john

    Guys, not worth the trip. If you like overpriced drinks, ugly girls, and bithcy bartenders, then this is your place.

  34. Daryl

    Place is a fu*kin disaster.

  35. Daniel

    I am a frequent visitor to temps, say like 3 to 4 nights a week, the bartenders are great, they make you feel like a person. Girls and the atmoshere are one of the main reasons why i go to temps.

  36. Mootz

    I’d pass on this place

  37. Mo

    Ghetto club

  38. Tommy B

    Still one of the best places around, crazy lady sits at the bar and by the way she’s the owner. Still the best place for cold cheap beer.

  39. jo

    cool place — love denise from brazil

  40. Slip Mahoney

    what happened to this place? was it sold? used to be a stop.

  41. Ray

    the girls are 2s or 3s. nothin much to look at. overall low class place.

  42. Myron

    small but one of the best go go around, has lots of character and good atmoshpere. Prices are decent, only down fall, the lap dance rooms are completely open.

  43. tony d.

    cold and cheap beers and hot girls,fat bouncer smells like a dead horse.

  44. habibi

    this place is very nice guys,everybody have to tire it,many brazialns girls work,and they are good choise for lap dance,,,

  45. bill
  46. hhh

    good club, decent girls, ld are great. bring extra cash if you want a lil somthin extra. my fav spot to go every chance i get.

  47. cuddie

    not worth the time, half a drink and gone…..

  48. slovic

    dont look to inviting from the out side but wen you go in you no your in the wrong place.

  49. anonymous
  50. master T
  51. Todd

    When you think the whole world is against you, their are some things that will never change at Tempatations, 1) crazy lady Lorraine who can suck the life out of the place, 2) the FAT ass stinky manager Kenny, 3) a cold beer and a great lap dance. We miss you Rich!

  52. docbiz

    Well i went first on a wed. night and it was horribe. Not one good looking chick in the place, so i ended up leaving after one drink.

    Had a couple friends call me said they wanted to go there so i decided to give them another try and tagged along. Thursday nights are A LOT of fun here. Completely different than the last time i went. They had a bunch of hotties mostly all russian and brazilian. The lp dances are quality here. 20 bucks goes a long way here.

  53. Beer4Horses

    Girls are nice..(for South of the Border)..all wanting one thing $$. They drive up in cars of 4-5 seeking dinero. Drinks expensive. Beware of girls that want a $12 drink..I’ve been nabbed a couple of times. Beer is $6. Run out of Heineken all the time. Bouncers are cool. If you can fight off the girls..sports are great to watch on TV..Dances are hit or miss..but stick w/ someone you know..otherwise..you’re gettin’ ripped off. Not bad otherwise.

  54. sal

    lookin ghetto lately…..new owner???????

  55. TJ

    Went thier Sunday and Tuesday is thier was absolutely no one was present. Girls are all players

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