311 Central Avenue Northwest, Albuquerque, NM 87102


35.084761, -106.650842




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Knockouts

  1. Mr. Right

    I loved this club. Best in ABQ. Some of the girls aren’t so hot but for the most part the club is full of gorgeous women. Mariya was nice, Pain was fun to talk to, Cherry was my favorite. She’s very sexy and gives amazing dances. And, the tattoos on the back of her legs are so F-ing hot!! I will definitely go back to see her again.

  2. billy bob

    A okay place when you just want to kick back downtown

  3. maxxy1

    Knock outs is a strip club located in downtown Albuquerque.. I have only been to strip clubs a hand full of times (less than 5). I didn’t see any real “knockouts” although there where a few good looking girls. there is a full bar and the waitresses are attentive. I didn’t really dig this place but it was nice to come in and have a couple beers and tip the girls.

  4. K.D.

    If you are down to your last shot and want to drink out the night then this is the place. Going for entertainment is a MINUS. There was one girl who looked like she weighed 200 + and should have not been dancing. DO NOT GO HERE FOR DANCES, JUST DRINKS!!!

  5. AssnTits5

    Everyone knows about this place. You either hate it of love it. Just a quick FYI, I was in on 8/29/15 with a buddy for his birthday. While at the bar I noticed a cockroach crawling on his shoulder. I flicked the roach off of him and watched it scurry off into the “VIP” section.Cleanliness isn’t high on the hiring standards, now I know it isn’t any better for the building.Better than crabs I suppose.

  6. bowler

    Recently spent 2 nights here while in town for bowling tournement and found this club to be a great relaxing time. The girls are very friendly and know how to keep your thoughts on them during the lap dances.

  7. larry1

    Who doesn’t like ass n titties? But not these things here, sorry.I got a free dance from a newbie and she didn’t smell great. There was one hot girl out of 15 near closing and me and my date got a fine dance. She even did stuff to me we didn’t $$ for. Hearts for eyes!I love seeing fancy ladies dance, but it has ESP been in LA. It always was fun. Here was short, sad, desperate. Short songs, sad hopes, desperate feels everywhere.But also the bar closes early and the rest of the girls are bunk. Guys hanging around are creepy, especially outside.

  8. tonycluber

    The inside was okay, the music a bit loud, the drinks okay, but not a whole lot of knockouts here, sadly. Maybe I came at the wrong time, but the more attractive dancers were the less experienced. I don’t want to badmouth anyone, but I wonder what would happen if the dancers were to be drug tested. I might give them another try, maybe.

  9. Niscguy

    The club is an awesome place to have fun…

  10. Jake Traub

    This place is horrible

  11. waco da taco

    This place used to be fun but its really

    gone downhill. Gross girls, gross

    customers, gross vibe. But for some reason

    this steaming shit pile of a club has a

    bathroom attendant who expects a dollar

    for handing you a paper towel. You know

    what knockouts, get rid of the ugly girls,

    get rid of the thug ass customers and then

    maybe I’ll tip your bathroom monkey. This

    place has gone to shit, go to TDs


  12. Glitter

    Been here many times and always had a blast. Miss JT though, wondering where he went.

  13. harryharry

    Knockouts really doesn’t have many Knockouts..But hey if you’re stuck downtown and have nothing else better to do then stop by and have a $2.50 bud light and watch some boobs and booty on stage. What I found funny about this place was the really good looking girls didn’t pester you for dances but the not so pretty girls were on the prowl for dances. That did get pretty annoying. But overall there are better strip joints such as TD’s north so if your looking for a good time go there instead.

  14. zxcvbnm
  15. George

    Knockouts is the best (only) club in downtown Albuquerque.

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  17. Meow

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