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0 reviews for “Fantasy Island

  1. The Skipper M.

    Great local dive in the old tittie bar tradition. I always find it weird to go to a strip club in LA and watch naked people WITHOUT A DRINK in my hand. Just doesn’t make sense if you are totally sober, so Fantasy Island offers the best combo of booze and broads. Drinks are a bit 2 expensive, lights are a bit to bright and the music is a bit to quite…but, I recommend the experience.

  2. rickywho2

    I was also bumped when they closed fantasy island. I enjoyed all the people and the Bartender Desiree . Was such an amazing person. Then once I heard the reopened I was glad to hear the good news. So a few weeks later I decided to go and I went to the bar and there is Desiree. The place looks great. The food amazing. And I just enjoyed everything and the place. Happy Desiree. Is back. Best Bartender

  3. Ze Sam
  4. GarryWas

    I came in with a few friends to Fantasy Island for the first time last Saturday to watch the UFC Fight. It have to say, it was a blast and it was the perfect place to watch the fight! We had so much fun. The food was amazing and the drinks were reasonably priced and made very well. I was never at the previous Fantasy Island before the remodel, but I love what they’ve done with it. I will definitely be back to catch a football games on a Sunday or Monday night!

  5. Johnny C.

    Had lunch here. you heard me lunch. Went with a a small group of people on a friday lunch just for the freaking hell of it. I’ve passed by this place a thousand times, and sometimes you just gotta know.How do you judge this place? Against other restaurants, other strip clubs, other strip clubs at lunch? Everything i guess.The food was well, not good, but what about the girls? Well … considering what type of girl i expected to be working at noon on a friday afternoon, i was actually pretty surprised how non-completely horrible they were. You know they’re not use to performing during that hour of the day, because all they did was hang out at the bar with what looked like the “regulars”, construction guys, old guys, and gardening guys. They did get up and do some dancing just for us, and no boobs, but they can get up the pole. Thankfully the beers basically made everything seem better.

  6. Ivan E.

    Beer is overpriced, $8dlls a glass.The girls don’t dance at all, they just walk around trying to sell lap dances.

  7. Mike D.

    This place is now Amazing. Bartenders and new Management are top notch. Robert’s food is unbelievable…

  8. Heihachi M.

    So it’s Saturday night and I had planned on a nice, quiet, cheap evening of either DVD watching or video games. Friend calls up and asks if I want to go to an Asian model show. Um, yes please. $35 cover, but he said they’d have a full bar. And Asian models. What kind of models? Print and internet models, import car girls, etc. Sign me up!Doing a little bit of research before leaving, I find out that the show is actually at Fantasy Island, a go-go bar. And that by models, he meant ‘second rate porn chicks that I’ve never heard of’. But I said I’d go, so I go.The bouncer at the door was very gregarious and friendly and after frisking me for contraband he cheerfully let me in. Here’s where the pleasant customer service ends. The cashier girls were slow as hell. Not enough change in the register or something. I had to wait about 5 minutes before I could give them my $35 for a pink wristband.The place was bright. Very bright. I can unfortunately see everybody else’s faces very clearly. There’s a reason real stripclubs are dark with ambient lighting. That way you don’t see how shabby the decor (or sometimes the talent…) really is. We made our way to a side room, where all of our Asian starlets signed autographs and took pictures. Asian ladies of varying degrees of attractiveness danced on a small stage. Miss Hawaiian Tropic China stood around with a fake smile plastered on her face. Some ripped, angry looking Asian guy (who I assume is Miss Hawaiian Tropic’s boyfriend) is glaring at me. I need a drink.I make my way to the bar where I have to wait for the TWO bartenders (with zero customers) to stop talking so I can get some friggin’ service. $10 for a cup of ice spritzed with some vodka and soda. I decide to stick to bottled beer, since they can’t really skimp me there. An Amstel Light cost me $7. I give the bartender a $10 and instead of giving me my change, she immediately tossed the $3 into the tip jar. Me (incredulously): “Excuse me? I gave you ten.” Her (unconvincingly): “Oh, did you? I didn’t give you your change?”If it wasn’t for the cover, I’d be outta here already. After a few more beers and one dancer asking me ‘What the fuck are *you* staring at?’ we finally decided to go.

  9. Johnnyboy123

    This place is so horrible. Its a wanta be strip club. The manager has ego issues. The food is way over priced. So basically save your money an go else where

  10. Raff

    OMG absolutely ridiculous! Apparently this place reopened recently, well it should’ve stayed closed! No girls! Overpriced drinks! Pushy Asian lady demanding $! Only thing missing is an Italian pit boss to shake me and my boys down! My review-don’t bother!

  11. colin
  12. nickstrip

    The new fantasy island looks amazing! Same happy vibe the girls are amazing! And my beloved desire is back!! She truly takes care of everyone from behind the bar my favorite bartender! She will make your experience amazing come check her out every weekend at fantasy island it will be well worth the trip! Also check out a dancer named Stacy she’s pretty cool also

  13. Jordanp

    They just reopened and it looks great. The management is awesome. A dancer Ronnie is the best I’ve ever seen. DJ is good. Full bar. Best club in the west side

  14. larry1

    as you push yourself though the cigarrete tar stained, STD ridden curtains to pay your $10 entrance fee, you enter a brightly lit, house of shame were not even your raging, desperate libido can contain your mild repulsion. The sagging, the haggard, the obease and the misunderstood daddy’s girl all turn to grin at you, with looks that seem to say “I wonder if he will give me that crumpled $5 bill, old peice of candy and lint in his pocket if I rub on his crotch incessantly until he explodes?”You wonder, as you take a seat on a ripped bar chair, riddled with staph infection, if perhaps there may be a dancer in this hell-hole that could tickle your fancy. You spot her, like a goddess on the pole, red lights like an oven shine down on her, subtle drips from the moldy, collapsing ceiling over the stage fall on her back like sparking dew drops on her skin. The writhes around like your drunk uncle at a wedding, and you are entranced. You take a sip from your over-priced Corona, and decide you will talk to her when she is done with her performance, praying she doesn’t knock over the tin turkey pan that rests on the floor collecting the gray spatter that drips from overhead.Mere minutes later, you have her, secluded in what is to be the famed ‘Fantasy VIP Room’, her firm Russian body distracts you from her jutting overbite, and you are delighted. After ordering a bottle from a friendly girl who appeared to be at least 7-months pregnant, you both sip on the the most horrible champagne you have ever tasted, while gazing into eachothers eyes. “Pardon me, I need to go powder my nose in the ladies room”, she says sweetly while kissing your neck. As she walks away you are starting to think, maybe there is a reason why a grown man, a member of society would actually choose to risk catching HIV just to have moments like these with a lovely girl. What you don’t know, is upon entering said ‘ladies room’, she is bombarded with a slew of cellulite dimpled sea hags, bathing their genitals and armpits in the sink, carefully cupping hands of water and splashing them expertly on their most private regions. This is standard practice to her, she her problem now is choosing which of the 3 portholes of death she will choose to relieve herself. The only one that is available, is the dreaded door number 3, only the most deperate enter, but she knows better than to keep a gentleman waiting. She shudders as she opens the door, and a waft of vile blows in her face, making her eyelashes singe and eyes burn. She knows she would never dare sit on the actual toilet seat, so she straddles the bowl, knowing with any false move she would plunge to her death in the menstral bood, diarrhea, UTI dappled urine cess pool with gurgles below her. She cringes, as the crock pot of everything unholy splashes up on her backside, but she emerges just in him to grind that lovely backside on you, right as you were beginning to grow impatient. You are in heaven, as she is performing things that even your loving wife of 15 years wouldn’t do, and even the sounds of what sounds like an angry black woman arguing and 70’s funk music don’t distract you much. After paying the lovely lady, and exchanging phone numbers you escape back into the cool, night air. You are heading home, thinking about the Russian girl’s offer to bring her friend’s over for a “good time” at the same price as you bought your wife’s clearance sale anniversary gift, you think to paw through your wallet to see what funds are left. It is only then that you realize it’s gone, and the stunning realization that so is your dignity.

  15. Miss B.

    I came here with 2 of my coworkers after hearing a friend rave about the remodel. We decided on a Thursday after work to check it out. The vibe is cool because it has a club feel and great atmosphere. We ordered sliders and truffle fries which were delicious. The girls were ALL super hot and friendly. It was a blast and we will be coming back for sure to unwind after work.

  16. maxxy1

    Rip Off!!!! Do not go! Outrageous cover. The girls are not even nude, just know that before you go (might as well pay for quality & nudity). A buddy of mine bought me a lap dance & at the end, the girl tried to charge me a $100 for 5 dances!!! We didn’t even have 5 dances! Half the time was spent with her talking small talk before she even started dancing. Go somewhere else! There’s plenty of other good strip joints.

  17. fuckery12

    If youre a strip club..youre charging a cover charge..You need to have dancers to begin with. Thats really deceiving to ask someone to pay without having the staff to support youre business. Im in the black car business. I will not be bringing you any business. Losers

  18. curtis17

    Wow ! Completely remodeled , amazing delicious food ! Amazing staff with the return of Desiree one of LA’s best bartenders so happy its reopened with CLASS !!!

  19. Mike F.

    One of the first few places that opened up here in West Los Angeles featuring “Adult Entertainment”. Funny they say that cause the girls have to wear something to cover their privates (This place does serve alcohol) but on weekends, this place is a sausage/swordfest. Great bartenders and VIP gets pricey with the drinks and the ahem lap dances…..One thing I forgot to mention for those that are familiar with this area is that this place was a well known hawaiian food place called Kelbo’s. Man, I sure do miss it! Kelbo’s flaming rum punch….. :-(…….

  20. joseph1k

    dude, 3$ drink night and bikini dancing girls. and i got a free girls gone wild dvd. wuttadeal! now if the girls could just figure out how to take off a bra, we’d be in business!

  21. AssnTits5

    This place is complete garbage. Went here on a sat night with some friends for a few drinks. 10 dollar cover and overpriced beers. They were out of most beers by the way. NO GIRLS DANCED ON STAGE IN THE HOUR WE WERE THERE! it’s all a hustle here. The girls want u to buy them drinks, do lap dances. I respectfully declined and one girl talked s*it to us. We left, and will never be back. It’s not a strip club, it’s barely a bikini bar with Russian girls and has beens and girls who should not be wearing bikinis. Don’t waste your time here

  22. Nap Z.

    Full Liquor bar and half naked women – If you’re a guy, it’s an ok place to hang for either getting a buzz or killing one especially if you don’t want to shell out the cash for drinks.Anyway, been here once and prolly be the only time unless one of the guys are getting married.

  23. Rico
  24. billtheguy12

    Went here opening night, decided to try it out since its down the street with some friends. I wasn’t expecting much, but the food was surprisingly amazing and reasonable. Definitely try the Paninis. The atmosphere was pretty good. If I had to describe the place, it’s like a club but with good food.

  25. richard95

    Well, I ended up going to this spot because my usual hangout in Hollywood, Cheetahs, seems to have bit the dust. I had been here about a year ago just to take a look-see and thought the place was way to BRIGHT! and the music way to QUIET! I noticed the bartender was pregnant, so I thought the club environment was for PREGNANT LADIES! Shhhhhhh. Have to protect the unborn. Please, dim the lights and crank up the music! Life is to short to actually be “thinking” while at a strip club. I want to be visually distracted and gradually buzz induced to the point of now knowing or caring where I am. O.K. It’s a divey place. Plan B down the street is obviously more high-end and classy. But, sometimes a dive can put you in your place by reminding you it takes thoughtfulness and work for a place to look good. I’m always shocked when I see clubs that are run down like your grandmas old furniture. This club as of this writing (May, 2012) was clean, neat and tidy. The men’s room, with an attendant at night, was clean, well supplied and everything worked. The female bartenders vary in skill. One short haired blonde was sharp and on the ball. Got my Jack ‘n D-Coke just right. And the more I ordered the better it got. We were reading each other to the point where our exchanges were flawless. The Brunette, (on a different night) not so much. Be sure to bring cash. Service charge is 12% for a cash withdrawal from the register up front. My bank actually e-mailed me the next day to ask if I had authorized the transaction.The girls, and there’s a whole lot of them, were pretty, leggy, friendly, and a few danced exceptionally well enough to merit a spray of singles onto their stage.The lap-dances are High Mileage, plenty of contact. The 2 for 1 did the trick. I surely wasn’t thinking much after my Russian choice smothered me in her loveliness.Gotta say, I enjoyed myself. I talked/interviewed a lot of the girls and they’re from all over. There was a couple of hotties (super toned leggy brunettes) from Ventura County that hung out and looked like twins when moving around together. Since a few clubs have closed in the area, Century Club by LAX, The Wild Goose, my old spot Cheetahs, I figure there’s a big variety of girls looking to work here. I know a few girls from Cheetahs showed up. I’ll give this place another shot as long as the lights go down and the music cranks up!

  26. Sarah T.

    Being a girl, I’ve had the insane curiosity to hit up a strip joint. I’m just really really intrigued by what these gals are doing. Do you remember reading Gone With The Wind and everyone was so shocked that they had to lie about all of the town gentlemen hanging out at the brothel? But then one of the Old Guard ladies just HAD to inquire, ‘What was it like inside, that Belle Watling’s house?’. Yeah, that’s me. Does it offend me? Well, I’m an art director and I’ve seen plenty of naked models and have to pick out models all the time. I see it as they’re just doing their job. Of course I’m not there to judge.Well, maybe a little judging? Okay, so I was pumped up to see some real pole dancers! The first girl to go up was this platinum blonde chick. She slid up the pole, then rolled around on the ground, and then was shaking her rump. Okay, very stiff and it looks like she’s still just starting out. Next girl was this wannabe Mariah Carey chick. She was better. Then this very hot American Indian girl took the stage. Man, damn straight she deserved the tip I served up. I also won at two rounds of eight ball.Anyhow, everyone had a pretty nice ass, as I checked out everyone, some cattiness going on in the womens’ restroom, pretty lame decor, lots of old unattractive guys. Some serious grinding going on in the back, I watched this girl do the same routine for fifteen minutes. My Red Bull and Vodka was definitely watered down. Down and out, it was okay. They also have Tekken 2 in the back.

  27. Tim

    Fun club with hot dancers and great dancing. Great for bachelor parties! Since it’s not fully nude you can drink alcohol in the club and even champagne with your favorite dancer in the VIP room..

  28. John

    WORST PLACE EVER!!!! It’s even worse than Plan B a couple of blocks down.

  29. crystalpalace

    i was surprised at the quality of the dancers…not varied too much but all of the girls were fresh…I would recommend for a friday night.

  30. ryan123

    The best thing about place is the architecture. From the outside.Ok, to be fair, this place has probably the prettiest and most “girl next door” looking girls of any strip club in Los Angeles. On the other hand, they don’t take their boobs out. Bikini bar for the fail.I suppose if you drink enough you could convince yourself that you’re now one of the popular kids from a movie, at a big movie party scene, where all the girls get PG-13 “naked” and flitter about because they liiike you. I however could not get that drunk. And god knows I tried.

  31. navid

    New owners have done an amazing job on the remodel of this place! The bar and food is great and the best thing they did was to bring back Desiree! With her behind the bar it feels like home again, a newly built home, but home none the less. Also a shoutout to Mia, she was so the first girl there for the evening and her great energy kept the evening going until other ladies finally showed up.

  32. M F.

    Anytime girls in LA will be nice to me, I like the place. Good drinks, nice girls. A little ghetto, but nothing out of the ordinary. Keep track of the number and price of the drinks you order, otherwise you’ll have an $80 bar tab without deserving it entirely. Its a great place to go and act like a gentleman among other gentlemen . . . or to find your next girlfriend.

  33. tonycluber

    I ordered food here and got the worst food poisoning I’ve ever had. Do not order food here as they use the same deep frying oil and absolutely never change it. Extremely unsanitary environment also. The bartenders and waitresses will charge you extra for your drinks if they know you’re drunk or think you won’t notice. No one is ever dancing on stage there, you’re lucky if there is more than 3 girls on the floor at any time. The manager is a complete dick and is always drugged out beyond belief.

  34. Jay L.

    I have Came here a couple times with a few of my friends, and this place is ok, people you must remember this is a BIKINI bar not a titty bar. When I come here I come on $3 Tuesday, beers off the tap that’s basically the only time I will come not really worth a lap dance being so the girls are in bikini but the women here are very nice looking. It’s a chill spot to drink a few down and just relax but not really my cup of tea, doesn’t mean it won’t be yours……

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