414 West Ridge Road, Rochester, NY 14615


43.200163, -77.6379456




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Mirage

  1. sadhus

    nice place for a goodtyme.vip was on the money

  2. me
  3. billy
  4. SmokinKidJoe

    The club has a pretty good turn over in dancers. When the place isn’t packed, the girls are able to work the room and you get to spend time with each one and you don’t feel pressured to buy private dances. Has a better beer selection then the Klassy Cat and a few of their refugees.

  5. Tatiana

    Chastity doesn’t work here. She’s at Rick’s. Anyways, this bar isn’t horrible it’s

    just not as busy as it was when we had the liquor. The $25 dances are good

    quality. Topless and and touching allowed (within reason. No extras). They are

    $20 at the cat but not private, not topless, and no touching. I say the 5 extra

    dollars is worth it. The girls including myself are eager to please and we have

    time to sit and talk, compared to other clubs where i

  6. razzz

    rundown & old. Used to be a real nie place. Some Girls are good but some are old and rundown like the atsmophere – dirty, dark & lame

  7. CustomerResponse

    The club is poorly run. The girls-Few are nice-Most are not the type that should be dancers-be it looks or personality. Staff treats girls AWFUL-Yelling at girls and being rude with outbursts is INAPPROPRIATE! The abuse you see just being a customer is bad enough…hate to see what happends that we dont see/hear. Lots of fighting between girls and other staff.

  8. cbh

    Couldn’t be happier

  9. Eva

    This place truly is the best club in rochester girls are ALL beautiful and friendly i consider it my home away from home

  10. tony
  11. K

    I enjoy the club. The dancers are very friendly. Riley is a favorite of mine….

  12. Miss Tatiana <3

    I’m no longer at the Mirage. Strictly a Klassy gal now.

  13. soanky

    Place sucks…

  14. John

    Diamond and Danica are so sexyyyyy

  15. Roy
  16. Lisa
  17. DAVE


  18. Scott

    ugliest bitches ever..roxi and chasity look like trolls on meth !!!!!

  19. billtheguy12

    It’s really zero stars. It’s an epic shithole. The girls are fucking nasty. The drinks suck. The manager is a complete scumbag and it smells like rotten fish and stale piss inside there. I felt like I was going to contract an STD just by walking in the door. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time.

  20. J
  21. ok

    I miss the old days

  22. Tatianna

    Wow I was angry lol Felony and I are cool now so I’m shocked that I forgot I even wrote that crap. Please ignore that angry babble. Anyways, club is back open. $5 at the door and $25 lap dances. I’m at the Mirage and the Cat. Also available for bachelor parties or events <3 Come see our sexy girls 😛

  23. First Timer

    Stopped in today at 6pm. Only 3 girls. 2 very average looking and one HOT girl goes by the name of Riley. Wanted to get lapdances from her but she always hung out in the changing area and rarely came out front. Too bad, great looks and personality. Riley if you read this PLEASE mingle more.

  24. herpes

    Chastity is my x and has herpes! She knows who this is because I almost killed her when I found out she gave it to me. She claims she got it from having sex for drugs. CLASSY GIRL

  25. john doe

    Bad location; the outside of building looks drabby…

  26. Shy Guy
  27. tiny
  28. Tony Fico

    Still nice place, but not the same……

  29. boob
  30. makis

    The classiest club in Rochester, it may not look it but the girls here are hot, nice, and unlike everywhere else, not whores.

  31. henry
  32. Gem Fan

    I had a great time there, although place is a little run down. i like the private dance area, clientele is lacking, but hey, its rochester. gem is great!

  33. GEM

    haha this place is like home

  34. Larry Love Lips

    This club was good in its prime! But its gotten run down! Believe me it has! The women aren’t as good anymore, you will pay way to much for a drink! Your better off going to Jay st. or Henrietta on East Henrieeta Rd. Klassy Kat

  35. Big D

    I love the club. Girls are great food is good, LapDances all I can say OMG

  36. Girl

    Club is Opening Friday November 12 at 9 pm!!!

  37. James

    Lots of Renovation going on. Looking Good

  38. Gene
  39. Jim

    I had a great time there!

  40. lol....

    Tatianna, the only difference between you and Chastity/Legacy/Felony is that she’s blonde and you’re brunette. 🙂

  41. Tom

    Only 2 dancers, dingy atmosphere, boring music. I was not

    welcomed and they were rude when I talked to them.

    Overpriced drinks. The bartender kept my change as tip

    without my permission. Stay home or go to another club! Not

    worth it!

  42. 1 TIMER
  43. King

    Chasity Lotta is a Crack Whore !!!!!!!!!!

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