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320 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036


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12pm – 4am


12pm – 4am


12pm – 4am


12pm – 4am


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5pm – 4am


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Nearly three decades ago FlashDancers created a sensation by introducing the scintillating LAP DANCE to New York City.Today, we continue to provide pulse-pounding entertainment at the crossroads of the world, rightfully earning our reputation as the most popular, exhilarating adult club in NYC.The secret to our success: over 350 red hot entetainers, from all six continents, competing to be your IT girl. Choose one, or more the only limit is your imagination!


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107 reviews for “FlashDancers Midtown

  1. Detrick Stewart

    The dancers at FlashDancers are undoubtedly the highlight of the experience. Talented and professional, they deliver captivating performances that blend sensuality with artistry. The girls are impressive, and the diverse array of dancers ensures that there is something for everyone’s taste. The club respects the boundaries of its patrons, creating an atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the show in a comfortable and inclusive environment.

  2. Sandra Weston

    FlashDancers NYC Cabaret is a vibrant and energetic establishment that offers a unique and entertaining nightlife experience in the heart of New York City. As a popular cabaret venue, it combines the allure of adult entertainment with a high-energy atmosphere, making it a go-to destination for those seeking a lively night out.

    The ambiance at FlashDancers is sophisticated yet inviting, with dim lighting and stylish decor creating an intimate setting. The layout of the venue allows for both private and group experiences, catering to various preferences. The stage is well-positioned, providing an excellent view of the talented performers who showcase their skills throughout the night.

  3. John Squire John Squire

    I went in here for the first time last summer. Met and had dances with an amazing, petite Brazilian girl named Julianna. Beer was $12. Dances were $20. Both prices were fair. Waitress and hostess were super-friendly. Had dances with a couple of other girls, but don’t remember their names. I went in for a second time a few days ago and was sad to hear Julianna was no longer there, but there were plenty of other hotties to choose from… which I did! Some American, some Russian or Ukrainian, some South American too, I think. Anyway, I had a great time both times, so… two thumbs up!


    The venue’s interior is stylish and comfortable, creating the perfect ambiance for a night out. The stage performances were nothing short of mesmerizing, showcasing talented and captivating dancers who knew how to keep the energy high and the audience engaged.

  5. eddie tripper

    The drink selection was impressive, featuring a well-crafted menu with diverse options to suit any preference. The attentive and courteous staff added to the overall positive vibe, making sure every guest felt valued and taken care of.

  6. Ashley Jones

    FlashDancers NYC exceeded all expectations and delivered an unforgettable night of entertainment. From the moment I stepped inside, I was greeted by a vibrant atmosphere and friendly staff that set the tone for an exceptional experience.

    FlashDancers NYC stands out not just for its entertainment but also for its commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s the perfect spot for a night out with friends, a celebration, or just to unwind and enjoy top-notch adult entertainment in the heart of New York City. I highly recommend FlashDancers NYC for a night filled with fun, excitement, and memories that will last a lifetime!

  7. Richard McDonald

    We went to the club Flashdancers In NYC last weekend what a great time we all had…this night spot is a winner with a wide selection of fantastic-looking ladies who aim to please.

  8. Jasmine Sinclair

    Always have a great time here…the best spot to party with hot strippers in NYC. Thank you Flashdancers for the many years of great service. !!

  9. John Regarrio

    great place, had a great time with me and my buddies, large selection of girls, good atmosphere and great drinks, will definitely be back.!!!

  10. Flash

    I had a Merry Xmass and a happy new year at Flashdancers NYC, the best place to party for the holidays!!

  11. Jeremy Thomas

    Great place to slip out during my lunch break, it is the only strip club in the downtown area. Love this place.

  12. Alicia Westson

    Me and my girlfriends went to Flashdancers last night and we all had a great time, all was fantastic, and we will all be going back for new years eve.

  13. Gino Rex

    I went to the club last week was awesome lots of girls, a nice clean place and the drinks were on point, definitely the best club in NYC for the holidays.

  14. Sandra Washington

    It was such a great time! My friends and I came in and sat at the bar and got food and drinks. The drinks were amazing! Our bartender was awesome and she honestly made the experience for us, she was great. We are definitely coming back soon.


  15. Jeremy Richards

    So I’m not from the NYC area but when I am in NY which is frequent, Flashdancers NYC is always my have to stop if by myself or with friends. My waitress/ bottle server was like WOW!!! To much to say she was amazing always pleasant, hospitable, and prompt she is the reason why I have to make my stop when I’m town. If perfect service was a person it would be Starr!!!! She definitely makes every visit pleasurable and more!!! To management/ ownership you have a really good one an actual STAR!!! 🤩⭐️special and perfect. Starr if you get to read this as always Thank you!!!! Your service is tremendously appreciated and priceless. See you soon…..


  16. Adrianna

    Had such an amazing experience at Flashdancers! Me and my girls came out for a few drinks, and our bartender was awesome! She was absolutely amazing. The energy, and how quickly the drinks kept coming out. Everything was just amazing. Will only be coming back for sure.

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  17. Sammy Jones

    I like the place overall and would highly recommend it. No cover before 5:00 and the girls are beautiful. However, last week the bounce kicked me out after one beer after accusing of taking pictures of the girls with my phone when all I was doing was answering a text. I defended myself and offered to prove it but he wouldn’t listen and escorted me out. So keep your phones in your pocket!

  18. NYC Clubber

    Visited Flashdancers midtown last weekend with some friends couldn’t find Jesse or Billy but most of the other girls were top shelf, the best looking in Manhattan. We all had a great time will definitely be back again soon.

  19. Geewiz

    I went to Flashdancers for my birthday with my buddy literally 2 weeks before the Covid 19 announcement shut everything down in 2020. One of the dancers came over to talk with us and she told me my friend over there says you’re her type, referring to me. She asked if she could come over to join and I said yes. She was a young, petite Indian-American woman. I talked with her and my friend talked to the other dancer.

    After a few lap dances, the dancer I was with told me about how horny she was and how i’m the type of guy she likes (I’m a bald brotha). She mentioned I think it was the Blue room and asked if I had any interest. Initially I said no, since I’ve never done it before despite going to many strip clubs in my life. But it was my birthday and I later decided to do it. We went over to the desk area where the rooms are and I gave them my card. We were ushered in by a hostess who took our drink order. After she brought over the drinks and left, I started to make out with her. I then started to feel in between her legs since she told me she was horny. She didn’t disallow it, so after rubbing her pussy I pulled her thong to the side and rubbed her bare pussy. I then asked her if I could eat her pussy and she nodded yes.

    I asked her if she could take off those ugly stripper heels and she did. I pulled off her thong off and went to town on her pussy with my tongue. After a few minutes I stood up pulled my pants down and took out my dick. She licked it and put some of it in her mouth but she didn’t suck it much. I then sat on the couch and had her sit on my face, before fingering which made her cum. Shorty after we heard the hostess announce she was coming back in through the curtain and she quickly put on her thong. She asked us if we wanted another drink. We said no. After she left she said she wanted my number and was heading back to take a shower. We kissed and she asked if I could wait for her. We’ll my buddy left and FD was closing in a half hour. I paid $2K for the whole experience. But I couldn’t wait for her any longer and left. So I never got her number. She got more of that night than I did, but I am a pleaser!

  20. City Rock

    The food is to die for and the service is unbeatable. Hit up Billy Jessie for a great lap dance. So worth your time. Best club/strip club. Will be back. BTW order a Viagra.. Blue Curacao, vodka and sprite.

  21. Joey Joesephs

    Awesome place. Been hitting up all the Flashdancers clubs for over 20 years. Consistently a wide variety of beautiful girls, good service and fun atmosphere. Highly recommended for all.

  22. Manny

    What a change in 5 months. My groom party took me here for my stag and had a blast. Drinks are wildly overpriced, but that’s any strip club. So naturally when we saw this place near a bar and we were out on a night out with friends in NYC, I enthusiastically recommended this establishment.
    Got there at around 3AM; $30 cover. ATM is gone, so when I asked for $100 in singles they run your card and I assumed gave us real cash. Yeah nope, they run your card and come back with Monopoly money. This also means you need to spend all of it. After not being able to find a free dancer, the club closing soon, and not wanting to get stuck with the Monopoly money, the bottle service girl recommended that I mark the charge as fraud on my credit card. All 4+ dancers we asked said they’d “come right back”, went in the back, then likely went home. Great service!
    We found two dancers that agreed to do two couples dances. $40, pretty reasonable right? The dance lasted 60 seconds or “one song”. Rip off.
    The icing on the cake was that as we went to leave I got bum rushed at the door by 4 staff members because by me following the bottle service girls recommendation it cancelled the drink order too also on the card. I genuinely was not trying to out the bottle service girl for trying to help us out, she was really nice and it was a great idea. She clearly got in trouble and after being accused of trying to skip on a bill and stealing and them flexing muscle, enough was enough.
    I gave another card, they charged me and we left. I will never return. Don’t get played.

  23. Sydney Topps

    My favorite place in the world ! I come here every weekend with my friends we get a lot of respect the owner is amazing the staff is so nice and respectful the girls are amazing I highly recommend this place !

  24. Tony C

    I went there after the Super Bowl a few years ago and ended up paying for five hours for a private room. It cost me over $6000 since it was a private dance with two girls . They went down on each other and had sex … well I watched . I’m not making this up. I was total blackout and they asked if I had a condom and I honestly don’t know if I penetrated them but I know I was playing. I woke up the next morning realizing how much cash I spent and freaked out. So from what I can tell if you go to the blue room or private rooms they can do whatever they want. I spent a ton of money and it put me in the hole but just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience or if it was just because it was super bowl and people are down to have a good time.

  25. Old Timer

    I remember the original Flashdancers was on Broadway down the steps, i used to go there often and have drinks with some nice fine young women who worked there. When I was done having drinks and lap dances I used to grab one of the hookers that used to hang out on the street corner outside the club and take them back to my apartment. It saved me some money and it was always a guaranteed thing. Those were the good old days !!!

  26. BigDaddy

    Hey man have you ever seen the ass in this place it’s unbelievable these girls wouldn’t piss on your head for $500 let alone give you an hour in the VIP room if you’re going to come here you better bring your wallet because these bitches ain’t cheap.

  27. Jimmy G

    Think it’s like 500 per hour, this place is awesome and the girls are banging hot..gotta go here if ever in NYC

  28. Moses

    Lots of HOT dancers, so a very good place. Anyone know how much the Champagne Room costs? It can’t be what I heard it was – $700, can it?

  29. one


  30. Jonathon

    I hold a VIP membership and I would like to say that the money I have spent their over the years was worth it.

  31. Irakli T.

    Great club, *****I was in many club nearby but only here found beautiful girl’s,they dancing perfect.Know what to do and how make pleasure for man.It’s not some strip only, it’s dancing art…Thanks for you are

  32. Anonymous

    I really liked this place. Highly recommended.

  33. Diana C.

    This was my first time at a strip club and I had a great time at flash dancers! Here’s what went down on a Friday night around 10pmA) they allow girls to go in even if you’re not with any guys (ricks cabaret, for example, doesn’t allow that)B) $20 cover charge, no drink minimumC) the strip club is downstairs. They ask if you want a table or stage. We chose table first where we a very good view of the stage and also good views of all the lap dances going on behind/next to us. It was good for us to kind of feel everything out and just observe how the place works. Later on we moved to sit in front of the stage where you get to see the boobs and asses in yo face. D) Stage: there was a constant rotation of girls dancing on stage which I liked. There are two poles and usually 2-3 girls on there. They come on and dance with their skimpy dresses/lingerie and after a few minutes they take it off and do their thing topless in just a thong. Excellent show when they split their legs on that pole. Then you get the pleasure of snapping dollars bills into their thongs when they dance by. If they’re nice they’ll shake their tatas and asses in yo face up close and personal if you give them a dollar. Just for a dollar!! Come on that is cheap. If the girl ain’t worth the dollar, dont make eye contact and look elsewhere.E) 89 girls to choose from. Very good variety – fake boobs, fake asses, natural curves, small boobs. Also got sexy Asians, black, Latina, a lot of russian/eastern european girls and white girls. And mixed girls too. All shape and sizes. As sexy girls ourselves we had high standards so were picky. I wanted pretty face, big boobs and big ass. What i learned is typically it is 2/3. There were a few that we’re 3/3 but hotter ones are harder to get a hold of, VIPs get first dibs. The less attractive ones will be waking around for business.F) lap dances – if you want to move in on a girl, sit by the stage. Tell them you want a lap dance when you snap that dolla in their thong and they’ll come back for you when they’re done. They have to dance on stage for 3 songs. I was told by my guy friends you should always ask how much they are before committing, but they were all $20 for one song for us. They may or may not ask you how many songs so tell them one or else they can keep going and charge you more. I was also told not to tip so I didn’t. I hope that was fine! You can grab and touch all you want but you can’t stick your hand down their thong into their treasure. That is the only forbidden area.G) Ladies Bathroom: don’t be alarmed when you walk in! the bathroom is the dressing room for the strippers. we all thought we walked into the wrong room. its a free show in there too. (too bad, boys) the strippers are changing, putting their make up on, theres a male make up artist in there tooH) Drinks – cranberry vodkas at $15, long island iced teas are $22, so definitely expensive.be careful, i ended up spending like $130 at this place!! bring the amount you want to spend, or you’ll end up spending everything in your wallet.

  34. tony
  35. mark

    hot girls and alot of them

  36. DoggieDaddy

    All of the dancers are hot! They need more diversity — there was only one black girl, one hispanic and two asians in the 30 or so I saw on a Friday night. Still, a nice place with smokin’ girls.

  37. Michael B.

    When one of your friends insists on hitting up a strip club you either go or you don’t… I went sigh lolWe went late afternoon on a saturday… cool bartenders had a great conversation that they thanked us for, you know we’re cool guys def not sleazy so they appreciated that. And most guys hardly ever talk to them as they are focused on the dancers. There’s two polls behind the bar on either side and the girls rotate in and out, they barely prance…one dancer had a lot of energy and clearly tries to enjoy herself – we thanked her, she thanked us. Most of the dancers acted bored, no real enthusiasm. We got hit up for dances every 30 secs once a girl left our side. Rubbing your arms, and thighs, asking for kisses. It’s nice to have female attention but of course it’s not genuine. Got a $20 lap dance. Girl was pretty and had a body built for *******!!! WOW!!! She got called to the stage. Told me to go back to the bar. She danced, she came back and got me and finished the song. Songs were fast but she was a hotty!!! I actually tipped the bathroom guy more than the dancers lol.Only real negative was the price. Bought my buddy a round, bought the bartender a round and maybe bout myself 2 no more than 3 drinks (one drink came from the bartender I didn’t ask for…maybe she charged me I thought she wasn’t)… Let’s call it 5 drinks but should have been 4, whatever it was the bill came to $90 + 16 tip automatically added…I was pissed. We pre gamed for this very reason and still dropped a hundred on drinks…(I took 4 of of us out for Italian food on the lower east side and spent less for 4 dinners and wine than I did for 4-5 drinks here… D$MN)*Note to self… what did you expect lol!!!!!**Bartender admitted the manager/owner was overcharging, ruined our great chat hahaha but it’s cool. Had fun, only live once! ***agree with another post: “A lot of fun, but they are very, very efficient at separating you from your money. Appeals mostly to tourists.”

  38. Kev

    Just got back from FD. As mentioned in the Comments section, every last Friday of the month is “Lingerie Night”, & it was a blast. Do expect a huge crowd following after Dark. Miluna & Kay are IMO the hottest dancers overall in FD. Anyone who pays a visit will not regret a dance from either 1 of them gorgeous ladies.

  39. ...

    most beautiful women ever here met one last wednesday named devil? she belongs on the pages of a magazine

  40. Jared
  41. domino

    Veronica is awesome! Girls don’t pressure for tips and understand the word ‘No’ when asking about lapdances.

  42. Andy K.

    Dammit, but NY strip clubs suck…and not in a good way. Who the frig buys sushi when women with titty tassels are dancing around?

  43. John
  44. rick

    great place

  45. To Flashdancers

    Jamie Lynn Ray’s Inn, Andover, NJ. Gorgeous Face.

    This girl has Star Quality. She needs to be in NY.

    Diamond in the Rough. Bellisimo!

  46. ss
  47. joeclub

    Great value overall. It’s not cheap but you come out thinking it is money well spent.

  48. Angelo

    My balls are preparing for a spacewalk.

  49. Abraham B.

    the two for one drink special is not on weekends by the way. but admission was free before 5 on saturday. This place was good, 12-15 for beer/well drinks and more for other drinks. lap dances are $20 a song, you can easily lose track of time during this so if you only want one songs worth of dance then try to pay attention as best you can. I don’t understand how massages are also $20 but my only reasoning is that its public and you can still chill with everybody while a woman just “massages” you. nonetheless girls here are friendly. mix between eastern european and brazilian. music was oddly good, i found myself listening to songs i would find on my ipod which threw me off but made me feel more confortable. seating here is also decent.space is small/dark and somewhat sleazy but for the price I am not complaining. you know what your coming for if you decide to visit so just make the best of it.

  50. Edge

    Great club, great dancers and hospitality. AAA+++ recommended!

  51. Mike

    Had great dances by Devil? or Devon devil?

    and quite a bit of shots! Got to love this place.

  52. Keith

    I really like going here during the daytime, and it is a really nice experience when there is no cover. The girls are nice, and the staff attentive. Like all places the dances vary, but there are some girls that give really hot ones during the day.

  53. jay

    the best in nyc

  54. trollie0

    Outstanding time excellent value for $20 dances. Hospitable toward female customers. Julie, Jeanie, Simone, Summer gave great dances, many other dancers were quite good as well. Great party atmosphere.

  55. bagels
  56. Mr F G And Ms M S.

    This place is fun. We were here with our friends on a Saturday night. The girls were pretty but wish they would be more enthusiastic when they were dancing. $20 cover charge, $3 for a coat check, & $12 for a bottle of beer, yes it’s expensive but then again, it’s a strip club, everything is always overpriced there. Some of the girls & waitress are friendly but some aren’t. Well, none of the girls are rude, just wish they would be more friendlier. All in all, it’s a fun place. Lots of pretty girls inside. It’s still worth visiting.

  57. Franky N.

    While I’m waiting for my rice to cook, I mine as well share the secret to picking up strippers as was told to me by a very wise man.One lonely night as I was “making it rain”, none of the ladies were paying me any attention. I look over to my right and see a black man, around his 40’s, not dressed well and barely any cash on the table. Interesting thing was, he was draped with the hottest dancer in the club. So as I’m blowing money and wondering what the hell he’s doing right that I’m not, I finally get my chance to ask as it was time for his arm candy’s set. I trot over and say… “so what’s your secret? I haven’t seen you drop a dollar or buy a drink and the ladies love you…”The secret, verbatim…. “You have to treat them like they’re human…” I had the most confused look on my face. “They ARE humans!?!?” “No, you can’t treat a stripper different from a girl who works in an office, no matter how demeaning you think their occupation is… they are still women and want to be spoken to with respect. You treat them like strippers, they treat you like clientele. That means they come by, take your money and move on.” I felt enlightened. I gave it a try and my conversations started sounding like this “Hey sweetheart, I bet your feet are killing you dancing in those heels all day…” or “wow, that guy was really a creep… I bet you run into a lot of weirdos all day”… He was right, spent less money, got lots of stripper numbers and plenty of the attention. Damn, I’m such a jerk.Let it be known though, that I never called any of them… I don’t have the balls to date a dancer. I’d probably be at the club mean mugging all night.Oh yeah, I forgot…. Flashdancers….$20 cover charge… BoooPlace is in the basement with no ventilation… Plenty of guys throw up and the smell cannot escape. BooooLots of hot euro dancers (it is NY right?) Ding!Stripper shoved a nipple in my mouth! Ding! Same stripper shoved her nipple in a friend’s mouth… WTF, that means I kissed the guy that got the lap dance before me. BOOOO!!! Place is okay, but honestly there’s many better things to spend your money on in NY than this place.

  58. social bookmarking service

    7pmi87 Hey, thanks for the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

  59. Paul

    I don’t go often,but when I do I always have a good time. The girls are beautiful, it can get a bit expensive, but it’s worth it even the following morning when I realized the amount of money spent, but still it’s Worth it!

  60. m

    Hottest dancers ever

  61. conner tenn
  62. joshua
  63. harryharry

    Opens at noon and free admission before 5pm. Their happy hour is between noon-5pm and it is 2 for 1 drinks (I got 2 beers for $12). If you go here during the day time you will avoid the hustle and scams that they run at night that the other reviewers are complaining about (ie $20 cover, mandatory coat check, etc.). Still mostly russian and eastern european girls so if you want american natural blonds you might be disappointed in their dancer selection. I sampled a few $20 dances. They were ok but nothing great. Dancers sometimes would hint things would get really good if we did a VIP special but I declined. I later asked the manager for a tour of the VIP Blue Room and he confirmed to me there are cameras to monitor.There is also Osamu’s sushi and sake bar inside but I did not try it.

  64. Brutus A.

    When Peep World was replaced with the nauseating sterility of Simba, Rafiki, and their Disney ilk, we collectively gasped. Where would we go for an acceptable leg show now? Luckily for us, a seedy man of questionable morals wearing a yellow apron which read “Flash Dancers” showed us the way. Before the man in the ticket window could say “No touching!!!” we were front row and center for a delicious burlesque of the lowest order. The Flashettes, as we affectionately dubbed them, were true pros. Those girls knew how to soil a pole with sin.

  65. Mistercap12

    Use cash as much as possible for sure, they definitely over charge drinks and everything and are out for your money. They will charge you 200$ on your credit card and say there is a 30$ min, so beware. Girls are amazing otherwise.

  66. John Smith

    This club rocks a must visit if youre in the big NYC!!!

  67. likin' it more

    I’ve been coming to this club a lot lately, and it’s awesome. The fabulous girls get possessive, which isn’t confined to this club, but it sure makes things dicey when you start “juggling” them! Beautiful, sexy girls!!! One really stands out as far as my taste, and she’s starting to bend her own “rules” for me, at last. Makes my heart pound. It’s all fantasy, but you only live once! Really fantastic.

  68. Abel

    Visited on a Saturday night Nov. first time I see 3 dancers are always at the stage all the time. hot hot chicks… one lap dance for 5-6 minutes, easy going with the touch. overall, happy, I’ll go again on my next visit to NY. you have money, don’t hesitate.

    btw, I’m Montrealean… you guys know what I mean… contact dance for 7 bucks

  69. Peter

    Very good club

  70. Tom Reinertson
  71. richard95

    This is basically an Eastern European brothel. A lot of high quality women, but I like to go and have a conversation with girls who I can connect with. I would try Rick’s in the West Side.

  72. Franklyn

    Ok…I had to stop in here to bring back memories of my single days in NY. Let me tell you…um….skip. This place is crowded, expensive and a rip off. I guess as I got older the novelty wore off. Oh well at least I have my memories.

  73. Gordon

    We were told by our Hotel Doorman that this was the best club in NYC, so we accepted the challenge to check it out for ourselves…. Believe me… You dont need to go anywhere else….This IS the best !!

  74. robert

    HOT HOT HOT girls

  75. visitor
  76. Johnson12

    First off, logistics: I went late on a Tuesday night. The cover was $20, which seemed reasonable for Manhattan. Drinks are pretty pricey. $15 for a mixed drink. I paid more for a drink at a bar in the city, but I paid a lot less at some other spots (none with dancing girls though). If you want to get lit, pregame somewhere else.I appreciate the hours, open until 4am even on a Tuesday night.They push the services a lot. Starts with a massage (which is just a shoulder rub). I’m not sure what kind of charge they put on that. Lap dances for $20 (pretty low compared to similar services at cheaper clubs).They offer private rooms. Basically, private time with a girl for an hour where nobody is bothering you or creeping on you. Once you’re there, expect to have drinks pushed on you, and the talent will encourage you tip to generously. Add all that to the $600 price tag.Otherwise, the dancers on stage are not pushy when it comes to tips. They do push other services fairly aggressively.$3 coat check, which seemed to be enforced unevenly. Maybe I looked like I was bringing in some hardware.Personal impressions: the location is decent, on Broadway near Times Square. The doorman was a nice touch compared to places that only have bouncers to great you. Overall the staff was friendly and helpful. They even had a girl escort me to a table in front of the stage. I lost my table the first time I got up to get a dance, but it was a nice touch.The stage work was nothing special. Virtually no pole work and little enthusiasm. It is difficult to be really bothered because the girls are gorgeous. The worst of them was on par with the best at some of the best clubs I’ve visited. The girls at the club back home have nothing on these girls. The flavor is strongly Eastern European. There were a few Asian girls in the mix as well. This is a topless club (being in New York). That didn’t bother me since this is a classy place with classy ladies.I had a great time. The constant sales pitch makes it difficult to just sit back and watch the show. But the girls are friendly and beautiful. The show isn’t much to watch anyway. If you want to see something spin around a pole, you need a little ratchet. This place doesn’t seem to have that.Good place if you want to spend some time with a nice lady. Not great for a place to drink and watch the show.I fell in love with one of those girls. I don’t know what she did or how but I walked out with no cash and grinning like a fool. She played the game and I appreciate her for it. Sometimes it is nice to see someone who enjoys their job and puts real effort into their art.Girls: 5 starsThe show: 2 starsPrice: 3 starsAtmosphere: 3 starsExtras: 3 starsOverall, I give it 3 stars. A better stage show would push it up to 4 pretty quick, but I can’t give 4 to a place that doesn’t offer a quality show.

  77. Roy P.

    I’m not a strip club kind of guy but I will highlight a few key things here:They have the best looking girls of anywhere in the city. Hands down. The girls will sit and have some small talk with you without making it obvious that getting your money is their only real agenda. The place is expensive. If you like strip clubs and don’t mind spending the dollars then this is the place to see the prettiest of the pretty.

  78. A fan

    I’ve been to A LOT of clubs. FD is a great place. I love that there’s no “dollar train”! That makes up for the expensive drink prices. There are ladies to suit every taste, and there’s at least one or two every night that I drop in who fit my bill as my perfect girl!! Hot pants-stretching lap dances! I love the evening gowns the dancers wear that come on and off all night! Overall a great time and I’m glad it exists.

  79. sofia
  80. Anonymous

    women are fantastic. best of new yorks.

  81. bigtime

    I dropped by this past Saturday. Club started a little slow with few ladies. However after 10PM the club was hopping with 8 dancers and 7 were above 9 rating. Overall the club was a good experience. I would definitely stop by again. The club itself is clean and the managment were down to earth and friendly. Dez, Ama, Ruby, Starr, Andi, Honey and another dancers were fanastic. With this talent this club is worth hitting up.

  82. Max R.

    Took my little brother here shortly after he turned 18. He had a blast. Needless to say he didn’t know the dynamics and wound up spending $200 quicker than he wanted. The place has lots of Eastern European and Latin girls, if that’s your thing. There’s this one brunette/black haired Russian girl that gives a mean dance. Don’t know her name.

  83. robert h.

    why is it that the waitresses look 10 times better than the dancers???? i would rather dance with one of them!

  84. gooj
  85. pleased

    heaven on earth, what more can anyone want?

  86. Jeff
  87. Doug

    Went at noon on a Wednesday. About 30 girls on duty right at the start. All beautiful, most had surgery / fake breasts. Dances were outstanding for the price. Hustling was brutal due to high stripper-to-customer ratio. DJ was late but OK; no silly hype, just announced the girls and kept the music going. Drink prices were ludicrous, about $10 per mixed drink. Three champagne hosts meant constant upselling, even in the couch dance area during mid-dance. Managers were an obvious presence, made me and the dancers nervous. The upsells, uptight management and outrageous booze prices are typical of high-end clubs, of course. Would visit again.

  88. fuckery12

    It was ok when I went there, but I had more fun there then I did at Tonic in Times square. I cant promise you a good time, but mine was pretty awesome. One of my buddies even took a stripper out with us after…until she turned out to be crazy.

  89. AssnTits5

    I took my wife for her very first visit to a strip club while on holiday in NY to this club. Its was very, very busy but we managed to get a decent spot by the bar. The things we liked about the bar was that it was clean (or at least looked it), and my wife enjoyed getting a massage from one of the hottest girls while she took it all in.Some of the reviews are gushing about the quality of the girls but I have to say that most of the girls wouldn’t make the grade in Vegas. I didn’t see any girl with the full package – pretty, bum, boobs. They either had one or the other, maybe two out of 3 if you were lucky. There were an amazing number of girls with no boobs, or very small boobs…….hmmmmm…… they’re called stripper boobs for a reason….In the couple of hours we were there we barely saw any girls who knew what the pole was for, and those that did weren’t any good at it. They might need to watch a few music videos.Place was was straight up extortion on a couple of fronts – firstly I don’t mind paying cover, but charging attractive women a cover to come in seems odd to me. Also, if you think $11 for a beer is bad, they charged my wife $10 for a small glass of diet coke!

  90. jon d.

    scores has been for awhile the accepted standard by which all gentlemen’s clubs are compared to. that said, flashdancers holds its own fairly well. while you arent as likely to bump into celebrities or known quantities in the adult entertainment industry as you would at scores. the girls are nice to look at. isnt that the point?supposedly there is a dress code. ive never had a problem getting in. i distinctly remember being let in wearing a red monkey hoodie and some rocawear sweat pants once. so if the doorman gives you gruff at the front door just shove some money in his fist. $15 ought to do it.drinks are on par with most other gentlemen’s clubs in the city as far as price is concerned, anywhere from $10-18. first two or three rounds are always weak, so get shots and transition to mixed drinks if that is your thing. as with most establishments in this genre failing to specify which liquor you want in your drink will result in rail alcohol being used. for some reason ive never been able to order more than two double shots per person at the table. ive never been given a good explanation as to why either (or i was too drunk to remember). ive asked what the corkage fee is a couple of times and they looked at me like i was crazy.music selection is pretty much what you would expect at an establishment in this genre. honestly half of the time im there im too drunk to realize that music is being played.food is upscale compared to most other gentlemen’s clubs. which really means it all still sucks. they offer sushi, but mostly for the double entendre im thinking. who really wants to eat at a titty bar anyways?all said it makes for a pretty enjoyable guys night. if you bring about $150 you will have a good time.

  91. gigs

    wow – things have changed – great amazing mileage! great LD’s. laid back – no one hassled me about drinks or vip…

    went in during the day – just walked in – no cover.

    had an amazing dance from a skinny blonde – she started out immiediately adjusting my – for best dance


  92. joseph1k

    Yeah Im reviewing a strip club but it’s a strip club with a sushi bar in it so….ok I dont really go for the sushi but I do love me some sushi and I also love me some hot nekked chicks so like the old Reeses Peanut Butter Cup ad’s went 2 great tastes… Ok back to the point, maybe once or twice a year I like to get the guys(and a few of the girls too) together and head over to Flash. Is it expensive?? You bet your paycheck it is but when you only go once in a blue I say go big, what am I gonna go to some lil dink joint with girls with prosthetic legs? Plus there is nothing funner than paying 18 bucks for a Vodka with Red Bull! As for the place itself the main reason you go is the ladies and they are all very hot. You get a nice mix of races so whatever youre into there is sure to be a girl that fits your taste. Lots of Eastern European and Latin girls and happy to say alot more Asian girls as well. The girls are usually pretty nice and dont hassle you too much. The waitresses are actually as hot as the dancers and even nicer and the fact that they have a massage therapist walking around is cool. The sushi is actually pretty good as the place “Osama” (I know bad name) operates on its own but the waitress will bring you a menu and deliver your order right to your table. The music is what you would expect to hear but sometimes they pull out some great old 80’s tunes, guess it depends on the DJ. It’s located near alot of train lines as well.

  93. curtis17

    We were on bachelor party,12 of us ,we had a great night ,good looking girls mostly from Eastern Europe ..just a free admission on the broom ??just that ..no free dance and we spent a lot there each of run out of cash..I warn you that you should get some cash with you and leave your credit cards away ..yes they do accept credit cards:(((I wish they could have danced better on the poll

  94. Emily B.

    I was here last night with some friends who were in town, and the girls were all very mean to myself as well as my friends. And even though I’m a girl, I usually always get approached by the dancers at clubs, but not here. While they were all beautiful dancers, their attitudes could definitely use some work.

  95. Tom
  96. MITCH

    Wonderful place

  97. winston12

    The girls here are definitely hot, but this place will nickel and dime you. Red Bull costs $11, their VIP rooms start at $1,600+ the girls just kill time talking to you or going on bathroom breaks. It’s cool if you have a free entry pass and just want to throw dollars, but anymore than that your better off calling an escort and getting laid.

  98. Markie Mark DJ
  99. qubie
  100. Anonymous

    if you have the money, definitely get a private dance. it was solid.

  101. Miami Joe

    “What a lady what a night!” to q This club never fails. Consistently good over the years. Visited two nights last week and both were great. Girls are fun with good attitude that lets you relax. Only complaint was one waitress kept stopping by to shake my very full and cold beer to sell me another one. Just moved to another table and had a few more dances.

  102. Jack


  103. Ryan

    I am from Rochester and was on vaca this weekend. This was the best I ever been to. Tons of hot women. Coco was the best!! The dirty talk was so hot!!

  104. member


    had an awsome time at the club 10s all the way thumbs up to you and the club

  105. toonice

    Untill now this is the best club i have visit. There are many beutifull Dancers and the lapdance is with very much bodycontact.

  106. TomRooF

    The best

  107. dancertester

    So this is Bitter Sweet review…

    I loved the old Flashdancers on 52 and Broadway it was atmospheric wonder… You could come with your buddies from your office buy bottle or two and have good time, you could come in also at regular tables by the stage, the mid end, or the “VIP Area” on the far left facing the stage (without extra charge) and have good time…

    Girls, you would have Latinas, European, Middle Easter and Thursday to Saturday there would be good number of girls… And always new transfusion of new girls…
    even if you had bad encounter overall club of ages – a Land mark if you will…

    So only for the reasons they chose to put on the name Flashdancers onto Private Eyes I have to keep will I have to make not a harsh… but keep my standard to the name it holds…

    MidTown flashdancers, Dances – you are constant asked to go to champagne rooms by hostesses, bouncers stand right next to you… not that I expect complete privacy in regular area, just wish there would be at leas a breathing room…

    Girls: Flash was known for having the most amount of girls, and variety… it seems this is something that’s been lost here.
    Girls can be extremely pushy… maybe for the lack of customers? I wonder why?

    Music: Sometimes they play decent music, but it seems if you come around 1AM the DJ will play trance music ALL NIGHT – if you into that – this is for you… but me myself felt like a zombie, just didn’t help out me or any of the girls get into the mood…
    you want to have good dance with a Latina or Easter European girl… tip DJ to put famous Latin song – I guarantee you will have better dance experience (specially with Latinas)

    So now its just Mediocre SC, you might have good time..just does not even hold candle to the original Flash – really just false advertising at this point.

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