FlashDancers Downtown



59 Murray Street, New York, NY 10007


40.7145114, -74.0096845




5pm – 4am


5pm – 4am


5pm – 4am


5pm – 4am


5pm – 4am


5pm – 4am


8pm – 4am


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29 reviews for “FlashDancers Downtown

  1. Jojo Palmero

    FlashDancers NYC Cabaret stands out as a premier destination for adult entertainment in the city. Its combination of talented performers, inviting ambiance, attentive staff, and diverse offerings make it a top choice for those looking to enjoy a night out in the vibrant and electrifying atmosphere of New York City’s nightlife scene.

  2. Alysia Jones

    The staff at FlashDancers is friendly and attentive, enhancing the overall customer experience. From the moment you walk in, you’re greeted with warmth, and the waitstaff is prompt and courteous. The bartenders are skilled at mixing up a variety of cocktails, adding to the enjoyment of the evening.

  3. Joe Edwards

    Couple friends and I went to Flashdancers while we were visiting downtown NYC and had an amazing time! Service was absolutely amazing! The girls took great care of us and were super attentive. Great atmosphere, drinks, and service. Next time we’re downtown New York we will be back!!! Thank you

  4. James Jones

    Awesome place. Been hitting up all the Flashdancers clubs for over 20 years. Consistently a wide variety of beautiful girls, good service, and fun atmosphere. It is highly recommended for all. I love this place.

  5. Titty Twister

    Gotta spend if u wanna play, but the drinks were top shelf and the girls were hot !!! Love the titties in my face, seems I can never get enough!!

  6. Old Timer

    Happy 4th was a wild-ass time here this weekend. I would love to see some lesbian shows on stage like back in the old days.

  7. Mitchell

    If you behave yourself and have over 500.00 to spend, you’ll have a very good time. Staff is very professional and the head hostess is friendly as well. High quality talent too. This is my favorite gentleman’s club in the whole city.

  8. al

    how is this today?

  9. James

    I use to go there when a girl Erica worked there she was so hot! Been there a couple of times but she’s gone so i have no reason to go back. The girls are very nice and pretty there though but Erica has my heart 🙂

  10. kamagra
  11. Franklyn

    In town for a good buddys bachelor party and wound up here to close out festivities. Its expected $20cover $3coat check $20 dances $11buds $13jack/cokes somewhat aggresive not bothersome but a good enough timeSmall room full of eastern european beauties w/aliases of autumn misty & lexus however I find natasha nadia @ svetlana to be far sexier. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was a former miss ukraine in the group they were young, vibrant and extremely attractive. Its no spearmint rhino but no podunk joint either. Non fan of strip joints in general but huge fan of (.)(.) in yer face8 of us…some married w/kids, some not, called it good round 3am. Not exactly bangkok for your buck nor montreal but again expected. Was actually happy to leave w/$6 in my pocket as i had to hold my last pee for an alley to save couple bucks from the bathroom attendant who worked the sink like a benihana chef, had andes mints and my jr high cologne lineup. Good move as this allowed me to score a slice next door and hop mta to port authority…congratulations friend of mine we’ll do it again when you become a dad!

  12. mikeyd

    Really nice job on the remodeling. The girls are definately alot sexier than the past. The free buffet during the day is very good obviously they have it catered.

  13. Joe M.

    One of the staples of downtown history. My 60 year old friend Jimmy explained to me that it would be closing soon so we decided to go for old time sakes..I couldn’t have been more impressed with the quality and sincerity of the ladies of the night. That being said my lap dances and time spent with the ladies was an experience only enjoyed in old time clubs like this.My recommendation is go quickly before it is no more..

  14. BestInNY

    Wow! What a great establishment. I got a lap dance from a few sexy women and was very pleased, Drinks are yummy and the management treated me nicely. Will Return.

  15. MilfHorde
  16. John

    Good place to hang out compared to other places in NYC.

  17. joseph1k

    everyone summed this place up…acts upscale but really is no better than the typical grimey spot…the back room where the show takes place is small and very cramped…the lounge spot at the bar has no one there and the drinks are very over priced…i really cant recommend this place

  18. richard95

    In New York, it’s all about fitting more into less space. Being no stranger to strip clubs, but not being a person who frequents them, I didn’t expect to get much out of this establishment. Normally, I see strip clubs as the “ha ha let’s all go throw dollars at naked ladies” norm that revolves around my Bay Area group of friends. New York Dolls has given me a new appreciation for stripping.Generally if I go to a strip club, it’s in a large anonymous group. No such things can exist here because the space is so small. But small isn’t the right word. Intimate is actually appropriate. Granted, the ladies are sweet talking you because that’s their job. They’re good enough to keep your eyes off the stage and on them, and there’s easily enough girl for any interested guy. Normally I’m not an interested guy. Normally.Perhaps my Seinfeld physique draws the girls to me in this city. I only wish I had the same money, Lord knows strippers don’t generally gravitate towards me. But the something about the girls at Dolls let’s me drop my guard and feel willing to drop a few 20s on lap dances, something I’d normall have no interest in.I know there’s nothing more than a little physical satisfaction. I know there’s nothing more than a little fun that starts in the club and stays in the club, going only so far as my money can take it. And I’m okay with that. I enjoy it. I like it.The girls in here are real, for the most part. I don’t hold much stock in whatever they tell me of there personal lives, which is limited, but the bodies and the way they move…. Let’s say I miss having a girl, they remind me of it but make it okay. I guess I just have to work harder at finding someone when I get back home. We all know they’re helping me work hard here.

  19. Mack

    Had a great time friday night! The girls are hot and very nice! I will be back soon

  20. al

    girls are super,nice staff, low key.not comfy

  21. Harmony I.

    I hate that they don’t tell you that they are going to put an astronomical hold on your card if you use it – they put a $400 hold on mine for 5 days (the weekend and then 3 business days). Would have been nice of them to tell me that up front. Use cash. I also got charged $93 for 4 beers but it was my own fault for not looking at the receipt until I got home (she didn’t make me sign it, which makes me wonder even more…I bet she added in like $50 tip and forged my signature and if that is the case, I will pursue legal action)…4 Bud Lights should have been $40. This place rips you off blind.

  22. fuckery12

    I don’t understand why other dudes say they “rarely” hit gentlemen’s clubs except for bachelor parties…I love jiggly joints…and would hit em up daily if logistically/financially feasible.I’ve been to cavernous vegas spots and this place is the antithesis of all those spots. Tiny and personable…The “entertainers” can actually have a conversation with you…mams hangin out and everything. I learned that a couple of these scantilly-clad lasses are going for their masters degrees and are strippin for rent money…bwa..haha..hahahaha…yeah, okDrinks…are expensive, c’mon, we should all know that coming into these establishments.Now you know where I’ll be on the 1st and the 15th of the month.::makes it rain::

  23. Alex C.

    This is one of the skeeviest strip clubs in New York. I don’t think the couches are actually patched with duct tape, but it feels like the type of place where they would be.The best part is that it’s skeezy trying to pass as “classy”, and that equals “hilariously awesome”.If you like seeing boobs under a blacklight shaking to Guns N Roses, while you sip corny mixed drinks, look no further. This place is the strip club equivalent of that weird girl that your older brother dated once who said scary things about huffing Lysol yet still kind of gave you a boner.Then he dumped her and everyone was relieved, but you still fantasized about the time you saw her drinking malt liquor and sunbathing in a confederate flag bikini.

  24. tom
  25. Peter D.

    In Manhattan you can go to the very high end “Gentleman’s Club” or the very low end “hole in the wall”. New York Dolls is definitely more in the middle, closer to the hole in the wall side. The place is small and needs a makeover. I even had a whole discussion with one of the dancers, she is studying interior design, on how she would make some simple changes to make the place better. Besides $11 beers, the girls were very warm and friendly. No attitudes at this place. How come whenever I go to a joint I always fall for the bartender? In this case, it was the masseuse. She was the cutest mix of Philipino, Italian, and Chek I have ever seen. She too was warm and friendly even after I made it clear I wasn’t interested in a massage.

  26. DEW
  27. GoodTime

    There has not been a review here in a while so i want to tell everyone i had and awesome experience. The mood the atmosphere it was just a great time. Its a must go if you are in town and need a place to go and relax having some quality fun.

  28. J

    Great place….

  29. jim wall street

    Quality of service is incredible one waitress specially!! GINGER!!! so, HOT so, SEXY

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