Fantasy Nights



1201 North Salina Street, Syracuse, NY 13208


43.0660573, -76.1581713




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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25 reviews for “Fantasy Nights

  1. stiffinphoenix

    The business closed down in February 2020, after part of the roof gave in. I am sad to see it go!

  2. Name
  3. Stud
  4. Rebaud

    An “old school” local topless bar. Not much on atmosphere, but it’s a freindly, comfortable place. One or two very good girls and the rest are average. Private dances are generally worth the money. A good place to go have a bear and stare at b(.)(.)bs.

  5. Larry
  6. Used to work here

    I worked in this club for a couple of weeks and hated it. They might think that this club is descent but its nasty. There is more stains on the VIP rugs then in someones bed. They sell condoms there in the mens bathroom so if that dont tell you anything then I dont know what to say. Only thing that I feel bad for is the lost of Brownie son sorry for your lose Brownie.

  7. Planter

    Me and my boys were bored on a Saturday night and decided to give this club a try, bad move. We walked in and were greeted to a completely dead club with 2 dancers and a manager behind the bar.We were told it was 6 dollar cover to get in, we said whatever and decided to see whats good, looking back we probally should have just left. The first and pretty much the only dancer of the night took the stage when we sat down, I will say this girl was a gorgeous ebony queen, perfect 10, amazing face ,legs, ass, and utmost perfect breasts. She did a few songs until she started complaining to the manager that she’d been up there too long and didnt wanna dance any more.Whatever. We threw her a few dollars during her set which she just took and walked off stage with. The majority of clubs I’ve visited the dancers at least will give a thanks or something for the tip but I guess thats not the case here. Then for the next 40 minutes the stage was empty. The girls were chatting with a few other customers who came in, hitting up the VIP, ect. Cant really complain about that though, ladies gotta get their paper somehow cause theyre obviously not too down for the stage, after 40 minutes the other girl took the stage and man what a boring stage show. Ive been to funerals with more excitement. This girl unfortnetly wasnt nearly even close to as hot as the other girl. She was so so,pretty much looking like a mess. During her set she ended up getting topless then going thru another song only to put her clothes back on and do a few sets clothed. At that point me and my boys had enough of this wack club and left. As we walked thru the dirty ass parking lot past a few discarded rubbers and a pile of doo doo(seriously not joking) I just thought damn what a waste of time this was. Even though it could have just been an off night for this club, I’m definetly on my first and last visit to Fantasy Nights, the only reason I’d probally go back is to see the godess that was the first dancer, other than that i’ll just hit up one of the many other clubs in town.

  8. SieNegro

    Slayer is such a raging homosexual, I don’t know why he is even on this site. He is starting to challenge me, but I guess it is only to get with me. I will ignore him and his gayness and focus on the great girls and the incredible job they do. The internet is a unique thing. “Slayer” can say what he wants about me, and he doesn’t ever have to say it to my face. He is so lucky for that.

  9. frank jofra

    I spent two hours waiting for a Vip or lap dance but none of the dancers ever asked if I wanted one. They spent most of their time out back smoking or talking with friends. They seemed completley disinterested in the patrons.I ordered a ginger ale and it was four dollars for a tiny glass.Most of the time there was only one tired dancer around, the rest were out back doing who knows what. Don’t go here if you want any attention.

  10. Old wise one

    Problem here is if you go here often as i did spend money but dont do privet dances managment chastise girls for being friendly to you.They have gotten my last dollar. Stupid people or should I say bad good club just poor management.No wounder it is empty most of the time. It be out of business soon with that mentality.

  11. eeeekitreeeks

    disgusting , please close

  12. joe
  13. Bucky
  14. Roy
  15. SirNegro

    I love this nude club. There is no high pressure here, and the dancers are a mix of African and European desent. It is sad that individuals from the KKK are commenting, and I believe they are from Night Lights.

  16. Billy
  17. Fireball

    Hey, I like this place. No cover, $10 lap dances and always a game on TV.

  18. Wes

    scared for more life, terrible location and then when inside, once again scared

  19. badgirl819
  20. Hlavin Kitheri

    I have to take exception to one of the earlier reviews, inasmuch as I think he’s talking about the wrong bar. FN never has a cover, AFAIK, and they don’t have a parking lot, with or without dog doo.

  21. Carey
  22. Steve
  23. Lisa
  24. Amy
  25. buddy

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