Spearmint Rhino



1620 Pennsylvania Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15233


40.4530541, -80.0302816




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Visit Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club Pittsburgh and experience why were Western Pennsylvania’s #1 strip club! Spearmint Rhino is the world leader in premier live adult entertainment. Our location features the hottest full nude entertainers and offers guests a personalized experience with the very best in local and imported drink choices, VIP bottle service, private dance booths, guest appearances by the sexiest porn stars and much more. Like MMA and sports? We have you covered showing all Pay-Per-View UFC fights and select boxing and televised sporting events.

Guests will always have an amazing time when visiting a Spearmint Rhino Club location. Open 7 days a week virtually every day of the year. There is no competition for Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Clubs.


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172 reviews for “Spearmint Rhino

  1. Pussy love Pussy love

    How do ya do, Mister Mark? There before the grace of you go I…

  2. mark

    Visit Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club Pittsburgh and experience why were Western Pennsylvania’s #1 strip club! Spearmint Rhino is the world leader in premier live adult entertainment. Our location features the hottest full nude entertainers and offers guests a personalized experience with the very best in local and imported drink choices,…

  3. CreamOfTheCrop
  4. Shawn
  5. Flo

    The place is not bad. The girls aren’t the best. They did nothing but complain about how the customers weren’t spending any money. It is you honey. It is not them.

  6. Richie

    Went here with some buddies, what a great time! Best Club in Pittsburgh, by far! Shitty location, but hottest girls! Can you tell by all the exclamation points how much I recommend this place?

  7. Of
  8. My ma cher amio
  9. ChrisCarter

    Most dancers were very sexy and were tremendous dancers. a few were very talented climbing the pole. And some danced pretty close to you. maybe best club in pittsburgh based on looks and dancing skills

  10. Waylon Jennings

    This place leaves a lot to be desired.. But hell she’ll never see a way to take a pay cut and work here. Honestly I don’t know who would.

  11. Freiherr
  12. Vance
  13. Pick guitar
  14. Forget this place!

    I went here and they charged me $15 to get in and were only nine dancers. Everything was expensive. The VIP dances and the private rooms are a ripoff. I would advise going to Cheerleaders, instead. The cover charge is half what it is at the Spearmint Rhino. On Tuesday nights, Cheerleaders has two dollar Tuesdays, with $2 coor light bottles, and $2 mixed drinks. Lap dances are buy one get one free until midnight. A way better deal than SR and their bullshit.

  15. Hunter
  16. Around
  17. I'm
  18. Jack

    Rhino never lets me down!

  19. Bingo
  20. TheTruth

    The only bad things you’ll hear about this club are either; they don’t let you have free reign to touch their girls, or the dance special they call twice a night isn’t a full length song.

    If that’s the only thing you can complain about, it pretty much proves Rhino is the best club in this city. They have the best decor, the best atmosphere, the best looking girls (who would have thought, the hot girls don’t like to be molested???), the best sound and lighting, the best cover charge deals, the best drink prices, the best theme parties…do I need to continue?

  21. Jambalaya
  22. Les

    I love this place! I can sit around all night while spending little money. The boys that work the floor are really something special. Eye candy!

  23. Ken
  24. Machu Picchu

    I don’t, I don’t know…

  25. Ryan

    I am feeling this Rhino Club!

  26. Dave

    Drop in while in town from Canada and we really appreciate the hospitality n had a great evening with wide variety of ladies n music to create an exciting mood.will be back

  27. HonestReview

    If the other clubs would spend a quarter of the time they spend trying to bad mouth the rhino on this irrelevant website, they may be able to salvage what’s left of their dying clubs….food for thought

  28. Ass
  29. Fill fruit jar
  30. Can't stop J. Goff
  31. Father McGruder


  32. Cause tonight
  33. Fiji
  34. Ring
  35. Dick balls

    They have 12 beat dancers on a Friday or Saturday night. Don’t waste your time go to Cheerleaders or Blush where they have over 50 girls on a weekend night.

  36. Jenny
  37. The
  38. Barron Von Trump

    I shall post a review to cancel out the review that was posted by the douche bag below. Do not vote for Conor Lamb. Conor Lamb is too honest, and trustworthy. We can not have him in congress. Vote for Rick Saccone, a life long tough Navy man (In the the Navy, you can sail the seven seas). Viva Donald Trump!

  39. kiwele

    Loved this place, I felt welcome and had a good fun. dancersare friendly and good looking for teh most part.maybe it’s just me, but i only heard rock music, please mix it up!!! I spent alot and gopt a Rhino hat 🙂 I’m coming again for sure!!!

  40. Johnny
  41. Son of a gun
  42. OhYeah
  43. And be gay-o
  44. Steve

    Went in on a Saturday nite. I wasn’t there long as I was tired but met a dancer named Carmen. She had a great personality and was very tall and sexy. Very nice girl and gave me a great couch dance. If I had more time and money I will definitely go back

  45. Be realistic

    A very nice club, nice atmosphere, good prices for everything, pretty girls. Whoever keeps leaving ridiculous reviews and comments, really needs to get a life.

  46. MrSaturdayNight

    Rhino has officially become my Saturday Night Spot!

  47. Craig

    Hands down the best club in Pittsburgh, we went here after the Steelers SMASHED the Panthers, what an atmosphere this place has. Far and away the hottest girls I’ve seen at any club in this city, Smoke shows, smoke shows, smoke shows.

  48. T
  49. We'll have big fun
  50. Turner
  51. Curtis

    I went here on a night when the servers were way hotter than the dancers.I found this out after I paid $15 to get in and another $12 on a drink.

  52. Bret
  53. DreamX

    Hands down the best strip club I’ve ever been too and one of the more fun nights I’ve ever had. Not only are the women stunning, but they’re fun and nice to chat with aswell.. I highly recommend going with a group of friends and getting a bottle a bottle of liquor. The rest of the night will take care of itself and you’ll more than likely have a fantastic time. I miss it.. lol

  54. Billy S

    Great club charming girls a fun time !

  55. TheBestAround
  56. Fell
  57. TheBest
  58. Alo

    I was in town for a business trip, being familiar with the Rhino in Las Vegas, I decided to give this one a shot.

    $15 Cover at the door, guy working was hilarious. usually the door guy just tries to intimadate you, not here, the door guy, Jamar, had me cracking up before I even got in.

    I was greeted by a waitress, Charity, she sat me down, and was fantastic. Anytime I needed a refill she was on it before I coudl say anything.

    The DJ had the club bumping, lasers flashing, it was awesome.

    I’ll be back in town in a couple months for buisness, keep up the good work!

  59. SonOfAGUN
  60. Yo

    Love It!!!

  61. Andrew

    Yins should post pics of the bartenders too the one that served me tonight was the finest lady in the place!! (They all were fine but she was the sexiest by far)

    I had an awesome first experience and the burger i had was awesome too!! Thanks for a great night! Imma tell all my boys to check yins out..

  62. ChrisCarter

    Most dancers were very sexy and were tremendous dancers. a few were very talented climbing the pole. And some danced pretty close to you. maybe best club in pittsburgh

  63. Mike

    Visited this club last night after hearing their commerical on radio, and I wanted to see what all the hype was about?

    I totally get it now, this place is light years ahead of the rest of the clubs in area, their lighting, sound system, and look make this place the best club in the burgh!

    I will be back!

  64. Brian

    I love this club! The atmosphere is second to none, the staff is great, and they have the best looking lineup in Pittsburgh. Highly Recommended!

  65. Samuel
  66. Albrecht
  67. I
  68. FDR

    Decemba 7, 1941… A Date Which Will Live in Infamy!!

  69. Hey
  70. Mike

    Rhino runs the world!

  71. Kelly

    Was there last saturday for their vegas party, absolute blast! Elvis showed up, hahahahahaha. This place knows how to throw a theme party, I can’t wait for their next one.

    Keep up the great work!

  72. Oh

    Ohhhh looks like he has dropped a cog.

  73. A
  74. Down
  75. Flames
  76. JimmieJ

    Rhino’s location is not the best, compared to the other two major clubs in the city, but they make up for it with free parking, cheap cover, and a much nicer inside than either of the other two clubs. Rhino’s girls are right on par with Cheerleaders in the hotness category, it really just depends on what you like. Rhino girls are more on the “fit” side, where Cheerleaders is geared more to the “thick” side. So if you’re looking for good looking fit girls, I’d say rhino, if you want good looking thick girls, go Cheerleaders. I see a lot of people keep touching on it, but I’ll say it as well, Rhino is VERY night clubby. If you’re looking for a more relaxed, casual night out, Rhino is probably not the place for you, but if you’re looking for a more upscale, adventurous night, you’d probably enjoy rhino. They push bottle service, have lights and lasers all over the place, they keep that fog machine going strong all night, and their sound system keeps the crowd going. Rhino also seems to offer more of a stage show, they have some girls that do some pretty wild stuff on the pole, and hoops, so if you’re looking for straight booty shaking, you will not like Rhino. All three of the major clubs offer, essentially, the same dances and dance prices, each does it a little differently, but if you’re looking for a VIP room you can get it anywhere. I hope this review was helpful, just wanted to give my honest opinion.

  77. Went
  78. Always

    I always have a killer time when i come here.

  79. J. Goff again
  80. Kwame

    Hey brothers and sisters! I found a beautiful fair skinned maiden with an enhanced butt. I got the showcase which was 3 songs for $40. The first song was exactly one minute long. The second song was two minutes long, as was the third. The three song showcase lasted five minutes total. It is a good thing that I am always high. Five minutes to me is like twenty minutes to others. Peace and walk good

  81. Caesar Augustus

    I spit on all of you, too!

  82. Count Orlok
  83. Elizabeth Warren
  84. And fillet gumbo
  85. Trev

    Can’t believe this place is even open. The scummy manager should be ashamed of the shit hole he runs. It’s quite embarrassing to watch him suffer and pimp out the ugliest girls in the city. Get a new job, bro. YOUve hit rock bottom.

  86. ClevelandInTheHouse

    My buddies and I decided to check this place out last week when we were in town, definitely something different compared to the other well-known clubs in the city. Cover was $10, cheap for a weekend, figured they’d get us on drinks, but they were actually less than both Cheerleaders and Blush. Rhino’s food isn’t on par with Cheerleaders or Blush though. Overall we had good time, and will surely be back in the near future, and we’ll make sure to wear our Spearmint Rhino Beanies for that free cover.

  87. Trevor
  88. Burnin'
  89. Father Merrin

    Crux sacra sit mihi lux! Nunquam draco sit mihi dux. Vade retro Satana! Nunquam suade mihi vana! Sunt mala quae libas. Ipse venena bibas!

  90. Sabrina

    Rhino is so good, I try and get my husband to sell his club everyday! The longer he waits the less it will be worth cause Rhino is DESTROYING our business.

  91. Fire
  92. Nice Place

    I wish people would actually put legitimate reviews, instead of spouting a bunch of irrelevant crap. The Rhino is very nice, very clean, it has an upbeat atmosphere and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. The drinks are reasonably priced and there’s always good looking girls there. The food is not up to par like Blush and Cheerleaders, but for quick finger food it’s good. I’ll definitely recommend.

  93. Manfred
  94. Sam

    This place is way too overpriced for the extreme stale vagina smell that emits from the doors. Waste of time. The managers are creepy and smell bad. Don’t go here.

  95. Albert

    Once you go Rhino, you’ll never go back to the other clubs in the city!

  96. AwesomeClub
  97. Men Without Masks

    We can grind if we want to
    We can leave the Rhino behind
    Cause at the Rhino they don’t grind and if they don’t grind
    Well, they’re no friends of mine
    We can go where we want to
    The night is young and so am I
    And we can act like we come from out of this world and leave the Rhino far behind.

  98. Derek

    went there on a weekday, it wasn’t overly busy, but that doesn’t matter to me, I don’t go to strip clubs to watch other people stare at naked chics…Easily the best club in the Burgh just on atmosphere and looks alone. Hopefully Blush and Cheerleaders take note, there’s finally some competition in the city!

  99. No

    Tee Tee Tee Tee

  100. Great
  101. NatureBoy

    Spearmint Rhino is one stylin, profilin, limousine ridin, jet flying, wheelin dealin son of a gun, woo!

    Best club in the Burgh!

  102. BestInTheBurgh

    It’s funny…Rhino keeps getting better, the other clubs keep trying to hurt them on message boards!

  103. JR

    I had a blast! Far and away the most fun entertainers I’ve seen!

  104. Antonio
  105. John

    This place ain’t nothing but a tourist trap and I like a good tourist trap. There are so many good ripoffs here. There is the long no-touching dance, done in a silly open booth for $125! What a tourist attraction that is?! Then there are the 3 for $40 dance specials that only last 5 minutes! Incredible! I love to sit around on the comfy couches and watch people get ripped off! This place is better than anything!

  106. J. Goff

    Me and all my rowdy friends were here on Sunday night and it sucked!

  107. Albert

    Rhino just has a much different atmosphere than your typical Pittsburgh Strip Club. For starters, it’s nice to see a club actually enforce a dress code. There’s just something that makes me feel sleezy when I’m in a club, and the guy next to me has sweat pants on. Where Cheerleaders is more sports bar/hip hop club feel, and Blush just has a sleezeball vibe, Rhino has more nightclub feel with their sound system and lighting.

  108. Remember that time

    Remember that time mark mcavoy screamed at a girl in the dressing room because she wouldn’t tip him and then said he’s only hiring new dancers from now on and not ones from other clubs? Dude just wants girls in there that don’t know their rights. What a fuckin pimp. Go to hell you fuckin clown.

  109. Albert

    Oh look! Blush is at it again, trying to paint Rhino as a Black club, AND trying to bring down Rhino’s rating at the same time…KEEP TRYING BLUSH!

  110. I'
  111. Christy
  112. avalenci20001
  113. Charlie

    “Often Imitated, Never Duplicated”

    LMFAO! I love it cause it’s true!

    Finally a legit Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh! This is a must for anyone interested in a good time, and hot naked girls!

  114. apetro63

    Love the place

  115. Stephen
  116. Al
  117. Kate

    The rhino dancer, i notice some the girls make was off it didn’t look good! Seem like the girl was trying to hard doing trash things. But make up and looks sure was on point for being a high class club

  118. WC

    This place has not been open long. The dancers are not bad, but not many local girls. There are no private dances, just table dances. They have a private dance area with stalls, which was left from when this place was the Penthouse Club. They should use that area for private dances, and forgo the table dances. Strip club customers prefer private dances over table dances. The overall hospitality is bad. The security, and staff treat everybody like an a-hole, regardless. The majority of customers that come in the place are there to have a good time and not make trouble. Good customers should be treated with some degree of respect, and not insulted. I have never tried any of the food, but it seems to be reasonably priced. What makes this club stand out is the atmosphere. Even though it is on the small side, it is a nice, modern, upscale kind of club. The sound system in there is great.

  119. Xerxes The Great

    A thousand dicks up your ass!

  120. Jason

    Watched the manager Mark get drug out of cheerleaders like a 13 year old who can’t hold his liquor. Worst club in the city. Way over priced. Their dancers are rejects from other clubs. Manager needs fired.

  121. Rasputin

    You not going to rock and roll no more! You not going to rock and roll no more!

  122. BubbleButts

    Be honest. Like what club worries about their review score on the Strip Club List. This is an honest rating.

  123. gmiller

    Stopped by earlier for the first time. Congratulations! Much classier and elegant than Penthouse Club!

  124. Titus
  125. Remember that time

    Remember that time mark mcavoy screamed at a girl in the dressing room because she wouldn’t tip him and then said he’s only hiring new dancers from now on and not ones from other clubs? Dude just wants girls in there that don’t know their rights. What a fuckin pimp. Go to hell you fuckin clown.

  126. I'm gonna see
  127. Frank N Furter

    Some the strippers are pretty good. Everything else sucks!

  128. Lando
  129. You're Listening To 650 WSM Nashville
  130. Richie

    I wonder if the other clubs realize how much they discredit this site when they post fake reviews?

    Regardless, Rhino is the tits!

  131. von Richthofen
  132. Rick Saccone

    I am canceling out the review of this douche bag below.

  133. UFC_Fight_Fan

    I’m a huge UFC fan, I really like how Rhino does their UFC fights, they play the sound for the main event. Which, with their sound system, is pretty awesome, I just saw they’re doing the canelo/ggg fight as well. Really looking forward to that, I saw the mcgregor/mayweather fight at cheerleaders, and felt completely cheated, that I spent that money on cover, and you barely knew the fight was going on.

  134. M
  135. Stan

    I was skeptical at first, but after I visited, I wish I had gone sooner! The best part about this place, is they have girls I’ve never seen before. The other clubs in the city just recycle the same girls over and over again. Spearmint has girls you haven’t seen at the other clubs, it’s a breathe of fresh air.

  136. Clovis Man

    A dust storm hit and it hit like thunder
    It dusted us over and it covered us under
    Blocked out the traffic and blocked out the sun
    Straight for home all the people did run
    So long, it’s been good to know ya
    So long, it’s been good to know ya
    So long, it’s been good to know ya
    This dusty old dust is a-gettin’ my home
    I’ve got to be drifting along…

  137. Don't buy rooms

    Nicest club in the burgh but the excessive room prices are a deal breaker. Cheerleaders.offers more bang for the buck.

  138. Shannon
  139. Albert

    They wouldn’t bring me on as a bathroom attendant either…

  140. Into
  141. Cash
  142. Brian

    I actually canceling out the review of this douche bag below.

  143. Darnell

    A brother can make himself at home here.

  144. Baron
  145. Tao

    I fly here from the west coast to work because this is such an amazing place to work. I love the people here, and might just move here it’s so great. The club is classy and clean on the inside. Management is professional and attentive. I’ve been in the industry a long time and have worked all over the country. This is one of the best clubs I’ve ever worked at. If you want top shelf ladies with top shelf service this is your place.

  146. Rory

    The 1st time I came in here was with some friends. After a while they brought all the dancers up to the stage then they announced this thing where you can get 3 dances for $40 and the dancers give you a Rhino ball cap that you can wear to get in free with. OK sounds like a good deal so me n my bro went for it when this one girl brought over her friend. It was stupid. For the most part we had to keep our hands to our self and it seemed like it was over very quickly. We were like wow was that 3 songs? Aside from that they gave us our hats and we were cool. The next time they did the 3 for 40 thing we got out our phone and timed the songs. It turned out that the 3 songs were cut to 2 minutes each. So it was 6 minutes total. Not even 2 songs! The next time I came in I times the songs for the 3 for 40 again. Again the length of the 3 songs added up to 6 minutes. One song was 2 minutes. The next one was 3 minutes and the last one was cut to one minute. Just givin a heads up.What a gyp!

  147. PrettyFun

    This is a pretty fun club!

  148. A crawfish pie
  149. AboveTheRest
  150. D
  151. Guppy
  152. And
  153. Drew
  154. No

    Dance Dance Dance Dance

  155. Higher
  156. BestInTheBurghII

    Rhino wins best Strip Club in Pittsburgh this year, and laughs at all the haters!

  157. Still J. Goff
  158. JohnnyBoy
  159. No

    Safe Safe Safe Safe

  160. Bill

    Great but damn I wish the DJ would stop talking during sets LOL

  161. Aaron
  162. BrianP

    Hands down the best club in Pittsburgh. Best atmosphere, best girls, best DJ, best staff, best parties, best dances, best prices…do I need to continue?

    When I’m not there, I dream about being there!

  163. Hello
  164. HowLittleThisRatingsMean

    To show how little any of these mean, watch how the next reviews will all be terrible…and go

  165. Jake Rake

    The Rhino rips its customers off!

  166. Father Karras

    Ego te absolvo! Ego te absolvo!

  167. Billy Eyelash

    I don’t I don’t know either…

  168. Jason
  169. Timmy

    Wow! This place blew me away! This club is not like any other club in this city, this club actually had a fun atmoshpere, not just girls trying to steal money from you, and speaking of the girls, where did they find them? This is the only club that doesnt have the same dancers that just recycle through the Pittsburgh strip club scene. The vast majority of their girls have never worked at the other clubs, which I tip my hat of to this club for actually buidling a roster, rather than hiring any junkie that walks through the door. I will be back for sure!

  170. At the Rhino
  171. BertCorrales

    I had been frequenting Blush and Cheerleaders for years, and was told by the dancers, and staff at those clubs that Spearmint was bad. I heeded their opinions for awhile, until my buddies took me over to Rhino…

    Wow! No wonder those other clubs tried to convince me not to go over here, they knew the second I walked in, I would never go back to their clubs. Boy, were they right!

    Rhino is in a league of it’s own when it comes to Pittsburgh Gentlemen’s Club, you feel like you’re in a Vegas Night Club when you’re there! They have the best looking girls, by far! As someone whose been around this scene for years in Pittsburgh, I was astonished to see how many girls they had, that hadn’t worked at the other clubs. If you go to Blush or Cheerleaders you just see the same 20 girls that get recycled back and forth between the two, Rhino isn’t like that at all. One of the girl’s I did a dance with was visiting from a California Rhino, so you never know who you may see at this club.

    Rhino, I apologize for it taking so long for me to check you guys out! I was brainwashed into thinking Blush and Cheerleaders were how clubs were suppose to be ran.

    Don’t make the same mistake I did, GO TO RHINO!

    You won’t be disappointed!

    -Mr. Bert

  172. Pros n Cons

    The club is very nice inside and the sound system is good. The bottle service is good. They have some very nice looking dancers and some that are not. The private dances and the booth rooms are not a very good value for the money. The competing clubs offer a lot more in the way of private dances, and private champagne rooms for around the same money.

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