Victorias Cabaret



4931 Bragg Boulevard, Fayetteville, NC 28303


35.0921444, -78.9552843




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Victorias Cabaret

  1. BILL


  2. Thomas Lefey

    I’ve always enjoyed coming here and now I enjoy it even more. It’s a fun relaxed atmosphere

  3. lloyd
  4. Occasional Visitor

    Smoky! The ceiling is low, so smoke just hangs in the air here. However, the drink prices are good (specials through the week! $1 bottles and $0.25 drafts depending on the day), and if you’re military, getting in is easy (no cover days for military with ID). Some of the dancers are friendly, but more seem to be stuck up if you want to converse before a dance. Not a bad place to go for a drink, though.

  5. david and missy

    we had ssssss much fun here the entire staff was very good at what they do the entertainers were very hot the djs played a good variety of music thr bartender were quik with our drinks LL AROUND WE HAD A VERY GOOD TIME

  6. brian

    great place

  7. ted nomare

    the only strip club in fayetteville that actally plays mostly rock music and very hot girls

  8. oj9868976


  9. Jay Stevens

    Best kept secret in fayetteville , I always have a good time there and never have to put up with bs there like alot of other places …

  10. steven crochiere

    yhis place is the coolest place on earth girls are hot and the dj was the coolest guy in the world

  11. boobie lover

    wow we had fun great place

  12. scott

    great place

  13. Scott Johnson

    Very Nice Place , Relaxed and Comfortable , I will Definately Make This Place A Routine Stop When I Travel Through Fayetteville .

  14. ryan calberra

    had a great time one hel of a place to go

  15. eddyL

    This is a total dive place. If you are staying in Southern Pines for golf with the guys…don’t drive the 40m here. It was hard to fine any skin on the girls since they had tattoos all over their body. If you like that then go for it. For us out of towners from NY, LA this was one of the worst places we have been too.

  16. lori

    me and my husband had a great time …couples are treated very nicely here as compared to some of the other sure to get a dance from laura

  17. Mat

    Great place to hang out and have a good time …..

  18. bailley

    this place rocks

  19. chuck palmer

    best strip club i have ever been to

  20. That Guy

    Sorry John….this place is too small…too smokey and in a shitty area of town.

  21. Lawrence Fitz

    If you want a club that’s friendly and relaxed this is the place to be. I do alot of traveling and I’ll be back here when I come to Fayetteville. Thank you for the hospitality

  22. yony and kim

    Friday night we had so much fun

  23. tracy nunincortt

    gauranteed one hell of a good time

  24. dj steve

    I am shocked is just one of those people who has to hate on everthing whenever the dont get their way or one of the transvestites they are so engulfed to talk about

  25. Sam

    Ok club. Too much drama not enough blondes.

  26. me

    this is my new favorite spot

  27. ,KUI8UTIU


  28. Jackie

    Went out with the guys to this club for first time ever and, had a blast the girls were sexy and friendly. Only complaint is that it was too smokey. I’ll for sure be back. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Dan

    Great club! Hot girls!

  30. chris miars

    the staff is way cool the djs are funny as hell the dancers are hot as hell and tracy the bartender can mix one hell of a drink 2 words……. go there

  31. Brandon

    I hang out all the time ,, I wouldnt go anywhere else in town … Great Club !!!!

  32. Bobby

    Best in Fayetteville , Hot girls and a cool place to chill ….

  33. Lee Johnson OWNER

    WOW Terri what a nice comment .. really guys(From Sharky’s)find something else to do other then pine over other peoples good comments on this site … Instead come on down to Victorias and ill buy you guys a beer or something …

  34. tyler

    best place in town

  35. NLJY98KJDF677


  36. bobby taylor

    hot women good music pretty much enough said about that the entire staff very professional.If you really want your moneys worth go on a night when both djs are working they had our whole party laughing our asses off and the girls were a blast check it out

  37. mark johnston
  38. h8yu698uyuiyer56


  39. ryan123

    I come here often a few times or more a week and I would say if Cheers crossed with Vegas you would get Vics. The drink specials are amazing, in fact I think they’re the best in town. The Staff is amazing and they take care of their guests. They also have one of the most amazing rooms in fayetteville.

  40. tony dinardo

    I loved the fact they didnt play a lot of rap and the girls were very hot the dj was really cool and the management was very helpful


    JADEN KELLEY friend of Alyssa chase has HERPES ,, GAVE IT TO ME.. SHE IS

  42. Hector

    Awsome club , Hot girls … Best Club in Da Ville !!!

  43. strip club man

    this is really the best strip club in the carolinas the girls were hot and the djs played a good variety of music and thank god not a lot of rap like the other clubs i have been to

  44. i am shocked

    All the comments left on here must be from the people who work at this club. Victoria’s is ghetto and is in the middle of the ghetto!!! Prostitues walk around the front of the building and they are really transvestites. Not only that there are only always about 4 or 5 girls who look like nothing that work every night even when the club is closed. I was disgusted with the music. The bartender does not pour enough liquor in your drink and the bathroom smells like exactly what its for. Dont be fooled by the comments on here. Like i said the 4 girls who work here must have left these comments.

  45. chrissy

    people are right best strip club in fayetteville for couples to go to

  46. corey tyson


  47. christie

    I drve from greenville nc every night to work here because the staff and management are very nice to work with

  48. Melissa

    Great Club , Girls are Hot , The Place Seems Very Chill , Best In Town …

  49. alicia

    also a gret place for lesbians to be

  50. chris denardo

    grat place girls are ok the djs play a little too much hip hop for my taste but as I understand the girls pretty much pick their music get a dance from deanna and cheyanne together its worth it

  51. tony

    this place is great

  52. USMC


  53. winston12

    To begin, this is not the kind of evening my husband and I would typically have, but while traveling through NCarolina we stopped into Victoria’s cabaret almost on a dare at the suggestion of a friend. As it turned out, it was the clubs anniversary celebration, which included a little person dancer from Chicago, and a pudding wrestling match. Once inside, we were delighted to find a relaxed and fun atmosphere and were surprised that about half the customers were women and/or couples. It’s clear to us that the club works at maintaining the relaxed vibe for everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy a sexy fun time. The entertainers were kind and not pushy. The music was a nice variety, and not aggressive nor negative. There’s plenty of seating both near the main stage, and in the couch lounge. Awesome drink prices, nice staff, overall, a great experience.

  54. todd

    this club is a joke. Not a good looking girl in it

  55. bill richie

    its a smaller club but the qulity of the girls was outstanding and they played a good variety of music didnt have to sit and listen to rap all night which was a big bonus to our group we will be back

  56. FunGuy

    What a great club , I have been many times and always have a

    great time . Victorias has a great vibe and very hot dancers

    and waitresses !! Much better then all the other strip clubs

    around .

  57. Casie Overturf

    i love this!! awesome!! i promise you will have a blast there and the girls there are SEXY!!!

  58. John

    Victorias has really changed recently , I had been there in the past and not been impressed but I went this past weekend and there was a huge difference …. The girls are hot and the club is really nice .. Im not sure what they are doing but definately keep it up !!

  59. brad

    DJ cut the songs in 1/2 so your ‘lap dances’ were shortened. we went on a Friday night and it was dead… which says something. one of the 10 dancers was good looking, none ‘hot’. none of the dancers wanted to come and sit with you. we were the only ones tipping in the joint and no dancer came to sit and chat let alone flirt.

  60. JGUY78609UIOI


  61. June hemmingway

    I have a blast every time I go…..Definitely my favorite hamg

    out spot!!!

  62. brian nichols

    check it out youll have a blast

  63. nc couple

    we had a blast enough said

  64. daryll morgan

    I mange sharkys and this club blows us away

  65. terri greene

    I own sharkys and someday i hope my club will be as good as this place

  66. Michelle

    Loved hanging out in the champagne room with my girls!!!!

    This club is hot!

  67. jack
  68. Alora
  69. larry

    I have been stationed elswhere for about 10 yrs now got back to fayetteville a lot of changes hated to see house of dolls was gone but was glad to see both djs were at victorias..the rest of the staff was great the girls were hot aand the drink specials cant be beat

  70. brian newberry

    go to this place very entertaining xxx film star alyssa chase works there and she is really cool as is most of the staff

  71. Shane

    Cool Place , smaller then some olf the other clubs but very cool club …

  72. seven dunbar

    our band had a blast in there

  73. swinging couple

    we had so much fun this club is very couple friendly

  74. Chip

    its a wonderful club

  75. Ben S

    Nice club … Great staff and girls …

  76. Steven

    Great club , not full of drama like the others in town ..

  77. James

    Great club!

  78. daryl morgan

    i love this bar

  79. j
  80. Jack Frist

    I had a great time and they have such a variety of girls it was amazing. I never expected it from a smaller club but, the experience I had here will diffinately make me come back when I come to Fayetteville.

  81. chet

    this is the number one spot in fayetteville.

  82. Charles

    This cub is AWESOME!!! The girls are super nice and super HOTT!!!

  83. rick

    best club in da ville

  84. chris

    best club in the ville

  85. rich

    great place

  86. Terry Faircloth

    Great Club , Girls are sexy and nice … I will definately be visiting again …

  87. scott franklin

    coolest people in da ville

  88. Joe

    After reading the last comment about Da Ville it tells me what kind of club this is “GHETTO” I don’t think i will be going.

  89. Harvey

    Nice club. I will be back

  90. cameron

    I work here and this is the best club in town. All the girls are beautiful in one way or another. And the owners are the two coolest people you will ever meet!

  91. brian knox

    by far the best club in town

  92. cindy


  94. Paul

    club is hot- had me on rockrock

  95. tink tink

    i love this place so will you

  96. brian and vicky

    finally a strip club that doesnt play rap and hip hop all night they played a good variety of music the dj played a little bit of rock to hip hop and somr techno we really enjoyed ourselfs and the girls were very friendly and very hot

  97. olivia

    yeah this is the number one spot in fayetteville ..big thanx to dj steve for all the drinks he bought me and my friends

  98. fran

    Great place to buy drugs

  99. bob

    this place rocks

  100. Rick Mladin

    Wow we had a great time on thurs night at Victorias … This place really has it going on … The Girls are very attractive and the club is nice ….

  101. bill mckoy

    damn put steve and shane in the dj booth together and thats entertaining enough let alone all the beautiful girls

  102. brian warner

    had a grat time beautifu women great drink specials good music just a cool place

  103. Rich Davis

    Great Place , I had a great time this weekend at Victorias … Ive heard some bad things about fayetteville clubs before but i can say this club is great … i will definately go back … and i can truly say there girls are very sexy …

  104. bob and tina

    the girls were hot the staff was way cool.the dj was very energetic the music was awsome a lot of good classic rock and the girls seemed to love it

  105. bone

    yeah you will have a blast here

  106. sulley

    best strip club ever

  107. becky

    by far the best club in NC

  108. Tom

    What a joke Ghetto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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