The Gold Club



5624 Old Pineville Road, Charlotte, NC 28217


35.163478, -80.878766




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Gold Club

  1. curtis17

    The girls are ok, some good lookin ones but most of them look like they’d rather be somewhere else. I saw one girl check her phone in the middle of a dance! The VIP dance special (two for $40) is a good deal though. The worst part of the evening was by far the waitresses. They just stopped coming by the table. I started going to straight to the bar. $10 cover for average talent and crappy table service, there are far too many options out there to go back.

  2. XXXbeast

    The girls here are average to good in looks (multicultural). This is the only place I have ever seen a “little person” dancer. There are tattoos here. Safe to go alone here.The girls here are willing to spend some time with you. They will sit right down and ask your name. You can talk for a while before she asks – “would you like a dance”. I always offer a drink. This is a moderate sized comfortable, relaxed club with some fairly attractive girls. I love the comfortable chairs and the girls. It’s a safe place right near the light rail line too. FYI: No smoking in any bar or restaurant anywhere in North Carolina. If they have a drink special it has to last all day… no happy hours. Sorry but it’s NC law.

  3. Bill

    I really enjoy coming to this club during the daytime! I always leave with a smile…

  4. Bob

    Great Club

  5. Eric

    great fun!

  6. Clint

    agree with Slim

  7. Pool Shark

    I would say this club needs some better looking girls, but they could just USE SOME GIRLS, period. The night we went they had about 3 working and two sat at the bar most of the night, just talking. Drinks are pretty cheap considering it’s a strip club and the music and light show was pretty good, but not enough to bring us back again.

  8. John

    The Gold Club has several new dancers, all very hot!

  9. jock

    excellent atmosphere, great rock n roll music.

  10. Anonymous
  11. maxxy1

    Came last week on business and had an excellent time! Visited the Men’s club and they double charged my credit card! Stay away from those dirty cons!! The gold club is way more appealing! Beautiful absolutely beautiful girls and sexy talent!! Theyve hired a lot of new babes since the last time I visited! Way friendlier atmosphere! And the champagne was well worth it!!! Not watered down like at the dirty a** mens club

  12. fritter17

    Had a good time, some lookers and some fugly chicks. Gotta watch the dances though, some of the girls will try to get you mid way through a song and then stop and ask if you want another dance. You gotta tell them on the Next song give me a dance. Take out was def on the menu with several of the girls.

  13. jack
  14. lee

    Day girls were hot and pretty cool to hang with. The night chicks were decent too with a few really stand out ones. Definately worth going in for…

  15. BeerDrinker

    More people should check this place out again!!

  16. Hannah S.

    Disgusting nasty place. Ratchet club, no class at all. The only club that is actually nice and clean and professional is the Men’s Club, all the other ones (including Gold club) have ugly girls that probably have all kinds of diseases due to prostitution. Might walk out with more than you bargained for.

  17. Michael
  18. netwerx


  19. Slim

    see my review

  20. Jeremy

    Great place to hang out

  21. Been There

    I wasnt impressed with some of the girls that work here, but this is the nicest topless club in Greensboro, from the decor, to the dances, food and drinks.

  22. barry

    All the girls at this club are fat and really skanky! Go to Uptown for much sexier and nicer looking girls.

  23. Tom

    Not what it used to be.

  24. Frank
  25. lord slayer

    the gold club is a great club. very talented girls who make sure you leave with satisfaction

  26. teddy


  27. Joe

    Had a great time there. Some of the girls were a little pushy with the dances but for the most part very laid back atmosphere. Been there a few times now and would def. go back again.

  28. Local Talent

    Some places are turds with glitter sprinkled on top. This place is a diamond that somebody took a crap on.

  29. Pinky

    Overall good club. Night shift bartender is a little light handed and takes a while to get food but great dancers and music and good pricing

  30. lovindayshift

    I LOVE THIS CLUB! The day girls are always sexy and friendly. And the VIP dances are well worth the time and money. And you can’t beat FREE LUNCH either.

  31. Donn
  32. jenna

    Love this club, but we need more of you guys to come visit us!!! You are missing out on some very sweet, beautiful girls!!

  33. Brad
  34. Flame Tamer

    Dayshift Rocks!!! The food’s great!!… Entertainers are hot!!!…. The DJ is hot!!… Its a fun place to hang…

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