Flagler County Sheriff’s Office Arrests Strip Club Dancer on Drug Charges Following Bachelor Party

In an incident on Monday afternoon, law enforcement from the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office took a dancer into custody after discovering drugs in her vehicle. Krystal Miller, 35, now faces multiple drug-related charges.

Sheriff Rick Staly encountered the situation while returning from a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day event around 3 p.m. Observing a car with significant damage to its passenger-side door near Andalusia Trail and State Road 100, he decided to investigate.

Upon approaching the vehicle, driven by Krystal Miller, the sheriff found that she was unable to provide a driver’s license. Miller disclosed that she worked as a dancer at a Daytona Beach strip club and had attended a bachelor party with other women in Putnam County throughout the night.

Miller claimed to be returning home but explained that fatigue had led her to veer off the roadway. She asserted that the damage to her car was not from an accident but rather an old occurrence involving going “into the ditch,” as stated in the sheriff’s office release.

Despite her explanations, deputies spotted a glass pipe and a plastic bag with a partially crushed pill inside a black handbag Miller was carrying. Subsequently detained, Miller admitted to having a “baggie of cocaine” in her car’s center console.

Further inspection by investigators revealed additional narcotics and drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle. Consequently, Miller is now facing charges related to the possession of cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, marijuana, and several other drug-related offenses. She is currently held on an $18,500 bond.

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