Lawsuit Filed by Crime-Ridden Strip Club against Tarrant County After Permit Revocation

Lawyers representing Temptations Cabaret, a strip club located just beyond the Fort Worth border, have taken legal action by filing a federal lawsuit against Tarrant County and its top officials. The complaint was submitted to the Texas Northern District Court on July 14, with the club’s attorneys asserting that Tarrant County is infringing upon patrons’ First Amendment rights to access the constitutionally protected expression offered by Temptations.

The club’s history has been marred by numerous incidents, leading to public concerns and calls for action. The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office received 134 service calls from the club in 2022, and since 2018, four fatal shootings have occurred on the premises. One man responsible for a 2018 shooting at Temptations has recently been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

In response to complaints from residents living near the club, the county’s sexually oriented business board made the decision to revoke Temptation’s sexually oriented business permit in June. This action was based on the club’s proximity to residential areas. Additionally, the board implemented new rules for sexually oriented businesses, including restrictions on operating hours and parking lot clearance times.

The lawsuit contends that these new rules were unfairly targeted at Temptations, alleging that they impose content-based regulations that do not apply to other types of businesses. For example, sexually oriented businesses are required to close between 1 a.m. and 10 a.m., while other establishments like fast food restaurants, drugstores, and grocery stores are not subjected to such restrictions.

The lawyers representing Temptations argue that the club had taken measures to ensure the safety of its patrons and neighbors. Despite this, they claim that Tarrant County responded with a series of measures specifically aimed at shutting down the club.

Temptations faces additional legal challenges as the state had previously filed a public nuisance lawsuit, initiated by district attorney Phil Sorrells, seeking to permanently close the club.

Tarrant County has responded to the federal lawsuit by filing a motion to dismiss. The county contends that Temptations has been tolerating rampant crime, and the new regulations were designed to address safety concerns at all sexually oriented businesses in the county.

The case will be discussed by the county commissioners during a closed session at their upcoming Tuesday meeting. The outcome of this legal battle will determine the fate of Temptations Cabaret and its employees, patrons, and dancers.

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