Man dies after consuming 22 shots of alcohol in 90 minutes

Mark C, a 36-year-old British tourist, tragically passed away after consuming 22 shots of alcohol in just 90 minutes at a strip club in Krakow, Poland. His blood alcohol content was found to be at least 0.4%, a level considered fatal, with alcohol poisoning possible at levels of 0.3% or higher. Mark and a friend were reportedly lured to the Wild Night Club with an offer of free entry, where club staff allegedly offered them the shots.

Despite refusing, Mark was persuaded to drink them, leading to his collapse and subsequent death. The staff also reportedly robbed him of 2,200 Polish złoty in cash. The Polish Central Police Investigation Bureau (CBSP) claimed that this is part of a larger racket where clubs get customers drunk and then rob them. The CBSP has arrested those suspected of involvement in the murder and raided several nightclubs to bust similar crime rackets.

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