Tarrant County officials are making moves to pull the permit of a crime-ridden Temptations Cabaret strip club

Temptations Cabaret, situated in unincorporated Tarrant County near Linkcrest Drive and Interstate 30, has become a subject of concern due to criminal activities occurring at the strip club. The matter has led to discussions within the Tarrant County Court of Commissioners regarding the potential revocation of its sexually oriented business permit. Over the years, the club has been a source of trouble for neighboring residents. Recent events, including a shooting incident resulting from a fight that spilled into the parking lot, have prompted more than 30 individuals to submit public comments to the Tarrant County Commissioners Court, urging the closure of the establishment and emphasizing the impact it has had on community safety. Since 2018, four people have lost their lives due to violence at the club, with the most recent shooting resulting in the death of the gunman and injuries to three others.

Temptations Cabaret, a strip club located at 12290 Camp Bowie West in unincorporated Tarrant County just past the Fort Worth line, has been a problem for neighbors in the area for years.

Taking action against Temptations Cabaret, the state, represented by Tarrant County District Attorney Phil Sorrells, has filed a public nuisance lawsuit aimed at permanently shutting down the club. A Google search conducted on Wednesday revealed that the strip club appeared to be permanently closed. Without a sexually oriented business permit and lacking a liquor license, the club is unable to operate. Tarrant County possesses the authority to approve or deny permits for sexually oriented businesses, and Temptations’ current permit is set to expire on July 19, as indicated in the commissioners’ agenda documents. The county has cited the proximity of Temptations to residences, within a distance of 1,000 feet, as grounds for potential revocation.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, the county confirmed that a notification letter had been sent to Eric Langan, the owner of Temptations and a resident of Bellaire, informing him of the county’s investigation into the potential withdrawal of the permit. Tarrant County District Attorney Phil Sorrells expressed his concerns about the escalating criminal activities associated with the strip club, emphasizing his top priority of community safety. Sheriff Bill Waubourn echoed these sentiments, describing Temptations as a blight on the community and stating that its closure would provide relief to the surrounding area from the criminal elements attracted by the club. The county’s sexually oriented business review board is scheduled to convene on June 21 at 9 a.m. to address the matter.

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