Unraveling the Mystery of Jovi Dufren’s Stripper Ex on 90 Day: The Last Resort

In a tumultuous turn of events on 90 Day: The Last Resort Season 1, Jovi Dufren’s past relationship with a stripper named Jasmine has come to light, creating a rift in his marriage with Yara Zaya. Jovi, a 33-year-old ROV supervisor from New Orleans, tied the knot with his 28-year-old Ukrainian wife, Yara, in February 2020. Their journey began on 90 Day Fiancé Season 8, and they welcomed their daughter, Mylah. While the couple grapples with the decision of having a second child, the real issue at hand is Jovi’s frequent visits to strip clubs, causing turmoil in their relationship.

Episode 10 of 90 Day: The Last Resort saw Jovi, along with his new friends Big Ed Brown and Asuelu Pulaa, venture to the Red Garter Saloon. Asuelu had his first strip club experience, which Jovi and Big Ed thoroughly enjoyed watching. Jovi candidly admitted that strip clubs have been a constant in his life, with his first visit at the tender age of 16. His antics involved sneaking into clubs through a small gate on Bourbon Street.

While the group savored the performance, Jovi made a curious inquiry to one of the strippers. He asked her if she knew someone named Jasmine, revealing that they had traveled to Jamaica together around eight years ago. The stripper replied that she knew Jasmine but mentioned that she wasn’t present that night, leaving Jovi hanging with no information about Jasmine’s return.

Jovi referred to Jasmine as a “friend” with whom he had traveled to Jamaica. He stated that she had informed him that she wasn’t working anymore, leaving it at that. Although Jovi initially hoped for Jasmine to guide him around Key West, he later considered it a blessing in disguise that she didn’t join, presumably for the sake of his marriage.

The drama escalated in episode 11 when the cast had their final check-in at the resort. Except for Asuelu and Kalani Faagata, the group embarked on a cruise to unwind. Unfortunately, the cruise turned out to be far from relaxing for Yara, who had discovered that Jovi had secretly visited the strip club. Big Ed, being his usual instigating self, encouraged Yara to inquire about the person Jovi had been texting the previous night. Jovi revealed that it was “some stripper in Jamaica,” but it was clear that Big Ed was not aware of the whole story.

A furious Yara knew precisely who the stripper was. Jovi explained that he had only asked her about her location and workplace, but Big Ed revealed that Jovi had wanted the stripper to join them for a night out. Yara’s response was to throw a drink at Jovi’s face before storming off. She confided in Angela that the woman in question was not just “any stripper” – Jovi had previously been in a relationship with her. According to Yara, he had traveled with her and even invited her to places like Costa Rica.

Jovi’s lax attitude towards strip clubs has been a point of contention in his relationship with Yara, causing her distress. While he may argue that he’s only looking and not touching, Yara is clearly uncomfortable with his behavior. Jovi seems to want the freedom to enjoy himself while Yara takes care of their child at home. The extent of Jovi’s fascination with strip clubs, as depicted in 90 Day: The Last Resort, raises questions about the future of their relationship.

Nevertheless, social media posts from Jovi and Yara tell a different tale. It appears that the couple is still together, and perhaps the events of 90 Day: The Last Resort Season 1 prompted Jovi to reevaluate his choices. They recently received praise for their Halloween costumes, with Jovi and Yara dressing up as Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo. Moreover, they portrayed Morticia and Gomez Addams from The Addams Family, while their daughter Mylah dressed as Wednesday. As they appear to be moving forward together, Yara’s concerns about Jovi’s friend Jasmine may be put to rest.

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