My Wife Cheats With Male Strippers

My Wife Cheats With Male Strippers

She tells me her friend called and asked if I would mind if she went with a group of her girlfriends, to an all Male Review Strippers show at some venue. I told her I didn’t mind at all, and to go have some fun, little did I know, just how much fun she was actually going to have. She said she would call me when she got back. Not knowing anything that goes on at these shows, I didn’t think too much about it, but I couldn’t help but wonder, what she was doing and what was happening. I found myself excited and concerned a little bit, at the same time. I knew her friends and they were all pretty wild, some were just plain outright sluts, while others, especially her best friend, was also slutty, but were always the instigators, and would often put my wife in bad situations, almost trapping her in predicaments she didn’t know how, or didn’t want to know how, to get herself out of, I always believed it was the ladder of the two. After a few hours she called me, I asked her if she had had a fun time and how the show was, and when all she said was that, “it was okay”. I could immediately tell, just by her voice alone, that something was off. She stayed away from the subject and said that she was with Carrie, and wanted to know if it was okay with me, if she could go to one of our favorite clubs, or if I would rather that she came home instead. I told her it was fine if she wanted to go, and she kept on asking me if I was sure I didn’t mind. I told her it was completely up to her. I thought it was kind of weird that she kept asking me, and I was becoming more and more convinced, that she wasn’t acting or sounding like her normal self, and that something must have happened. After we got off the phone, I went to my computer and looked up, All-Male Review Strippers, and it was right then, looking at the pictures and videos, I found out what all happens at those shows! I was immediately turned on, wondering if Robin had done anything like all those girls were doing on the website, and that perhaps that was why she was acting like she was. She was staying at her parents house that night so I never seen her when she had gotten home, however when she did finally call me, it wasn’t until around 4am. So again I asked her what all happened at the show, and she started talking about what one of her friends, Rose did, she gave one of the strippers a blowjob, and in front of everyone. And then about another one of her girlfriends, that actually was laid on the floor and let a stripper fuck her right there. I asked more questions and she admitted that the MC, who was also the hottest looking guy out of all of them, and that he kept making comments about her over the microphone, about how hot she was and how sexy she was when she danced, which is the absolute truth! She knows how I love it when she dances with other guys and that she always makes guys get big hardons , always!

She told me that she had been dancing with the MC, the bartender, and a couple of the strippers, and that she had made their cocks get so hard, the top of their cocks, were showing above the waistband of their speedos! She said that the girls were all hootin’ and hollering at her, and cheering her on! I asked her what were they cheering at her, and she said, they were trying to get her to give them a blowjob. I asked her if she did, to which she replied, no! She then said the dancers would go up to girls sitting at the tables, and would also bring them up on stage, and then, mostly for the shy or the married women, they would take a towel or a flag, and drape it, so nobody could see what was actually happening, even though they all knew that the girl was in fact, sucking his cock. Then there were the not so shy girls, that would do it openly, and would even let the guys fuck them too! She openly admitted that she really liked the MC, and so I asked her why didn’t she go after him, especially since he had made it clear, that he liked you. She never really answered my question, besides saying that she couldn’t cheat on me, to which I reminded her, if she ever really liked a guy and wanted to fuck him, to try and call me to let me know, or to tell me about it the next time we’d see or talk to each other. Then she mentioned something about these two young and very slutty girls that he was talking to and that he was going to hang out with them later, or something. She told me that her and a few of her friends had been invited to stay for an MVP after party once the show was over. I had to keep myself from laughing because, EVERYONE knows what those parties are for!

She was given a poster of all the guys, a T-shirt and something else I don’t remember. She continued to play the innocent act and started to get upset, I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that when she was in the back room, she needed to use the bathroom and that one of the guys showed her where it was, and said that he would stay by the door, because it didn’t lock. She then said that while she was sitting on the toilet, that guy came inside and shut and locked the door behind him. She said that before she even realized it, he was standing in front of her and was trying to put his cock in her mouth. She said that she was trying to pull her pants and panties up as fast as she could, but he was now being aggressive and trying to get her clothes off, and telling her that she’s just a whore like all the rest of them, and what did she expect was going to happen, coming back here, after the show. She said she started yelling and screaming for someone to help her! After a short while, thanks to a short break in the music, several guys and girls were pounding on the door and telling him to let her out, which he finally did. She told everyone that she was fine, but that she had just gotten really scared, or some sort of bullshit like that, I wasn’t buying it! I asked her why she was getting back so late, the club had closed hours ago, and she tells me that her one friend, Rose, the real slutty girl, had left with three of the strippers, and that she had went back to their motel room with them, bless her heart, and they couldn’t find her anywhere, but couldn’t just leave her there. She told me that they followed at least two, or three of the strippers back to their motel, so they could change clothes, and to find Rose, and then go to the club. Robin said that Carrie decided that she just wanted to stay at their room and party, they had said that they had a variety of party goods and alcohol. Carrie was trying to talk Robin into coming to the room with her, and Robin said she didn’t want to, and that she just stayed in her truck, Robin said she fell asleep in her truck, until when Carrie finally came down from the motel room and woke her up. They ended up having to “supposedly” leave not knowing what happened to Rose. I can’t remember what she had told me about not being able to find her, but she did tell me that Rose had went into one of the motel rooms, that also had an adjoining room, and that at first, it was just her, with three of the strippers, until the door to the adjoining room opened… It was fucking time and she was ready to fuck, all of them and she did it with passion like a porn star she was fucking and sucking all of the male strippers and moaning and groaning from multiple orgasms!

So now fast forward about 4-6 months later, this night Robin and I had been drinking and doing something naughty and we were just in that perfect zone, where everything is comfortable and safe, we could tell each other anything, it didn’t matter what it was, we were connected together. Robin suddenly looks at me and says, “promise you won’t get mad, if I tell you something?”. Totally catching me off guard, I quickly think to myself, well I can’t promise you how I’ll feel, until I know what it is. At the same time, the other half of my brain is like, dude, you have to say yes, because you’re about to hear something she’s been keeping a secret from you! So I look at her and tell her that she can tell me anything, anything at all, and I promise I won’t get mad. She nervously starts talking.. (R) Remember that night I went to see the male strippers, with Carrie and everyone? (Me) Yeah, I remember, (R) well there’s some things I need to tell you. (Me) Yeah I kind of figured that, damn, I’m already getting a hard on, don’t hold back, I can’t wait to hear everything. (R) You remember when I called you and asked you if you were sure that you were alright with me going to the male revue ? (Me) Yeah I remember thinking you were acting like you were guilty of something. (R) Well that’s because I was, and you know I’m a lousy liar, even over the phone. (Me) Yes you are, I can always tell when you are lying or when you’re trying to hide something. Lol. (R) Well when I called you, we were already on our way to their motel room, they said they had some party goods and alcohol back in the room. Carrie liked the one guy and really wanted to go, so when I called you, I was really hoping that you’d say, no, and that I should go home. While I was on the phone with you, I was actually sitting in the backseat with one of them and he was fingering me when we first started talking, and then he quickly and effortlessly, tossed me around and before I even knew it, he had me sitting on top of his lap, and started pushing his huge cock into the side of my panties and started fucking me! He grabbed me by my waist and was lifting me up and down his cock. That’s the reason I dropped my phone and you had heard the noises you did. He eventually came inside me and when I found out I was pregnant I had an abortion and never told you about it because I thought you would be mad at me.

I then told her that when she had dropped her phone, it didn’t hang up and I could hear things but couldn’t make them out clearly, but that I was able to fill in the gaps and that with everything else she tells me, it all made sense. I told her the entire experience of listening to her getting fucked was actually a big turn on for me and I was so aroused by it I had to jerk off while listening to her moan, and I came so dam hard eventually once the phone cut off.

We kissed and forgave each other and since we have had the best sex life ever. We have gone to both male and female clubs together and have even tried swing clubs and other couples we seemingly loved it all. I never knew how exciting and orgasmic it could be watching my wife suck and ride big hung stud cocks and she lets me join in and even lets me cum inside her while we are having sex with our friends. She loves to feel my dripping wet cum inside of her while she is getting fucked and pounded again and again throughout the night. Instead of this situation breaking us up as it would most couples, this entire experience has been a huge turn on for us and everyone else involved and we welcome others to give it a try.

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