Confessions of a Strip Club Manager

Confessions of a Strip Club Manager

When I tell people that I worked at a strip club, the response is usually predictable and uniformed: “How cool, how awesome, how great it must have been working there, seeing tits and asses all day long.”

I remember hiring a new dancer. She was a very attractive Spanish-speaking-only Latina. I interviewed her. We discussed the contract, the percentage that she would have to pay toward the club each shift. She seemed unbothered about the high-percentage payable to the club. We made small talk, asked me my ethnicity, where I grew up, she talked about her kid, and then she asked me when and where would be the best spot in the club to perform oral sex on the customers.

I asked her to repeat herself. Maybe I heard incorrectly. She repeated herself and made a hand-and-mouth gesture. I felt great pity for this woman, and then I was angry at myself for being at a higher moral ground to exercise pity. However, I felt my cock starting to bulge in my pants as I told her to meet me in the back office to discuss the issue further. As soon as the door closed I pulled out my big cock and she began going to work on it. She sucked me so good I then had to bend her ass over the desk and penetrate her deep inside covering her mouth so she wouldn’t make to much noise as I railed her. I told her I was going to bust and she pushed me even deeper inside telling me she was fixed and couldn’t have any more kids so I did what any normal guy would I blew my load up inside her. We quickly finished and she wiped herself as my cum was dripping down her leg and she went back to work on the floor like nothing happened.

I wish I could say that this was a one-time occurrence, but sadly it was not. There were different moments where I took advantage of the dire economic or emotional state of many dancers. Only the minority of the dancers came from affluent backgrounds. Most were struggling single-mothers, predominantly Latinas and other women of color. Some were college students, stripping at night to pay tuition and bills. Some had alcohol and substance abuse problems. Some were caught having sex with the customers—which of course is illegal, but many strip club employees look the other way for the right price.

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